Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 14 Recap



Gong Shim (Minah) and Dan Tae (Namgung Min) are driving back when he suddenly feels tired. Gong Shim puts on some music and thinks back to that morning. She woke to find Dan Tae asleep against the platforms. Though she tries to wake him, he doesn’t stir so she gets him into bed. While he was still sleeping she held his hand for a bit until he shifted. Dan Tae thinks about the same encounter.

They arrive home, and they start taking jabs at each other for their singing and dancing skills. Dan Tae drops Gong Shim at home before heading to his apartment. He finds Joon Soo waiting for him, he invites him in. Dan Tae goes to offer him a drink but he’s out, so he tells him that he will go buy some.

As soon as Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) is alone he started looking around the apartment trying to put the pieces together. Dan Tae returns to find Joon Soo sitting where he was minus his jacket. Joon Soo starts asking Dan Tae about his family and when he tells him that his father is in the Philippines Joon Soo stares at the calendar. Dan Tae just remembers that the notes are there. Dan Tae turns the topic to Joon Soo’s night of alcohol, he asks if there is anything going on. Joon Soo assures him that it’s nothing, and Dan Tae assumes it has to do with setting up his own business and offers to help in any way he can. Joon Soo transitions to talking about Joon Pyo and mentions the spam email. Dan Tae acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Joon Soo drops his drink and Dan Tae sends him to the bathroom to wash up. He contemplates stealing his toothbrush to check his DNA against Joon Pyo’s, however, Dan Tae comes in a midway to give him a towel.

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Mrs Suk goes to see Director Yeom with the note and asks who sent it. Director Yeom assumes that the person pulled out because they thought they might have gotten the police involved. Mrs Suk is wondering if Soo Yong might be involved, but Yeom doesn’t believe it. She worried that Dan Tae would know something, but Director Yeom mentions that if he did not something he would have acted already, and he plots to get rid of Dan Tae.

Joon Soo is at home thinking about what Dan Tae said and what he saw at the arboretum.

Dan Tae leaves his apartment to head to work to see Gong Shim water her plants. She’s trying to stretch and messaging her shoulder. Dan Tae asks what’s wrong, and she tells him that she must have painted for too long the day before because he body is aching. Dan Tae tells her to take the day off, but she tells him that it doesn’t feel right when she takes a day off.

Dan Tae goes to the convenience store and tells Goo Nam that Gong Shim will come down for a muscle pain patch and he’s to give her the package. Goo Nam asks what in it and is informed that it’s a few medicines for muscle pain.

Dan Tae is at the bus stop when he notices an ad for an art exhibit that he thinks Gong Shim would like, and looks for how long it’s going on for.

Gong Shim comes down to the convenience store, and Goo Nam mutters how it’s true. He hands her Dan Tae’s package, and though she’s irked by the items being used she thanks him and goes back home.

Joon Soo is sitting in his office looking at tickets for the same art installation that Dan Tae noticed on the way to the office and thinks of Gong Shim.

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Gong Shim brought home food for her family to eat, and he mother mentions she’s in a good mood. Gong Mi even came home to share in the meal. Joon Soo calls Gong Shim, and Gong Mi passes her the phone. Joon Soo asks if she has time that evening, but regretfully informs him that she has her part time job that day. When she asks what’s wrong, he tells her that it’s nothing just something that he wanted to give her. She wonders what to do, and he tells her that he’ll call again some other time.

Gong Mi asks Gong Shim about still meeting with Joon Soo. Gong Shim tells her that it’s mainly before he calls her to meet up. Gong Mi asks Gong Shim why Joon Soo called and if it was to meet up. Gong Shim tells her that he just called but she told him she had a part time job and then leaves.

