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This is a slice-of-life anime that is focused on a group of girls, who become friends in high school.  They all have very different personalities, so some interesting situations happen. Anne Hanakoizumi is always cheerful,  who just wants to live a quiet life, and  Botan Kumegawa who has health issues. They are all in the same class because they are deemed unlucky so the school is going to try and teach them to be happy. This premise makes the anime very quirky and a bit off the wall.

It a very cutesy anime with a weird premise but I might continue watching it.


This anime, also known as Unhappy or Unhappy go lucky, is based off of a manga by the same name. There are 12 full length episodes and 4 volumes.

This is a slice-of-life anime focused on 5 girls in the 7th class at Tennogofune Academy. this class is dedicated to student who have bad karma, or are just have misfortunate, wherever they go. Each character is unfortunate in their own way, Anne Hanakoizumi is always being attacked by animes, Ruri Hibarigaoka is in love with the man of the construction signs,  Botan Kumegawa is always getting hurt, Ren Ekoda attracts the female gender, and Hibiki Hagyū is perpetually getting lost. The class is dedicated to trying to change their luck, or at least allow them to be happy.

This anime is wacky but very funny. I must admit that when I first heard about this anime I thought it would be a short anime, but instead it’s a fantastic anime in standard length. The colours are very cheerful which helps continue the theme of trying to make everyone in the class happy. If you like slice-of-life you’ll probably like this anime.


Uncontrollably Fond Episode 8 Recap



We get to rewatch Joon Young’s (Kim Woo Bin) to No Eul (Bae Suzy) and their kiss. Ji Tae (Lim Ju-Hwan) listens to the scene, he goes to knock again but leans up against the door instead. He assures No Eul that he has never toyed or used her and that he loves her. She turns to leave and he begs her to no go but she walks away. She walks away in a daze with Ji Tae following behind her until she stops. Joon Young starts rooted to his spot until Pororo drops the sausage that No Eul gave him at Joon Young’s feet.

Na Ri (Kim Min Young) is watching a TV interview with Yoo Na (Lee Elijah). Na Ri comes over and asks if No Eul was aware of the plan. She tells her that she was and was told out to act on the day of the concert. Na Ri berates her for not telling her sooner. She shakes her telling her who worried everyone was and No Eul says sorry. Finally, she asks Na Ri to stop because she’s tired.

Once the broadcast is over CEO Namgoog (Park Soo Young) is congratulation Yoo Na on her acting skills. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) chimes in that they are telling the entire population of Korea a lie and he thinks it’s unfair. Namgoog asks Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) to read the online comments and the temperament had taken a complete 180 turn for the better. Namgoog tries to sell the news break as a good thing but Kok Young mentions that Joon Young really likes No Eul. He also brings up that no one has heard from Joon Young and they come up with different scenarios.

No Jik (Lee Seo Won) is walking in school and suddenly everyone is thanking him for the food. They tell him that they didn’t know that he had a brother that was so rich. He’s really confused because he can’t place who they are talking about. A classmate tells him that the Dean wants to see him in the office, and he walks in to find Joon Yung with the teachers.

They meet on the roof and Joon Young mentions how much he’s grown. Jik tries to focus on the money promising to pay him. He ignores that and confesses his feelings for his sister and how much she means and asks Jik to help him out. Jik is silent for a beat before returning to the money and promising to send it to the company when he has it and walks away.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 12.26.39.png

No Eul is lying in bed and the last few sentences that Joon Youn told her replay in her mind. She starts rolling around and trying to block it out.

Ji Tae is at work and momentarily gets lost in thought. His secretary comes in with the keys to the car he left in front of Joon Young’s place. He asks to speak freely as his friend. He tells him to stop because he’s gone much father then he should have. He suggests her apologies to Jung Eun and for No Eul because if they find out who each other are then all hell will break loose. He excuses his secretary and calls his assistant and asks if she bought what he asked for.

Joon Youn and Ji Tae arrive at the same time. At first, they just stare in each other’s direction before Ji Tae makes his way up the stairs. Joon Young son follows. When No Eul opens the door she tries to close it as soon as she sees Joon Young but he blocks it with his leg.

