Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 16 Recap



Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is sitting looking at his missing poster when a knock comes from the Door. He invites Gong Shim (Minah) in. She had brought him a glass of misu, He thanks her for it in a cute voice and she tells him never to do it again. She asks him for a favour. She tells him that she has an interview and wonders if he will practice with her, and, of course, he agrees. She gives a little too much information when answering the interview questions. He obviously pushes, as any interviewer would, and she gets really mad. She ‘comes to’ while strangling Dan Tae and apologises after pulling back. She about to leave when Dan Tae calls her back and asks if she’s free that evening, and they plan on meeting after he’s done meeting with Joon Soo. She asks if there is a reason for them to meet after his other meeting, and he tells her it just turned out that way. After leaving she wonders what Dan Tae will want to talk about, and Dan Tae solidifies his resolve to tell her that he’s Joon Pyo.

Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) gets the results saying that the results are incompatible. (Dan Tae’s doing I’m sure… probably the toothbrush) His family is calling to him, restless. He comes back and changes the announcement to him leaving the company to start his own. This leaves his family in an uproar, he apologises and heads to him room. He looks once more at the test results once more defeated.

We see Dan Tae notice that Joon Soo had been looking at his toothbrush at home. He obtains a used toothbrush from Goo Nam before exchanging it for his own in his work hygiene pack. So the toothbrush that Joon Soo tested had Goo Nam’s DNA on it not Dan Tae’s.

Joon Soo overhears the conversation between his mother (Kyeon Mi Ri) and uncle (Kim Byung Ok). He understands that his uncle means to kill Soo Yong if it would help him hid the fact that he took Joon Pyo. Since Dan Tae is Soo Yong’s son he is bound to tell him everything if he wakes up. Joon Soo goes back to his room and slides to the ground right next to his door.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.55.41.png

Ji Yeon (Bang Eun Hee) goes to see Soo Yong and he finally wakes up. While she’s running to get a nurse, Yeom’s goon goes in to see Soo Yong and reports that he’s awake. He asks if he should take care of it, but Yeom tells him that he needs to confirm it with his 2 eyes and that he’s coming to the hospital. Joon Soo notices his uncle’s departure and follows.

While Dan Tae is on his way out he gets a phone call from his aunt telling him that his father is awake. He heads to the hospital right away.

Joon Soo follows his uncle and notices him meeting with his goon. Yeom  calls Ji Yeon to get her out of the IC so that he can get in to see it for himself. Joon Soo follows him to Soo Yong’s room. Joon Soo looks in and notices that the room he visited was Dan Tae’s father’s room. Yeom sends his goon to kill Soo Yong. Joon Soo passes right next to the goon, no idea what is happening next.

Dan Tae arrives and notices his aunt. She tells him the good news about his father. He asks why she’s there and she admits that one of his father’s army buddies called but she can’t find him. Dan Tae decides to go up first to see his father. As he’s on the elevator he notices Joon Soo leaving, apparently still trailing his uncle.

The goon pulls out the oxygen tube from the machine which forces Soo Yong to suffocate. (If he’s awake he can breathe on his own, and that was just a little mask not an iron lung. Drama Science.) Dan Tae arrives right as his father flat lines and the doctors are trying to save him. His aunt shows up and he admits that he thinks that his father is going to pass away and he break down crying.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.18.27.png

Joon Soo is outside the hospital when he replays the conversation he overheard and overlay it with the fact that Soo Yong is Dan Tae’s father. He becomes physically sick thinking about what his uncle would do to him.

The doctors manage to bring Soo Yong back and the doctor admits that there is evidence that the lines were pulled out deliberately. Dan Tae’s suspicion lies on Joon Soo’s involvement. (Gawd dammit Dan Tae he’s on your side)

Dan Tae meets Joon Soo where they had agreed, and the standoff begins. They meet and though the conversation had been planned to go a much different way. Joon Soo asks him to stop looking for Joon Pyo, more worried that something will happen to Dan Tae’s father if he continues. Dan Tae reveals he was going to say that same thing until something changed and he swears to find the culprit.

Dan Tae notices Gong Shim while walking home. She complains to herself that he hasn’t called. He steps behind and tree and watched her before calling. He cancels their plans, and he watches as she lies to him about not being out of the house and that it’s ok. He watches her sadly as she walks away from him and towards home.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.31.36.png

Gong Shim arrives home, and when her mother offers her something to eat she just tells her that she’s going to bed. Though she simply sits on her bed.

Dan Tae arrives back home, and he recalls that contradictory words and actions of Gong Shim. He decides to call her and asks to see her. They meet up and he mentions he’s a little late, she starts to retort but ends up agreeing. They end up going to the movies and Gong Shim admits to never gone to a late night movie before. He smiles and as the film starts he takes her hand gently. They both end up falling asleep while watching the movie.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.44.05.png

The next morning Dan Tae and Gong Shim meets up while she’s practising for her interview. He tells her that he’s certain that she’s going to get the job.