Dan Tae is at the office when Grandmother calls him to come to the house. She hopes that being at the house would bring back some memories. As soon as Dan Tae walks into the front yard he remembers Joon Pyo’s memory of playing with his mother in the yard.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 11.15.10.png

He meets with Grandmother in her room and tells her he might have remembered a little. He tells her about playing in the yard with his mother. She tells him that it was accurate and asks if he remembers anything else. He admits that he doesn’t even when he tries to. She tells him not to worry because it will eventually come back to him.

Dan Tae meets President Suk’s mother and introduces himself. He flatters her by saying he now understands where excellent gentlemen such as Joon Soon and President Suk come from. Mrs Suk arrives and asks him what bring him to the house. He tells her that the chairwoman needs him to get together some papers, so he can by to get them.

Dan Tae gets home with the tickets and asks Goo Nam to give it to Gong Shim. Goo Nam asks why he doesn’t do it himself but then after Dan Tae hits the counter he says he’ll do it. He imagines a completely off the wall situation in his head which would make him look really cool. (Let’s be honest though this is Dan Tae, cool isn’t an adjective we can describe him with.) When Gong Shim gets the tickets she assumed that they’re from Joon Soo after the phone call they had.

Joon Soo is at the office thinking how his uncle fits perfectly into the string of events that happened recently.

Director Yeom goes through the bad that he took from Joon Soo and notices the documentation for a new business venture. Just as he was putting things back away a knock comes from the door. Director Yeom stuffs the bag in the trash when President Suk comes in. He reminds him that he promised to eat buckwheat noodles together, and they leave. On the way out they meet up with Joon Soo and invite him to come. He tells them he still has a few more things to do and excuses himself with the promise to go next time.

Joon Soo goes into director Yeom’s office looking for his bag, however, he can’t find it. (Because people never check the garbage, except for Dan Tae.) He meets up with Dan Tae in the restroom while Dan Tae is brushing his teeth. Joon Soo looks at the toothbrush with the thought of stealing it. They go back to Dan Tae’s office and he chastises Joon Soo about not taking care of himself when he’s busy. Dan Tae finally asks why he walked him all the way back, and Joon Soo puts it up to them talking and it just kinda happened.

Dan Tae gets called to the cleaning staff back room and is given the bag. It was in the garbage, but they don’t think it’s meant to be thrown out, so they ask him to bring it back to Director Yeom. He assures them that it’s not difficult.

Dan Tae meets up with Joon Soo in the hall. He notices the bag and wonders why Dan Tae has it. Dan Tae confirms that the bag was found in Director Yeom’s garbage and he was bringing it back. Joon Soo tells him that he needs to see him anyways and will bring it to him. Dan Tae smiles knowingly as Joon Soo walks away.

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Director Yeom arrives back at the office to find the garbage was taken out. He’s on the phone to find out who cleaned when Joon Soo arrives holding the bag.

Dan Tae is sitting at the desk when he receives a fine for speeding. President Suk arrives asking him what he was given. He advises him that it’s only a speeding ticket, and then President Suk goes to the office Dan Tae reminds him that the Chairwoman is at home. He suddenly remembers and he excuses himself. Dan Tae looks at the fine and assumes that this was the day he went to the Arboretum.

Joon Soo tells his uncle to sit once he puts his bag down. Joon Soo tells him that he was the one to send his mother the note, and had she been there longer Dan Tea would have found her. He tells him that Dan Tae has been helping Grandmother find Joon Pyo, and had his mother been caught then they would have been found out as the kidnappers. Joon Soo asks about the kidnapping and Director Yeom confirms it. The confession hit Joon Soo hard and he asks for what happened. Director Yeom tells him about his gambling debt and how he had planned on taking the money and giving Joon Pyo back but his friend lost him. He swore that it’s the truth.

Dan Tae goes to see Manager Kim about the fines on June 24 and she gives him the rundown. He calls her cool and asks to help hand out fines the next time he’s all in black. She smiles and tells him to work hard before leaving. Dan Tae notices hat there are not executives that were speeding that day.

