Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap



We rewatch Bo Nui’s (Kwang Jung Eum) confession to Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) while she thinks that he’s sleeping. When she goes to leave he grabs her arm and asks her to stay.

The next morning Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) wakes up in Ryang Ha’s (Jung Sang Hun) arms and freaks out. She asks what happened and he tells her that he should be asking her that because it’s the men’s room. Seung Hyun comes looking for her. Ryang Ha suggests that she went to take a walk with Bo Nui and they find out that Bo Nui went back to the city with Soo Ho the night before. She tells him how the men dunked Soo Ho into the water which shocks Ryan Ha and she tells her that she thinks he’s furious. When Dal Nim finally comes out she asks Ryang Ha what’s wrong because of his shocked expression.

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) is going over the broadcast questions last minute and reminds them that they’re not to ask about love. When they ask about his first love she tells them to make it beautiful. She then thinks back to her conversation with Soo Ho. They discuss that their memories are special back then, but he wasn’t sure it was love,  however she was everything to him. She realises that it’s all past tense.

Gun Wook (Lee Su Hyuk) is waiting for Bo Nui to arrive when he calls Dal Nim to find out that she and Soo Ho left the night before.

Bo Nui falls asleep next to Soo Ho the night before and when she wakes up she notices the time. She stands to go to Gun Wook’s broadcast when she notices Soo Ho still holding her hand. She tries to reach her phone when Gun Wook calls without waking Soo Ho but fails.

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Gun Wook continues with his broadcast, which his father sees it. When it’s over Bo Nui finally shows up and apologises for being late. Gun Wook asks her where she’s coming from and when she sidesteps the answer he asks to speak with her outside. She tells him that Soo Ho was sick and she had to stay with him. He doesn’t understand and he asks what Soo Ho is to her that she keeps pushing him away. She asks why he’s getting angry and he admits that it bothers him because he likes her. She stops him from talking because he’ll regret it. She’s saved by Seol Hee who comes to tell him that the director is looking for him.

Ryang Ha comes running into Soo ho’s house looking for him. As Soo Ho is coming down the stairs he tells him that he’s told him to call before coming. He tells him how scared he was driving back when he heard about his fall into the water and wondered why he was so normal. He looks to see he’s eaten and when he looks into the fridge he sees 3 other bowls and a jar of rice and red beans. He asks if he spent the night with Bo Nui and he doesn’t answer.

Bo Nui is walking away from the TV station with Gun Wook’s words replaying in her mind.

Ryang Ha tells him that it’s love, and Soo Ho just holds in a smile. Ryang Ha tells him that he’s not even denying it. He tells him that he needs to contact her again.

Bo Nui is at home when Soo Ho texts her. Ryang Ha is trying to walk him through texting a girl. He mentions that he seems oddly entertained before taking his phone back. She tells him that she’ll see him on Monday.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee are discussing the follow-up to the broadcast and she tells him not to worry. He thanks her and pulls out the owl plushie. Seol He asks about when it first started and he admits that he doesn’t know. She asks if he’s going to date her, and he asks if he should go for it. She tells him that he has one month to play around with the past before he goes back to his real life.

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Bo Nui meets up with Seol Hee outside the apartment. She explains that the ddeokbokki is to apologise for being late, and Seol Hee asks if it’s not to apologise after running away after his confession. She explains why she was late and Seol Hee asks why she didn’t take Soo Ho to the hospital saying she doesn’t know anything. Bo Nui admits to knowing about the past and confirms that Soo Ho told her himself after questioned about it. She chastises herself for fighting back.

Soo Ho is sitting at home thinking about the night before. He texts Bo Nui to try and go out with her. She tells him that she has an appointment, and he complains that she’s always busy. He wonders if he should just go but then wonders what to say before looking at his camera.

Seol Hee calls Ryang Hee to inquire about Soo Ho. Ryang Ha tells her that Soo Ho is fine and she should just go home. Dal Nim assumes that she slept with Ryang Ha and asks him to wipe all memories of the night before from his mind. She complains that it should have been her next to Soo Ho, not Bo Nui. She walks away and Ryang Ha offers to give her tips about Soo Ho.

Bo Nui walks up to the roof to do prayers when she spots Gun Wook. She tries to slink away but her notices her. He asks if he should leave and she tells him that’s ok before lighting her candle.

Soo Ho bikes to Bo Nui’s apartment to find the lights out and wonders if she’s not home. He calls him and she doesn’t answer.

Gun Wook tells sneaks a picture of her, and when she asks what he tells her that you tend to miss the people you love when they’re not around. She tries to dissuade him, but he tells her that he’ll put his all into dating her and she should only answer after she’s received it all. He asks if they could go on a date the following day, she smiles and chastises him and he tells her that all he needs in her smile. He leaves her to think.

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Soo Ho waits for Bo Nui in the park near her house to give her pictures, but she won’t pick up her phone. When she finally hears her phone vibrate she notices he texts and runs to meet him, but he’s already gone. She tries to make herself believe that it turned out for the best. While she lies in bed someone starts knocking on her door. She opens it to find Soo Ho.