Ji Tae sits down and preps porridge for her to eat mentioning that Na Ri told him that she didn’t eat. When she doesn’t touch it he goes to feed it to her, but Joon Young mentions she has 2 hands. She tries to tell Jin Tae that she’s fine, but when he tells her to eat she glances over at Joon Young before moving to eat from the offered spoon. Joon Young will not have her fed by another man so he eats it.No Eul gets angry and she leaves.

The men have a heart to heart and Joon Young mentions that he thought he refused her and wonders why he’s still sticking around. He tells him that it must be the case of if I can’t have her, no one can. Joon Young mentions that since he mentions that he is not worthy of No Eul, he mentions that love happens and doesn’t listen to reason. Ji Tae mentions that he had been worrying about it a lot lately and thanks to him he has decided to just like No Eul. (A little too late unless this series does end with Joon Young dying) Joon Young Finally asks about his identity because he’s hiding a very expensive watch under shabby clothes. Ji Tae doesn’t answer but checks his phone to see 12 missed calls from Ha Roo. When he calls back he finds out his mother collapsed.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 13.06.27.png

Ji Tae arrives at the hospital to find Jung Eun (Lim Ju-Eun) resting beside his mother. He asks why she’s there and she explains that his mother had called her out to go to the sauna. When she arrived his mother complained about chest pain before fainting. He accuses her of doing something, but she assures him that she didn’t. Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) asks why he’s yelling because she was the one who saved their mother. With their father being gone on a business trip and him not answering, if Jung Eun hadn’t have been there she would have died of fright. Jung Eun stands up and hugs her telling her that he couldn’t have answered at work. She tells Ji Tae that the doctors believe that it’s a side effect of her kidney transplant and they’ll know more when they get the results in.

Jon Young walks the streets to find No Eul when he does he mimes t eat and he’ll wait there. She doesn’t want to leave so she over eats and he comes in. He pays for the bill and walks outside. She tells him to stop and he reminds her that thanks to Yoo Na she’s lost her title as gold digger so it would be an issue if someone took their picture. She tells him to let go and he advises her that he doesn’t plan on letting go that day and they can stay there all day if she wants. He raises his scarf again and tells her to follow him and they leave.

When they’re in the car she tells him that she’s going to cling and cry about Ji Tae until he accepts her. He tells her that it’s fine because he doesn’t have time to be prideful or jealous. She tells him to drop her off at the hospital and leave. He tells her ok, he promises to drop out of her life, but it will take 3 months minimum and 4 months at the max. She wonders why it’s taking so long to get to the hospital and wonders if he’s even taking her to one in Seoul.

They pull up outside of his mother’s restaurant and tells No Eul that his mother is the better person to prick the finger to take away indigestion. When he arrives a customer is paying and doesn’t say anything until the restaurant is empty. No Eul introduces herself and Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) asks if she isn’t the gold digger and she assures him that she isn’t. She tries to assure his mother, but Joon Young mentions that he likes her as he told his mother on the phone. She tries to deny it and say they don’t have a relationship but Jung Sik says that it looks like they do. Jon Young admits that he didn’t understand why he cared so much about this woman for 9 years but he understands that he loves her. Young Ok (Jin Kyung) tells they them to opens the doors again because she couldn’t do business. No Eul calls to her and tells her that she promises to run as far as she can from Joon Young she offers to sign a contract but burps. Young Ok comes over and starts hitting her back.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 13.56.00.png

They go in back and she asks that Young Ok doesn’t prick her too hard because she hates her. Yung Ok assures her that she doesn’t hate her which surprises No Eul, because if she was in her position she’s sure she would hate herself. Young Ok tells her that she doesn’t have her because she knows her place. No Eul is super scared and ends up yelling when she’s pricked.

Junk Sik notices No Eul’s sneakers aren’t straight and files them. He asks Joon Young the answer of 7 x 8 to make sure he’s sane. He asks what drew him to No Eul since she’s so plain next to the people in his life. He tells him that he’s put those people behind him, and Jung Sik admits that his father did the same. Jung Sik tells him that he’s going to forget about No Eul just like his father did because Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) never once looked for his mother.

