Snow Lotus Flower



This is an interesting drama that I wasn’t sure I’d like. It’s almost like a TV movie cut in 2. There are 2 episodes each an hour long, but it doesn’t feel rushed or that anything is missing.

We follow Lee Soo-Hyun (Ji Jin Hee) the CEO of a game company, who dreams of his past life and past love which he’s developing a game to capture. We also follow Han Yun-Hee (Lee Ji Ah), who also dreams about her past, however her dreams have a little more of a negative aspect to them. As an art teacher Yun Hee steps up to fill in for her sister and pretends to be her nieces father. After she wins the art contest, her artwork catches Soo Hyun’s eyes and hires her to work for his company thinking that she’s a man. While working at the same company their story expand.

I ended up really liking this drama, and if you want a short romance it’s something you should really pick up. Also the chemistry is perfect between the 2 leads.



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