She asks him what brings him there and he admits that he couldn’t sleep a wink. He shows her his hands and asks what can he do with that because he feels like if he erases it, it’ll erase the night they spent together. He tells her that he’s aware mentally one has nothing to do with the other, but that’s what his heart feel. He asks her what’s going on. He admits that she doesn’t make sense in his head, and no matter what he does there is no way that he can understand her. He admits that she’s a bug that keeps flying around his head, but she’s a bug he doesn’t want to fix. (A bug as in an error) He asks her what he should do with the bug if he should fix it or not. Bo Nui asks him what he’s talking about coming at dawn, and then closes the door. She watches him leave from the roof.

Bo Nui tells Dal Nim about 2 men confessing to her. She asks about if one was Gun Wook. She shakes her head and tells her that it will fade once he returns to Canada. When she inquires about the other man she won’t tell claiming it’s someone she doesn’t know. She assumes it Ryang Ha, and Dal Nim tells Bo Nui to ride with the wind. She reminds her that she’s asked her how to reject someone.

Soo Ho is at home staring, and he calls Ryang Ha to check if his phone is working. Ryang Ha tells him to call BoNui and he tells him that he doesn’t want to. The doorbell rings and he runs to the door. He, however, finds that it’s Seol Hee at the door.

Seol Hee comes in with some things for him, and he tells her that it’s fine. When she opens the fridge she sees the jar of salt and red beans. She tells him that she’s an expert with food, and he tells her to take care of Gary since he’s fine. She says that he probably needs Bo Nui more than her. When Soo Ho silences her on the topic, she remembers that he doesn’t like to talk about other people, but he informs her that he like Bo Nui. She tries to tell him that he’s delusional because he said it himself that he doesn’t know what love is.

Bo Nui heads to Soo Ho’s house to see Seol Hee and Soo Ho step out. She witnesses Seol Hee put a hand on his face but turns away before seeing him push it away. Seol Hee tells him to not get hurt before leaving. He watches as the car leaves.

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The next day Soo Ho waits to Bo Nui in front of the elevators when he runs into an employee. He tells him that they’ll continue the conversation when they’re upstairs. When he had Bo Nui are finally alone in the elevator he asks if she has anything to say to him which she claims that she doesn’t.

When Bo Nui comes into the office everyone asks if Soo Ho was really offended that night. Soo Ho comes in and asks why everyone thinks he’s mad. When they offer his resignation letters he reminds him that there are 4 weeks left to go and instead of working hard, they should do it right because he has high hopes for them.

Dal Nim comes up to Bo Nui later that day and asks what she’s doing about the guys. She tells her that she hasn’t rejected them yet but she will. She states that dating isn’t a luxury that she can afford. Dal Nim asks if she can really give it up because she can’t. Dal Nim tries to implement Ryang Ha’s advice. It ends up making him thinks she’s hot and he gives her a bottle of water. She runs to tell Ryang Ha the good news and he admit that he sent her to be rejected.

Seol Ha is in her office talking with the news station about acquiring the calls when Bo Nui arrives. They go out to eat and Seol Hee apologises for snapping at Bo Nui after finding out that Soo Ho was sick. She asks Bo Nui to try and make it work between her and Gun Wook because she understands her feelings. She tells Bo Nui that she wants to make things work with Soo Ho, and asks her to keep it to herself.

Ryang Ha can’t believe that Soo Ho went to Bo Nui’s place at 4 am into the morning to confesses. Soo Ho confesses that that’s when his emotions became clear to him. He finally understands that that’s the reason why she’s mad.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 16.48.03.png

Mr Je follows his wife to the shaman before dropping by Soo Ho’s work. Soo Ho comes out and notices Young Il while he’s delivery chicken. Ryang Ha shows up and makes an offhanded comment that Young Il and Soo Ho look very similar and could almost mistake Young Il for his father. Mr Je overhears that and starts to think. He doesn’t pay attention and gets hit by Young Il.

Ryang Ha and Soo Ho go shopping and Soo Ho buys a suit with shorts. Ryang Ha makes a reservation for Soo Ho and tells him to call Bo Nui. He uses his rank to go on a date with her.

While Bo Nui is heading out she notices Mr Je causing havoc at Young Il’s place. Bo Nui calls Soo Ho while Mr Je is causing havoc. He arrives to find his father passed out on the floor, he apologises to Young Il and he tells him to just get him home safe. Soo Ho pulls him from the store when his mother shows up. She is shocked at the Havoc he caused and takes him home.

When Soo Ho comes back Young Il tells them to leave, but against his protest, Soo Ho stays to help him clean. Bo Nui helps him clean and she starts seeing him in a different light. As they leave, Soo Ho takes a stumble and lands on his behind. He asks her to forget everything that just happened. She tells him that she doesn’t want to because all she sees is him picking up the pieces. She tells him that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. He asks her if she’ll look after him then. He admits that he wants to erase his parents and weaknesses because they’re embarrassing but he feels like they would be ok with her. She tells him that she’ll always put Bo Ra first, and he tells her that she can protect Bo Ra while he protects her. He goes to hand her a tiger pendant, but she refuses and tells him that she wanted to meet to tell him that she saw him only as a superior.

She leaves and he runs after her. She tries to tell him that she feels nothing for him, but she’s on the verge of tears. He tells her that if she leaves he’ll never ask about this again. She tells him that he’s always seen her as a bug so he  should fix it and let go. She walks away from him and but this time he turns her back around she’s crying. He pulls her into a kiss.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 17.15.55.png

This episodes truth or dare we get to see how excited she was to be texting with Soo Ho and how much it hurt her to decline his offer to go out to eat.

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