Hyun Joon arrives at the hospital and goes in. Jung Eun tells him that he should change before he gets caught. He turns to go in when she asks if he really likes her so much that he’s will to push aside his high-end clothes and wear cheap clothes for her. Ji Tae tells Jung Eun that he’ll have Secretary Jang bring her home.

The Doctor tells Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) she’s fine. She tells the doctor word for word what she wants him to tell her husband and when Hyun Joon arrives he complies.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 14.14.01.png

Ji Tae is changing in the bathroom and he remembers the end of the conversation he had with Jung Eun. She tells him that they will be married in a month on his parent’s wedding anniversary. He starts shaking with anger.

Joon Young tries to help his mother in back. He tells her that he won’t let No Eul run away like she did. She tries to ignore him by calling a supplier. He tells her that he’s going to stay with her no matter what she says and he’s going to do what he wants.

Jung Sik is suddenly worried about Young Ok being so quiet and wonders if she killed Joon Young. He tells No Eul that Jon Young might look like a star but really he’s just a pitiful boy who can’t get his mother to even cook for him. She asks him how their relationship got so bad and Jung Sik doesn’t want to get started. He gives her the cliff notes and then asks about her father.

Joon Yung tells her all about his upbringing. How his mother has him on her own at 22 and how she would work 2 jobs just to pay for his tutor. He tells her about her ability to cut apple slices and how she stole when he wanted to eat something at a time when she didn’t have money. He asks No Eul if he still looks like someone out of her reach. She thanks him for the help with her indigestion and gets out of the car. When she gets into the house they are sullen.

Hyun Jon sends Ji Tae home despite his protest and how he feels like his father should take care of himself. When he gets home he gets a text inviting him out for noodles with No Eul. Hyun Jon calls his soon and apologises. When Ji Tae inquires as to why he tells him just everything and he promises to be better. Ji Tae tells him that he’s fine the way he is and promises to relay his message to Jung Eun.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 14.37.22.png

Bong Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) bring out more food and says she’s treating her. She says that it’s being she went from gold digger to shield. She tells her that there is no point in being the shield. She rattles on about her standard since she was rejected by 2 men. Bong Sook asks who she’s meeting and she tells her she’s meeting with Ji Tae. Bong Sok takes the food back because she has all the luck. She waits for a while and then tries to call Ji Tae but he doesn’t answer.

Joon Young arrives home to find Kook Young and Namgoog waiting for him. He turns away without saying anything. They run in front of him and Namgoog tries to get Kook Young on his knees but he stops. Namgoog apologises for throwing him under the bus for his own good.  He puts the blames on Kook Young but Joon Young tells them they made the right choice. He walks away and they wonder why he believes they did the right choice. He gets into his room and lies down on his bed.

After an hour Ji Tae still hasn’t shown and Bong Sok tells her it’s a waste of good food. She tells her to wait. No Eul mutters that he was going to ask him to stop her and that everything is his fault and she leaves. Ji Tae is still near home clutching his phone with her 8 missed calls.

Joon Young is in bed when he receives No Eul’s call and leaves in a rush. When he arrives his head starts to spin and his vision blurs but through his will alone he focuses again tells God he won’t give up. She stands in front of him and he hugs her.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 15.11.46.png

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Beautiful Gong Shim – Review –



Another recaps wrapped up. Other than I feel like the title should have been “In Search of Joon Pyo” I loved this show.

We follow Gong Shim who is the ‘ugly’ sister and is always put down. No one in her family listens to her and she is resigned to pass her existence like that. Until the day that Ahn Dan Tae comes barreling into her life. He rents her room from her and they become tenuous friends. Throw Dan Tae, Gong Shim meets Suk Joon Soo and the trio’s adventures begin.

The show can get a little tedious at times, but there are a lot of cute scenes in it. If you like deceit, family secrets, kidnapping and attempted murder in your shows. Then this is for you.

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Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 6 Recap



An unsuspecting hiker tumbles down the hill after taking the wrong path and finds Hyun Joo’s body. He calls the police out and they wonder who would have dumped the body in the woods. We then see Hye Sung (Kwon Yeol) burning the evidence of his involvement.

