Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 15 Recap



We get to watch a very awkward conversation between  Dan Tae (Namgung Min) and Joon Soo (On Joo Wan). Both men secretly accusing the other of something being off. Both claimed to have been out for a reason however Dan Tae feels that something is off. Dan Tae gets off the elevator a few seconds after Joon Soo, and he calls after him simply to find him already on the phone.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother (Jeong Hye Seon) and asks her what she thought if he quit trying to find the kidnappers. She asks if his feelings have changed, but he admits that they have not. She tells him that he can quit whenever he feels like it.

Joon Soo goes to see Director Yeom (Kim Byung Ok) and tells him that he believes Dan Tae to be Joon Pyo. This revelation shocks Yeom, and Joon Soo continues. He admits to ordering a DNA test and tells him that he’s certain what the results will be. He tells him that once it’s revealed the entire family will be cast out of the house empty-handed, and they should beg Joon Pyo for forgiveness. Yeom still tries to fight the possibility that Dan Tae is Joon Pyo and even if it turns out to be true they simply have to prevent Joon Pyo from being near them. Joon Soo gets angry and asks if he doesn’t comprehend the impact of what he did, after all, he killed 1 person and ruin the lives of 3 other. He tells his uncle to keep his mouth shut until they find out the test result, and he adds on that this is the last chance he’s giving him.

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Joon Soo goes to see Gong Shim (Minah).They sit down, and when Gong Shim asks why he’s there, he told her that he was waiting for her. He apologises for his action surrounding the art gallery and promises to never do it again. He admits that both Dan Tae and Gong Shim are good friends to him, and he doesn’t want to loose them. He admits to wanting them to be as they were before. Gong Shim echoes his sentiments and they break apart.

Joon Soo returns home and lays in bed. He breaks down crying when he thinks about Dan Tae, and what he’s doing behind his back.

Dan Tae is at home, and he starts piecing the fact about Joon Soo together. He seems to have thought of something.(The music is epic though) and he goes to see his father. He tells his father that he’s so close to finding the culprit, but his cousin is having a hard time because he needs to protect his mother. He has decided to meet with him and tell him that he knows everything. He admits that he doesn’t want their relationship to get any worst.

Dan Tae leaves the hospital and calls Joon Soo. (The music alone is breaking my heart) Joon Soo picks up that phone and Dan Tae asks if he has time the following day. He admits that he doesn’t because he’s on a business trip, and suggests 3 days later when he’s back since he also has something that he would like to talk with him.

Gong Shim waits for Dan Tae and when he arrives she asked where he’s coming from. He admits to meeting with a friend. She asks about going to the amusement park the next day, he informs her of a colleague get together. She simply assumes it’s an excuse and asks about other days. He tells her they’ll go tomorrow, and he calls Attorney Song to cancel and explains it’s due to a blind date. He brushes off the reason as needing a good excuse.

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Joon Soo calls that DNA lab to find out how long it would take for the results, and asks if there is any way of speeding them him. He understands it will time and simply asks them to call him as soon as the results are ready.

Gong Shim is prepping Kimbap (Mmmm… Kimbap!) when she feels a pain in her side. Her mother tells her it’s because she keeps eating the kimbap. She denies it since she only ate 3 end pieces. Her mother asks who she’s going out with, and she tells her a friend and won’t say anything more. Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) comes to whisk her mother away so that they can eat. Her father wants to get out of the house, but gets refuses by both his daughters.

We get to watch both Gong Shim and Dan Tae get ready and switch between clothes. However, Gong Shim’s stomach is still acting up.

When they get down, they both end up wearing the same shirt. They both offer to change, but Dan Tae suddenly notices that she doesn’t look well. He offers to postpone but she refuses.

Gong Mi and her mother are shopping and go into a store. Moments laters Mrs Suk and her mother-in-law walk into the same mall. She recognises her right away and finds out that her mother is in the changing room. Mrs Suk is so happy because she wanted to say hello to her. Her mother runs out hiding her face, and Gong Mi apologises and leaves first. Mrs Suk follows and when  her mother is trying to get them to leave before they run into her, Gong Mi sees her. Mrs Suk is disappointed that Gong Shim is Gong Mi’s sister.

They go to talk and Mrs Suk asks her about her knowledge of Joon Soo before starting at the company. Gong Mi tries to explain, but Mrs Suk won’t listen and believes that she toyed with them.

They get home, and her mother apologises for it being her fault that it didn’t work. Gong Mi tells her that it’s not her fault, but Gong Shim’s fault. After all, her mother only got in a fight with Mrs Suk because Gong Shim acted oddly at the company and got fired. Once her mother is out of the room, Gong Mi threw a few tombs and broke down crying.

