Lucky Romance Episode 12 Recap



Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) goes to Soo Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) house to talk with him, however, he isn’t home. Soo Ho is walking downtown thinking of not only his father’s words, but Bo Nui’s as well. Bo Nui waits a long time at his house before deciding to leave. While she was walking home she looks at the necklace and thinks that it turned out better not meeting with him.

The next day Bo Nui comes into the building and asks Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) about Soo Ho. He inquires as to if they had a fight about Gary (Lee Su Hyuk). He goes on to tell her that Gary is much better, and mentions the lunch box she never received. While she was talking Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) and Gun Wook arrive and ask if she’s gotten any weird phone calls. She tells them she hasn’t and that’s when she’s informed that some pictures of her and Gun Wook found their way on to the internet.

Her colleagues and Soo Ho are looking at the pictures when she arrives with Gary and Amy. Everyone assumes that it’s true, and starts congratulating her. Soo Ho stepped outside of the office and asks Seol Hee what she’s going to do. The decided to do a press release that it’s completely false when Gary admits that whether or not Bo Nui accepts him, she’s someone precious to him. Some one decides that it would be good press if they were together and everyone starts chanting to accept him, and Bo Nui leaves the room.

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Gun Wook follows Bo Nui out. She tears into him, reminding him that she begged him not to do anything at work. She asks about the lunch box, and he’s suddenly shy that she knows. She tells him that she can’t accept it from him or anyone else, and if he keeps up what he’s doing she’ll feel even sorrier. He assures her that he does expect her to accept her but he doesn’t want to lie about his feelings. She wonders if he can only think of himself, and admits she thought it over many times if it would affect that person. Gun Wook notices the words but Seol Hee comes in to save the day. She tells him that if he’s going to tell the world of his crush they’ll have to figure out how. She also tells Bo Nui that she’s partly to blame because it’s not like he fell in love with someone at first sight. She hints towards stopping the back and forth between him when Bo Nui gets confuses. Gun Wook tells her that they will deal with it, and pulls Seol Hee away. Bo Nui turns around the corner to find Soo Ho walking right by after ease dropping on the last bit of the conversation.

Bo Nui waits for Soo Ho outside the washroom and tells him that she’s not together with Gun Wook. He asks why she’s explaining and if she’s sorry now that he told her that he wouldn’t bother her anymore. He tells her that it no longer has anything to do with him. any more and he storms away. Once he’s in his office he contemplates going back to see her again but stops himself.

Bo Nui is on the roof and asks the spirits to calm her feelings and heart. She breaks down crying when Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) conveniently finds her. She asks her what she should do because she believes that ‘that person’ really hates her. She says it’s good because she can end things however it hurts. She cries about not being able to calm her heart and ‘that person’ is already in so much pain and she just added to it. She likes him so much that it hurts her to have done what she did. Dal Nim hugs her to give her support.

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Gary is staring at Amy and asks why she was like that. She tells him that it’s infuriating what she’s doing to him and Soo Ho when Gary tells her it not like that she continues. She dislikes that fact that the 2 men love her and she’s standing there doing nothing. He tells her that it’s because of the superstitions that Soo Ho and Bo Nui were tangled. He also clues her into Bo Ra’s condition. She tells him that Soo Ho is confusing compassion for love, and this is the first Gun Wook has heard about Soo Ho’s feelings for Bo Nui.

Bo Nui comes back in after crying and tries to act naturally but the colleagues can tell that something is wrong. Soo Ho peeks through his blinds at her but closes them when they make eye contact.

Gun Wook comes to the office and is about to come in when Dal Nim asks him to come with her. They go down to the cafe. She asks him to not hurt Bo Nui anymore, and when he leaves she wonders why he hasn’t just snatched her yet. Ryang Ha mentions that if he snatches her, her other love wouldn’t be able to happen. Dal Nim assumes it’s him and he denies it.

Her colleagues are betting on Bo Nui again when Soo Ho comes out. Someone tells him that he believes that Bo Nui is in the washroom and he asks if anyone asks about it.

Bo Nui is praying on the roof when Gun Wook comes out. He sits next to her and tells her that he has something to wish for. He wishes for her to have a clean ending with the tiger. He asks her if she’s being genuine with her feelings for Soo Ho, and she tells him that it doesn’t matter because it’s over. He tells her that she shouldn’t say it so lightly.  She gets a call from Young il on Soo Ho’s cell phone telling her that he’s drunk. She tells him she’ll be there right away. Gun Wook tells her that she shouldn’t go, and she tells him that he’s drunk.Screenshot 2016-07-01 09.59.54.png

Soo Ho goes to leave when Young Il tries to stop him. When he tells him that Bo Nui is coming he says that he has to leave even more. She meets up with him on the way back home and when she stops him from tumbling he tell her that he doesn’t need her. She follows him to her apartment. When he finally stops and sits on the stairs she asked him why he came like an fool and he admits to missing her. He tells her that he hate her and doesn’t understand why he misses her. She gets him up to get him home and he stumbles onto her. He tells her that seeing her was nice. When she started rubbing his back a silent tear fell down his face.