Bong Pal (TaecYeon) wakes up to find Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) still holding his hand. He is a little confused until he remembers waking up slightly from a nightmare and seeing her. He smiles a little but when she starts to stir he puts back on his neutral face. They stare at each other for a beat before he pulls away. He chastises her for being in his room and she apologises before popping out of the room.  He sits up in bed and notices the date. He steps out in a suit which throws Hyun Ji. She asks if he’s going somewhere fun and asks to come with. He tells her not to come but she follows anyways.

She follows him to the shrine for his mother’s death anniversary and watches on somberly. When they’re finished Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) asks Bong Pal if he’s heard from his father. He asks why his father would call him when he hasn’t called Myung Chul. He tells him that he’ll see him at home and leaves.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee)go and show that they have signed up 2 more people for their club and pay the maintenance fee. The head of housing tells them that Ghost Net has already been disbanded and the voting is over. In Rang is worried but Chun Sang has already gotten a new club form signed and authorised. They get their club room back. They go in and celebrate not certain if they’re dreaming or not.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.33.20.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are sitting in the courtyard and she mentions that it’s a perfect day for a picnic. She asks if they can go and he mentions that they have to study. She tries to build a case that a day off will help them study better, but he mentions that it hasn’t been a week since she started studying. He notices a petal in her hair and removes it, she is a little shocked before looking away. Bong Pal asks if she’s ok because she’s blushing. She tries to cover her cheeks and pops away out of embarrassment.

Hyun Ji is sitting and wondering what’s wrong with her when Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) comes to see her. Hyun Ji asks if she hasn’t found her honey yet, and Kyung Ja tells her that she’s thinking of setting up shop on campus until she finds him. Hyun Ji asks Kyung Ja if a ghosts heart can race, nd she confirms that a ghost’s emotions are the same whether in death or alive. She explains what happens whenever she sees Bong Pal and Kyung Ja tells her that she likes him. When Hyun Ji adamantly refuses Kyung Ja asks if she has a heart disease.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 10.06.36.png

Chun Sang and In Rang talk about how good a retreat would be and then Chun Sang suggests going on a retreat. In Rang is all for it, however, he wonders if Bong Pal would go for it. At first, Chun Sang thinks that it’s hopeless until his eyes fall on Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and he gets an idea. They wait for her and after the yoga class they pull her aside and asks her to join them for a retreat with the club

Hyun Ji is sitting and thinking about what Kyung Ja said she can’t believe that she would be attracted to Bong Pal. Suddenly a baseball comes flying at her and he catches it before throwing it back. He reminds her to be aware of her surroundings and asked where she keeps running off to. She asked if he missed her and he tells her that it was nice being able to focus without her there.

Chun Sang and In Rang track Bong Pal down and tells him about the retreat at first he declines thought Hyun Ji tries to tell him to go. They pull out their Seo Yeon card and suddenly Hyun Ji is changing her tune and so is Bong Pal.

Seon Yeon goes to see Hye Sung and asks him to take care of her puppy the following day since she’s going on retreat. When Hye Sung asks what club, she admits that she doesn’t know but Bong Pal is in it as well. He asks if Bong Pal is going to which she confirms. She hands him a gift containing a fountain pen as a thank you for everything that he’s done.

The following day Hyun Ji tries to convince Bong Pal that it would be a better idea to stay home. He tells her that she can stay home and he never said he was bringing her. To which she takes offence and follows him.

At the school, Seo Yeon arrives and moments later so do In Rang and Chun Sang with the van. Bong Pal looks at Hyun Ji and wonders if they will all fit. They get in and Bong Pal sits between the 2 girls. Hyun Ji acts like the jealous girlfriend the entire way there.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 10.14.27.png

They arrive at In Rang’s vacation home, but his grandmother changed the passcode and he doesn’t want to call his grandmother because she’ll want to kill Chun Sang if she knew he came. Eventually, he sounded the alarm. He called his grandmother and Chun Sang asked if she threw a fit. He assures him he didn’t because he lied about him not being there.