Gong Shim unpacks all of the food and tells Dan Tae to eat. When she first pulls out the Kimbap with egg in it, he asks if she’s trying to kill him. She smiles and opens that second container with no egg. Dan Tae starts eating with gusto and Gong Shim’s stomach starts to hurt again. He notices but she insists on being fine and he lets it slid.

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Throughout the day Gong Shim’s pain gets worst and worst until she finally faints on the rail car. He gets help to put her on his back and he brings her to the hospital. It turns out that her appendix burst and she only needs a surgery. (I’ve had that, it really hurts) Dan Tae promises to stay near. He comes back later with some clothes for her. He asks how long before she can leave, and they tell him it’s until she can pass the gas after the surgery. Dan Tae chastises her for not telling him that she was in pain, and she mentioned that since she endures it she didn’t want to say anything.

While he’s lecturing her, Grandmother calls to ask why she couldn’t reach him all day. He admits that the girl he liked had a surgery, and when she asks if she’s very ill, he informs her it was a simple appendectomy. She tells him to take care of her until she’s better. He agrees meanwhile Gong Shim is worrying about the title of Star Goddess.

When he returns, Gong Shim asks him who the Star Goddess is but he won’t give her a straight answer. She introduces herself as Dan Tae’s girlfriend, and Grandmother smiles, she tells her it’s fine and she’ll call back. When Gong Shim is hung up on she wonders why she has an older voice. Meanwhile, Grandmother is simply laughing.

Dan Tae returns and tries to get Kong Shim to remove her wig. She admits that she doesn’t want to because she hasn’t washed her hair. He tells her that he’ll wash it with a product that doesn’t need water. When he’s finished he notices the bald spot, and she admits to having medication for it. He tells her to give it to him, and though reluctantly she does. He tells her that he hopes it heals soon so she can remove her wig. He spends the night with her and for a little bit, she watches him sleep.

The next morning Dan Tae gets ready for work at the hospital, and when he gets back he notices that his necktie is missing. She offers to put it on for him, and when she’s done he thanks her. He promises for come see her after work and she suddenly realises that if the gas escapes then she will need to leave and wonders what she should do.

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Director Yeom bumps into Dan Tae in the washroom and stares at him a little too long. He recalls giving Joon Pyo his military ring, and it would be problematic if he still had it. Since it has all of his details he’ll have to take all the blame if it’s found.

Dan Tae goes to pick up a bag from the janitor. Inside there is a box, containing all of the this that he came to the Ahn family with. He notices the ring inside.

Yeom goes to see his friend and admits that he wasn’t able to meet with him. He obtains his sister-in-laws numbers and calls her when he’s outside of the hospital. He finds out that it’s the same woman that was at Dan Tae’s office. He tells one of his men to follow her and to find out what room she’s going to.

Mrs Suk tells her husband that Gong Mi and Gong Shim are sisters. She finally tells him about the altercation between herself and Mrs Gong. She sees her call again and leaves it ring. Mrs Gong is worried about what she’ll do, and Mr Gong promises to not let anything happen to Gong Mi.

The 2 fathers meet up together and agree to go to court, however, their favourite song comes on and they both sit there listening. They end up bonding over the song and the artist and become fast friends. Both of the men go home and tell tall tales to their wives making them both happy.

When Dan Tae arrives, Gong Shim gets up and the gas comes out. The both try and pretend that nothing happened when the nurse arrives. She asks if Gong Shim has passed the gas yet, and when she says she hasn’t she admits it’s odd. They go out to walk since the air stink in the room.

While they’re walking Dan Tae tells Gong Shim that he enjoyed spending time with her at night. He admits that he did her a lot of wrongs and tells her that had he made her comfortable she wouldn’t have pushed herself so hard. She tries to take his side but he tells her not to. He admits that he did hear the noise in the room. He asks her what she wants to eat and she tells him a sandwich.

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He tells her to slow down her pace. Since it’s so late they won’t release her till morning. She admits that the sandwich was really good. He pulls out a photo of them from the amusement park and showed her the pictures of them. She finds it fun because it looks like he was going to die of worry.

The next day they get ready to leave and he admits that he’s a little sad that the gas passed because they could have stayed longer if it hadn’t.

Joon Soo arrives back in town to find that the results are ready. He calls together the entire family and calls Dan Tae as well. He arranges a meeting in a quiet location later that evening at 6pm.

Joon Soo arrives at home and gets the delivery with the test results confirming Dan Tae is Joon Pyo.

Dan Tae promises himself that he will tell Joon Soo everything and that the culprit is his mother, though he doesn’t know it’s actually his uncle.

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