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She gets him inside her apartment and lays him on the couch. Once he’s settled she apologises about it being her fault since she went to him first. She strokes his hair a little while watching his features relax. She kisses him softly on the cheek.

The next morning Soo Ho wakes up in her apartment with a little fright. He thinks back to the night before and remembers how he acted. He chastises himself before seeing the necklace on the coffee table.

Bo Nui is at the hospital and the nurse tells her that Bo Ra is fine. She mentions that someone is late that day, and when she asks about it, she admits she can’t hold it in and drags her to the nurses desk and hands her a camera. She tells her that every day the man she was last in will comes and asks about Bo Ra’s blood pressure and cell count. Then he takes a picture every morning so that Bo Nui can always see her sister. Bo Nui looks through his notebook and camera with a sad smile. She comes across some selfies and she runs towards him and hugs him tight.

That evening both of them are happy with their new relationship status.

Bo Nui  comes out to find Soo Ho waiting on the steps for her. She mentions that if they go in together people will find out, and he asks if they shouldn’t and then tells her that she should just tell them they met out front.

Dal Nim comes in all dolled up when Ryang Ha sees her. At first, he doesn’t recognise her and when he does he is appalled that he hit on her.

Bo Nui tells Dal Nim that she’s finally with the man, and she tells her that it’s Soo Ho. She admits having wanted to be with him from the beginning. Once they’re done Dal Nim goes to see Ryang Ha and accuses him of knowing about Bo Nui and Soo Ho. When she topples and falls a bunch of men come to help her up.

Upstairs they are deciding on lunch when Soo Ho offers to buy pizza. When it comes in with some pizza for him. He smiles and hugs her for a while. She tells him that he has to eat all of his meals and sleep well from now on, and he’ll do it for a kiss. They share a quick peck before parting ways. Throughout the day they have really cute interactions without the anyone else noticing except Dal Nim. They even manage to sneak out to work on their respective laptops while holding hands.

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They believe that their hiding it well but all of their colleagues know that they’re together.

Bo Nui and Soo Ho go to a park for a picnic, and Bo Nui asks him if he’s ok since they;re never to water. He tells her that he hates but it’s said to be the best date spot. She asked if he researched it and he goes into a long explanation. He suddenly realises that it’s boring and she tells him it’s cool. and they giggle a bit. She promises to take care of his picnics and lunches. Soo Ho asks how long she’s going to keep calling him CEO when they’re not at work. She asks what else o call him and he reminds him that he has a name and calls her Bo Nui. He tries to get her to call him Oppa but she just calls him by name.

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They have a cute date and the conversation strays to his mother. She admits that she hasn’t seen her since the dinner. and while their talking people recognise Bo Nui as Gary’s girlfriend thought Soo Ho claims her for his own. They go to have a little stroll in  the park and Bo Nui drops her gift in the water and without thinking Soo Ho goes to get it. Only after does he realise that he’s in water. Bo Nui leads Soo Ho to the bench and he laid on her lap. He suggests going to bring the gift to his mother right away so she doesn’t have to carry it.

They go to Soo Ho’s childhood home, but no one is there. Bo Nui tries to call his mother with no success and when she asks Soo Ho for his father’s number he admits to not knowing it.

They arrive back to her house when Soo Ho complains about not wanting to leave her. She reminds him that he needs to get ready for his business trip. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go and tries to calculate it but then tells her that it’s too long to be away and he’ll call them and tell them he can’t make it. She tells him that it’ll be over quickly and he should go.

They were hugging on the street when Seol Hee comes across them. She’s shocked and tries to not be noticed by them. Seol Hee goes out drinking with Ryang Ha due to Soo Ho being so happy with Bo Nui. She complains that both Gary and she came to Korea and the couple rejected their first loves. Ryang Ha tells her that Soo Ho never got to really live outside of his brain until Bo Nui came along. Seol Hee wonders what it couldn’t have been her and Ryang Ha promises to check with Soo Ho the next time they talked.

Dal Nim calls Ryang Ha’s phone but Seol Hee steals and invites her  out. She and Seol Ha start complaining, but after she helps Ryang HA with his phone Seol Hee tells them to not look so lovey dovey in front of her. When Seol He complains about Bo Nui, Dal Nim comes to her defence and tells her that she won’t stand her talking about her Bo Nui so lightly

Soo Ho and Ryang Ha head out to their business meeting and say goodbye to the staff. Bo Nui follows them downstairs and sees them off a little more personally. She gives Soo Ho an app that she developed on her phone.

We get to see Soo Ho in a meeting. Throughout the day her app would send him reminders to eat or sleep. They text together and when he asks if she misses him she says not one bit, then, however, proceeds to imagine him next to her.

Bo Nui gets a phone call from Soo Ho at 4.30 am. They talk about it being rough that they are apart. He asks if she’s really not going to say that she misses him, and when she does he tells her to open the door. he asks how long she’s going to keep him standing outside. She runs to the door and when she says him, she jumps into his arms.

The truth or dare this episode is the scene of Bo Nui finally saying yes to Soo Ho’s dating request and them becoming official.

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