Bong Pal warns Hyun Ji to stay put but she wants to roam the house. Bong Pal and Seo Yeon goes outside to finish bringing things in. In Rang goes upstairs to bring some bags up missed his steps and fell down the stairs. Hyun Ji comes running and asks if he’s ok, however, since he was semi-conscience he ended up seeing her and mistakes her for an angel. Chun Sang comes and checks on him and when he’s told about the angel In Rang saw he tells him that he nearly crossed over and took him to lie down.In Rang dreams of Hyun Ji and tells the angel he’s fine.

Bong Pal and Seo Yeon are unpacking the groceries and Chun Sang sends them to buy ramen. Seo Yeon agrees to go because she has some things to buy anyways. When Bong Pal is leaving, Chun Sang tells him to take his time. After they leave Hyun Ji sees that they actually have ramen and dislikes Chun Sang for enabling their time together so she hits the bottle he’s drinking from. She goes outside and tells Bong Pal that they have ramen and tells him not to go. He tells her that Seo Yeon has some things to get anyways and tells her that he’ll be back soon

They are at the store when the clerk asks if they’re dating. Bong Pal tells her that they’re aren’t and they only go to school together. She tells him that it’s always how it starts. They are about to pay when Bong Pal grabs and Icecream for Hyun Ji. They walk back and Seo Yeon admits that she’s happy that she came on the retreat because she only commutes between school and home. Bong Pal admits that he does the same thing. Seo Yeon tells him that she finds it interesting that they started to become close after takes Hye Sung’s class. He agrees when he notices Hyun Ji sitting by the side of the river.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 10.35.11.png

Chun Sang is fussing over In Rang when the duo arrives. Seo Yeon is worried about what happened to In Rang but she’s told not to worry. Bong Pal asks what happen and is told that In Rang fell down the stairs while they were gone. Chun Sang notices that there are 2 ice creams left and he says he’s going to eat them and Bong Pal tells him it’s his and takes it from him.

Hyun Ji is sitting by the lake and is being watched from the ghost who lives in the lake. Bong Pal sits down with the ice cream and offers it to her, but she refuses. He tells her that he’ll eat it, and she takes it from him.

They sit down to eat and Hyun Ji eats some of the meat off of Bong Pal’s plate. They toast and when Bong Pal doesn’t drink any, Hyun Ji tells him to give it to her and he reminds her she shouldn’t drink. When Chun Sang and In Rang tease Seo Yeon and Bog Pal to date Hyun Ji acts jealous and starts fanning the smoke towards Seo Yeon. Bong pal switches seats with her and glares at Hyun Ji.

The police go find Hye Sung on campus and ask him about Hyun Ju. He admits that he last saw her in class 3 week prior and asks if something is wrong. They tell him that she was found dead and he acts surprised. They as if he would have noticed anything and he admits that he took over the class 1/2 through the semester so he doesn’t really know much about the students. When he gets handed a business card from a cop the other watches him. He feels like something is off with Hye Sung.

They go to the lake and at first Chun Sang and In Rang jump in but when Bong Pal and Seo Yeon refuse to come in the push them in. They have fun splashing around and when they get out they take a group photo. When they try to take a picture of only Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together Hyun Ji tries to ruin the picture.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 10.57.50.png

at the police station, the 2 cops  are eating when the senior cop asks the younger one abut Hye Sang. He tells him about his clinic and teaching position and the senior detective wonders why he changed his plans all of a sudden and stayed local.

Hye Sung breaks into Bong Pal’s apartment to look around. He lingers for a moment on the family pictures before continuing on. He eventually makes it to the spare room and picks up an old video from 1997.

Back at the vacation house, Chun Sang gives a bigs speech about their club and Hyun Ji mentions that he will be a scam artist one day. They fall into an evening of games and sing Hyun Ji can’t participate, she watches them sadly. Realising that she doesn’t belong to the group, or anywhere really.

Myung Chul comes back to the apartment and crosses paths with Hye Sung. They both recognise each other. We get a glimpse of Hye Sung’s past death and tells Myung Chul it’s been a while before walking away while Myung Chul watches after him.