Joon Soo goes to see Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) and asks if they can talk. He doesn’t want to talk at the company, so he takes her to Subway. While Joon Soo is ordering Mrs Suk’s words replay in Gong Mi’s mind. Joon Soo sits down and admits that he heard everything from his mother. That, however, isn’t why he brought her with him. He extends the offer to have her head their legal team. He assures her that he doesn’t want to pressure her, but he’s seen her talent and wanted to scout it for himself. She agrees to think about it before giving him an answer.

Gong Shim goes to the job interview and the interviewers not only like her artwork but her as well. While she’s coming out she bumps into Joon Soo. He asks what brought her there, and she admits to having had a job interview. He smiles knowingly and regretfully tells her that there is no time to grab coffee with her. She ushers him into the building. He goes up to talk with the interviewers and they ask if there is anyone he wants to recommend. He tells him that he’s stepping out of this process and trust him to pick the right person.

Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) calls Joon Soo and tells him to come to the company once he’s finished. She asks him to go to Yeoju. The tells him that she had ordered some ceramic from Professor Kang and he wanted to see Joon Soo. She tells Dan Tae to go with him since the professor changed his office and the streets are confusing. This leaves both of the men in an awkward situation.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 12.15.09.png

While driving Dan Tae heads to the arboretum, and Joon Soo notices. Dan Tae tells him that he just had to stop off somewhere before heading to Yeoju. He asks Joon Soo to help him gets something for inside the office. When Dan Tae arrives, the man that he’s looking for isn’t there nor will he be coming back. When Dan Tae tries calling his cell he finds that it’s off.

Yeom is meeting with the man in question and hands him money to basically drop off of the map. He promises that all he needs to do is change his number and not keep in touch with the arboretum.

When the return Joon Soo tears into Dan Tae. He tells him that he has warned him to stay away from looking for Joon Pyo. Dan Tae stays calm and tells him that he doesn’t care that he’s protecting someone, he does care about who, and what he’s covering up. Before Joon Soo leaves Dan Tae tells him that he still has a chance, but Joon Soo walks away from him. Of course, Yeom heard everything. (I’m sure he’s going to use this distrust that Dan Tae has towards Joon Soo.)

Dan Tae returns to the hospital to see his father. Ji Yeon blames herself for walking away. Dan Tae assures her that the security has been beefed up. He asks his aunt to tell him exactly what happened that day of the attack. Ji Yeon tells him everything he already knows. He tries to call the army buddy, but Yeom doesn’t pick it up. Instead, he finds out what Dan Tae’s number is, and it matches the number who called him.

Dan Tae and Gong Shim go out to eat and she admits that though his take on the interview didn’t help, she did feel less nervous. He claims that he had planned it that way. They both reach for the napkins, their hands touching. Dan Tae holds onto her hand and though Gong Shim wants to eat, they compromise into eating 2 spoon fulls while their hands are linked. She eats 2 spoon fulls and Dan Tae complains because he doesn’t want their hands apart.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 12.51.59.png

They go out on the town and stop at a henna booth. Gong Shim admits that she’s always wanted one. While Dan Tae is looking, Gong Shim grabs his hand. She offers to walk 2 blocks with their hands together and he admits he prefers 2 blocks rather than 2 spoon fulls. When he gets in, he finds her cute but suddenly remembers seeing a butterfly henna tattoo. He comes to the concluding that the kidnapper had a butterfly tattoo.

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for the call from Vow Design. She’s praying when they actually call. Gong Mi is telling her family that she will be working for Joon Soo’s company instead of star group. Her parents are happy and their father mentions that it’s rare that a man takes the hard road. Gong Shim comes out and tells them that she was hired at the company she applied for, and suddenly everyone is getting  good news.

She goes by the company to introduce herself. Joon Soo arrives and finds out that she was hired. She asks if he had a hand in getting her in, and he admits to having no control over the hiring process. The interviewer assures her that she got in on her own strengths, and they didn’t know that they president and she knew each other. Joon Soo goes to the washroom and he’s smiling that entire time thinking about Gong Shim working for him. (Back to smiling the way I like him)

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.15.26.png

Dan Tae is waiting for Gong Shim and he gets a call from Ji Yeon telling him about an odd call. She asks if he’s tried calling the army buddy again because he’s still not answering. Gong Shim and Joon Soo are coming out when Dan Tae call. Gong Shim mentions that he’s getting a phone call. Joon Soo pulls out his phone and there is nothing there. She mentions that it’s coming from his briefcase and he pulls out Yeom’s cell phone. Of course, Dan Tae sees the phone with Joon Soo.

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