Joon Soo asks if Director Yeom knows where Joon Pyo is, which he confirms that he doesn’t. When Joon Soo asks how is a mother is involved he tells him that the only fault she has was seeing him take Joon Pyo and not telling anyone. Joon Soo tells him that he will protect his mother but he won’t forgive them. He also asks that he doesn’t tell his mother that he knows.

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Dan Tae goes to the house again, and grandmother showed him a box of toys he once played with as a child. He tells her that it doesn’t jog his memory but he is touched by how devoted she’s been to him all those years. He is grateful that he met his grandmother again. She asks him about his father, thought Dan Tae informs her that he has yet to wake up. She tells him that she would like to visit him in the hospital.

As Dan Tae is leaving, Mrs Suk tells grandmother to eat and in turn, she tells Dan Tae to eat before leaving. Just as everyone goes into the kitchen the other grandmother comes in complaining about Joon Soo getting a speeding ticket going to arboretum that same day. President Suk tells his mother to come eat but she just wants to take a Sikhye in her room. Dan Tae offers to bring it to her.

Get brings her the drink while she’s playing her game. Dan Tae asks why she’s playing the game in secret and she tells him that the family calls it inelegant so to hid from the other woman she’s playing in Joon Soo’s room. Dan Tae offers to play with her, and when she goes to get the cards e looks at the speeding ticket.

Joon Soo meets up with Gong Shim and she apologises for being late. He goes to grab the tickets he bought for her, but she starts thanking him for them already and offers for them to go together. Though he’s uncertain he agrees to go to make her happy.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.20.36.png

They go to the exhibition, and Gong Shim gets excited about seeing the artwork. Throughout the show, he feels uncomfortable because she keeps thanking him. She brings Joon Soo to subways to have a sandwich. Gong Shim asks if there is something bothering him, and he makes a joke about the sandwich but she’s completely serious. He tells her to eat and tries to not seem down.

On the way home they spot Dan Tae, and Joon Soo’s conscience comes out to play again. He tells her that he wasn’t the one to buy those tickets, and pulls out his set. He admits that he thinks the tickets were from Dan Tae. He goes to talk with Dan Tae alone and he apologises about going to see the exhibition with his tickets. He tells him that he was mad that he got to it first and he’s scared of losing Gong Shim. He tells him that he’s embarrassed by his actions but doesn’t regret it. Dan Tae excuses himself and leaves.

Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae on the way home. She tells him that she went to see the exhibition with Joo Soo and he tells her he heard. She chastises him and tells him that if he gave it to her in person there wouldn’t have been an issue. She tells him that if he’s going to be sneaky that he might as well no pay attention to her. She tells him that just because she’s smiling like a fool that it isn’t hard. He pulls her into a hug and apologises for making it hard for her, and for not being able to say anything.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.33.58.png

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae. She requests to ask him 3 questions.

1- Does he have a terminal illness? No
2- Did his first love return? No
3- Did he get a personal loan? No

She tells him that she was worried, but decided that if it wasn’t one of the 3 she mentioned that it would be fine. She promises to wait for him until his issue is resolved. She assures him that she’s not an easy woman. While walked away she trips and falls. She reacts so negatively that it makes him laugh.

Dan Tae goes to visit his father and asks Ji Yeon if he’ll wake up. Ji Yeon tells him that the doctors told them to keep hope. She also tells him that the arboretum wants them to pick up his father’s things.

Dan Tae goes there and shows Joon Soo’s picture. One of the groundskeepers saw him . He tells him that Joon Soo gave him a tip to hand a woman a note. He remembers him because he gave him such a large tip.

Joon Soo is at the office and steals Dan Tae’s work Toothbrush case to get the DNA profile tested. The episode ends with a stare off between Joon Soo and Dan Tae.

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  1. Yolonda

    Which episode is of Kong Shim & Dan Tae going to the movies? Where he holds her hand & they fall asleep?


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