They start to play spin the bottle. When it lands on sSeo Yeon they inquire about her love life and find out that she really loves someone who isn’t with them that evening. During the questioning In Rang notices Hyun Ji again and Chun Sang tells him to sleep. Bong Pal’s heart is broken a little and Chun Sang spins the bottle again. When it lands on Bong Pal he sidesteps the question of someone he likes by going to the washroom and Seo Yeon goes for some air. Kyung Ja’s words replay in Hyun Ji’s minds and she agrees that she thinks that she loves Bong Pal.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.32.12.png

The next day Seo Yeon goes to the lake and the ghost takes notice and pulls her in. Hyun Ji doesn’t know what to do when the rest of them show up to pull her out of the water. She tells them that it felt like she was being pulled into the water. Bong Pal offers to get medicine and pulls Hyun Ji aside. He believes she’s the one who did it and doesn’t believe her when she tells him she didn’t do anything. He tells her to stop being immature and apologises before popping away.

Bong Pal goes to the corner store and asks if there is a pharmacy because someone got scratches. That’s where he finds out about the water ghost in the river. When he finds out he leaves in a sprint back to the dock where Hyun Ji is. She gets pulled under and calls to him. When he arrives he dives in to find her already unconscious. And he swims to her even though she’s sinking.

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Uncontrollably Fond Episode 7 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is staring at the poster in the inn. He turns to No Eul (Bae Suzy) and tells her that he had brought her to the town to take her to the island, but he’s going ahead. He’s certain that if he goes with her there that he’ll never let her go. He tells her sleeping form no to come to him, because if she doesn’t he doesn’t think he’d be able to even let her go again. He finally manages to doze on the island when No Eul wakes him up. He is speechless as he watches her rant He stands and doesn’t say anything. He counts very slowly to 3 in his head before telling her to go and walking past her.

No Eul thinks that she did something wrong after drinking. She swears to never drink again before following after him. She comes up beside him and apologises and tells him that she’s an asshole when she drinks. She can’t remember what she did so she can apologise but she really wants to. She tries to get him to drink something since he didn’t eat but he doesn’t look at her. She gets a call from Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) and she apologises for disappearing all of a sudden. He asks if she’s with Joon Young and at first she tells him no and then confirms that she is. Joon Young see the boat and heads to the dock. She tells him that she did something terrible and hangs up with him.

When Ji Tae gets into the elevator his right-hand man hands him a few photos and tells him that he believes Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) got her hands on them. Suddenly the previous night’s conversation made much more sense to him. His right-hand man tells him that he believes that she’s started investigating No Eul.

No Eul tries to get Joon Youn to open up the entire boat ride back. She but he continues silently counting. Finally, ashore she tries to get him to go eat and finally breaks. She tells him that so what that she said something when she was drunk, she was taught only petty people fight about something said when drunk. She tells him to hit her until he’s not mad anymore and he taps her on the temple before walking on. This just frustrates No Eul more.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 12.34.44.png

They arrive back at the car to find Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) asleep in the car. Joon Young gets into the car and No Eul runs around to the other side. He tells her to get out and when she refuses he says 9 in his head before getting out and calling a cab. She yells after him listening things that she remembers. She is about to tell him that she remembers him saying he likes her but he gets into the cab to avoid her. She returns to the car and wakes Kook Young up telling him what happened.

On the way back Kook Young asks her about what she did’ She can’t remember and reiterates the same question. She looks at him and asks if he had an idea but obviously he doesn’t. She tries to hit her head and he asks if she thinks that would help. She says it did in the past and he hits her once and asked if it helps.

Joon Young goes to grab his phone and then remembers that he that he threw it in the ocean the night he was with No Eul. He lowers his scarf and asks the cabbie to borrow his phone. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) comes in to find Young Ok (Jin Kyung) eating Bibimbap. He tells her to stop and pulls it away. She gets a call from Joon Young and tells him that he has the wrong number. Jung Sik calls him back and tells him how worried his mother is about him. He has to run outside and asks him about how he could have fallen for a gold digger. He tells him that she isn’t a gold digger. His mother grabs the phone and asks what is she then. He tells her that he really loves her and that’s why he’s running away. He doesn’t trust himself to be around her.

Kook Young tells No Eul, that thought it pains him to admit it he believes that Joon Young really like her. He put Pororo outside because of her allergies. No Eul doesn’t know why he would like her. Kook Young reminds her that even prince charming married cinderella. He tells her that he hasn’t been well lately and is worried about brain damage from the last drama shoot when he for hit hard. He wonders if he should take him to the hospital. No Eul wonders aloud what she should do if he really does like her.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 12.54.42.png

When Jon Yung arrives home he asks the taxi to drive him around back. He sees Pororo and promises to feed him right away. When he stands his head spins a little and it takes a few seconds for him to get moving again. He gets into his house and closes the shades before crumpling to the ground.

Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) gets reported back about Joon Young’s illness and his refusal of treatment. He even told his doctor not to tell anyone.

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has a meeting with his party and refuses to endorse a man who is under investigation. He doesn’t want someone with dirt supporting them. Someone mentions that everyone in the meting has some dirt on them. Hyun Joon tells them that to make certain decisions will lead to regret and the older man asks if he has enough free time to regret.

Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) is taking a bath when she screams. Mrs Jang comes in and she tells her about the bad comments. She mentions she thought something bad happened. Ha Roo asks her to get her more perfume but she refuses she tells her to get out before she swells. She swears to get her revenger on No Jik (Lee Seo Won).

No Jik goes loking for Ji Tae at his hostel b ut he’s, obviously, never lives there. When Ji Tae calls him back he makes a lie that he moves. He tells him that he’s on  his way back to soel and he’ll meet him at the coffee shop he works at. When he arrives, No Jik tells him that his sister uses to like Joon Young. Ji Tae asks if it isn’t a good thing that Joon Young likes her. He tells her that they live in 2 seperate worls now and people should stay in their own world. (You are telling this to a rich guy) He begs him to make her sister see some sense.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 13.21.43.png

Joon Young wakes up still having some difficulty seeing. He goes into his bathroom and takes his pain killers. (That look a lot like Tic Tacs).

He comes out into the living room, kitchen area to find No Eul cooking. He watches her and sees her burn her hand. Though she goes to grab something to take the pan out, he comes and leads her to the water. She asks when he woke up. He doesn’t say anything and when she tells him she’s fine he walks away. She complains that she worked hard to feed him. She decided to eat it herself but finds it too salty. She wonders why he is avoiding her. He comes back out and turns off all the lights and closes his blinds.

Namgoog (Park Soo Young) is feidling calls and telling them that no one is home and it’s just the house keeper to take care of Pororo. Man Ook comes in and starts reading comment callsing No Eul the nation’s Juliet. Namgoog tells the reporter that Joon Youn is travelling for a little bir with his manager The CEo manager makes up a lie about Joon young being with Yoo Na which fustrate Kook Young who knoes that Joon Young really liek No Eul

Jung Eun meets with Ji Tae for supper. She tears up the photo of Ji Tae and No Eul togetther. Ji Tae gives Jung Eun a bouquet of christmas roses again. He offers her wine but  he wants a kiss. He tells her that he knows she saw the photos. He gives her all of No Eul’s information. When she asks what he’s playing at, he tells her that he wants to make it easy for her. She asks baout their relationship to which he doesn’t answer she asks if he likes her and he admits that he does. She throws wine at him and before she leaves she confirms that the meaning of christmas roses is “I have nothing to give you” and he agrees. She leaves and he cleans himself up.

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Joon Young tells No Eul that there are reported and that is the see motion they’ll think someone is home. He tells her that she should be able to leave in an hour. She tells her that it is just her lucky. She tries to scare him with a ghost story but he scare her instead and he turns the lights back on. He sits down on the couch and she asks why he did that. He tells her to tease her and she lunches at him and straddles him. She asks if he enjoys teasing her. He says 10 out loud with confuses her. He tells her that he counted to 10 and ran as fas as he could be she decided to stay beside him. He sites up and wipes the flour off her noes and tells her he’s hungry.

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No Eul is confuses by that sudden shift in his personality. He tells her to sit down to eat and she asks if he’s Joon Young’s twin brother. He starts eating and she asks him if it’s too salty and he tells her it’s fine. He suddenly remembers her burn and goes to get some medicine. When he’s gone she tries his meal and find it way to salty. He was about to spit it out but decided just to be a man and swallow though he does rinse out his mouth. He comes back with the medicine and she asks if he spat it out. He asks why he would do that and take another mouth full. he chews while getting everything out. She asks him what is going on because she doesn’t like it when people change a lot.

Ji Tae goes to see Na Ri (Kim Min Young). She comes out all dolled up incase of the reporters. He asks if No Eul is home but she tells him that she had something to figure out with Joon Young so she’s still there.

Ji Tae goes to Joon Young’s house and waits for the reporters to leave. While he waits his father calls him to have a drink with him, He reminds him that his mother chewed him out for eating with him the last time. Hyun Joon tells him that he will see him at home. He remembers Mrs Song’s card and goes to see her. They talk and Mrs Song asks if Young Ok was his ex. He confirms as much and when Mrs Song asks if she could like him, he tells her not to because he has no room for women in his life anymore.

Eun Soo gets a call that Hyun Jon when to the salon and Young Ok is lost in thought at the restaurant. Ji Tae goes to Joon Young’s house and rings the door bell.

No Eul throws a sausage down to Pororo and apologises about making him live outside when it’s cold. She promises to take plenty of pills to help cure her of the allergy. (That’s not how that works)

Joon Young hangs up with the phone before No Eul can see Ji Tae outside. they play rock paper scissors and she has to do the dishes. While she’s doing them She gets a call from Na Ri.

Ji Tae is knowing on the door when he comes out and tells him that he won’t give No Eul away. Ji Tae tells him that she isn’t an object. Joon Young tells him that he’s not the one who let go of her hand. Ji Tae admits that he doesn’t deserve her, but Joon Young deserves her even less.

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No eul comes out, and Joon Young asks why She tells him that she knows that he’s been dating Yoo Na for a year and used her as a deversion. He asks who tld her that and she tells him that the CEO revealed it to a news outlet. She tells him that doesn’t make any sense how he could like her. He tells her that he doesn’t know where she heard the information but it is a lie. She tries to walk away but he grabs her asn tells her that he loves her. She tells him that everyone in Korea knows how good of an actor he is. He repeats himself. She chastises herself for not listening to Jik. He had warned her that she and he lived in two different worlds and she shouldn’t let anything he says or does affect her. She starts crying and calling her the crazy one. He pulls her into a kiss.

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Crunchyroll Summer 2016 Anime Lineup Part 4



91 Days

I’m really excited for this anime. Set during the prohibition in lawless, a town that the Mafia rules and gets by with selling illegal liquor. Avilio, a boy how witnessed his family’s murder decided to infiltrate the mafia and seek revenge. This anime has you hooked within the first few minutes. Or, at lease that was the case for me. I’m really excited to continue watching this show for the season.


Taboo Tattoo

The American military has developed a weapon that is in the form of a tattoo which allows the user to enhance their natural abilities. The people who wield the tattoo are known as the sealed. When Justice Akatsuka (Seigi) saves a man he’s rewarded with a gift, that gift being the tattoo. Seigi gets drawn into the world the military and mystery while also trying to remain a middle school kid.  I can tell you right now that the art style is striking and very interesting. After one episode I really want to know more about the world he lives in. I’m looking forward to the future episodes.


New Game

This anime is soo cute!!!!!! We follow Suzukaze Aoba, an aspiring character artist who looks like a child, who’s starting her career at Eagle Jump, a game developing company. The characters are very cute and the company is all women. Off of the first episode, it reminds me of SHIROBANKO, just the video game version. I’m hoping that it turns out to be as good as SHIROBANKO. Fingers crossed.


Mob Psycho 100

Right away this anime’s animation style reminds me of One Punch Man. This anime follows Mob, a boy who is a very powerful exorcists. He is a ‘student’ of a fake exorcist who relies on him to be known as a strong exorcist and gets clients. The complete seriousness of Mob, matches with the rediculous nature of hte show is perfect. I will continue watching this to see how it unfolds.

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