Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 Recap



We open in a church. Shin Joo Young (Kim Woo Bin) claims a woman as his wife before the virgin Mary, while No Eul cries. As he finishes his vows, a group of men come in and call him a traitor. They proceed in beating him up with pipes. When they suddenly threaten his wife he actually begins to defend himself. Once he beats up the men who were beating him. He strolls over to 2 men holding the woman. The man to the right pulls a gun and fires twice into his torso, but it doesn’t slow him down. They pull out to show a camera filming the scene. Joon Yong states that he doesn’t want his character to die as it can be easily prevented and he walks off set.

Namgoog (Park Soo Young) arrives on set to find out from Jang Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) that the writers refuse to change the script. They wonder who would make Joon Young hit rock bottom, as he is such a large star. Namgoog says he’ll meet with the director, he tells Kook Young to meet with the reporters to stop the rumours from spreading more that Jang Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) already saw online.

Joo Young goes to the hospital and meets with a doctor there. He admits to the doctor that he finds it hard to believe that he has contracted a disease that is hard to cure with current medical advancements. He tries to reject the idea that he’s terminally ill when he questions the diagnosis his doctor offers to get him a second opinion.  When in the parking lot, Namgoog calls him and begs him to die this once. He promises to get him scripts with happy endings from then on out. Little does Namgoog understand how close it is to his actual life.

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No Eul (Bae Suzy) is on location shooting while she on a phone with a friend who’s crying over Joon Young’s death in the show. She pauses 1/2 a second before realising it was in a drama, rather than in real life. She hangs up with her friend when the people from DL industrial comes to dump their waste in the water and, obviously, she gets caught. She gets

She gets brought to the DL industrial head office. She tries to get out but they locked her in, and right before she tries to break down the door the director of DL industrial comes in. She lists off his offences, and his secretary comes in with her equipment. While she’s checking her camera, he tells her that her reputation proceeds her. He asks what she wants, and she admits that she simply wants is a world where people played by the rules. He tries to bribe her into silence. She tells him that she wouldn’t bury the truth for a low sum of money. In the end, she takes 5 million won as pay out before transferring 4.95 million won to a loan shark.

Joon Young is working out when he gets a phone call from a lawyer. The lawyer asks how much information he wanted to find out about the woman who he gave him information about. He gives him a laundry list and strict orders to not tell her that he was looking for No Eul walked past a donation tub, and drops in the last 50,000 won. She notices Joon Young’s add playing on a billboard and it seems to lighten her spirits a little.

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The next morning Joon Young is woken up by his dog. He feeds him and tells him not worry, that someone will take care of him when he’s gone. He feeds his dog the expensive dog food and serves himself ramen. He suddenly blames his eating habits for his sickness.

No Eul is doing dishes while 2 children are poking her in the side with swords. She pulls them away and they start crying, The tell the landlady she hit them and of course the other woman takes the children’s side.

Joon Young goes out to eat but the restaurant he goes to, he has bad blood with the owner. She tells him to leave after he orders, and after a brief exchange, she tells the other worker to not give him anything and to purify the barrier after he leaves.

No Eul goes to the roof of her building and wishes for someone to hand her a wad of cash. She’s has almost no money in her bank account, and she still needs to take care of her brother. She gets a text firing her from her job, which pisses her off.

Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung) gets torn into by Jang Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung). He reminds her that Joon Young is still her son. When she asks if he’s gone, he confirms that he is. He advises her that Joon Young makes a lot of money and she can’t afford to push him away anymore. She doesn’t really listen and turns away.

Joon Young is eating raman, contemplating telling his mother about his illness. Kook Young suddenly arrives and yells at him about not doing the documentary. He tells him that he doesn’t want to do it, and when Kook Young tells him that plenty of other people would fight for the oppurtunity, he tells him that it’s a good things and should get another celeberty to do it. He tells Kook Young that he isn’t going to do anything he doesn’t want to anymore.

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No Eul tries to get her job back, by buying them drinks and offering them a really good story. They ask her how much money she’ll accept this time around. She tries to tell them that the pharmacutical company is evil, and when they inquire about DL industry, she tells them that it’s their first offence and they give alot back to society. They ask if she has an intergrity and tells her to return the money to DL industrial before he reports her to the cops. Before she leaves, she turns back to her boss and reminds him about the bribe he took to cover up an incident surrounding Assemblyman Han In Suk near to nominations. She promises not to get caught like the 2 of her collegues.

No Eul goes out drinking alone when Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) arrives and asks who she’s calling a bastard. She tells him that everyone in the world are bastards, and he tears into her for taking the bribe. She tells him that her bosses have done much work, but he’s happy the she was fired so it would stop her from doing it in the futur. She is then ganged up on by him and her friend. He tells her to think about what she’s done before leaving, while she complains about being the only one they pick on.

No Eul makes a huge fuss while Joon Young’s team is also drinking. On of the men agrees with her and goes to drown himself in his soft tofu stews, to get out of the tyranny. Kook Young asks how Joon Young is a son of a bitch, and asks if he knows his mother. The name peeks her interest. she finally understands what’s gong on. She tells them that she’ll convince Joon Young to shoot thedocumentary. they inistially ask who she is and she tells them that she asso works in the media.  She tells them that if she can convince him they have to get her a job.

Choi Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) is at home looking for Joon Young’s photo when her father, Choi Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong), walks in. They briefly discuss Joon Young and how the picture of him at a club seemed out of place. Hyun Joon asks if Ha Roo really like him, and she admits that she does. She tells her father to make Joon Young marry her, but Hyun Joo tells her that he doesn’t want Joon Young to be his son-in-law. Lee Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) comes in and once Ha Roo leaves, she admits that she’s worried about her. Hyun Joon tells her to worry about her own healthy rather than their children’s. She starts bugging him about his fatty liver, and when he send the maid to get his newspapers he hugs her and tells her that he’s happy that she’s his wife.

Screenshot 2016-07-06 13.20.02.png

Young Ok was cleaning leeks when she notices Hyun Joon’s photo, and looks down at it lovingly. He attention is pulled away when she hears something crash. She finds Jung Sik cleaning up a broken glass container. He starts telling her that he wasn’t bringing it to Joon Young while she takes in the number of tupper wares. He tells her that he’s worried about Joon Young and she tells him to take over the roel of being his mother.

No Eul goes to see Joon Young who is surprised to see her. Kook Young is surprised to see that she actually came. She tries to convince him to let him in when Kook Young tells him what he know about her. No Eul reminds Kook Young what he said at the restraunt and promises that Joon Young could kick her out if he though she was a phsycho. He hangs up on her and Kook Young now has to do some damage control.

No Eul notices the CCTV camera and while Joon Young changes he notices the feed. She promises to wait quietly outside his door until he’s ready to talk. He baths his dog, dries his dog, and watches some TV, all while she’s waiting outside. She finally calls her brother who ate only bread, so she has to go home so she leaves a littel snowman telling him that she would be back. When he goes to bed he notices the snowman.

The next day he heads out climbing, and as he pulls out of his drive way No Eul stops him. She gets in the car and she starting going on about how he should do the documentary. he tells her that she has 3 seonds to get out of the car, and when she doesnèt he drives off driving like a mad man. At a red light he asks if she wants to get out and she shackes her head, grabing on to the handle once more. Eventually he pulls over and lets her throw up on the side of the road. He hands her money for some medicine and he leaves her. She lies back in the median and looks sadly at the money.

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Joon Young is driving away when he hears the report about an accident of a truck sliding and hitting a 20 years-old woman who was passing by. It happened to be very near to where he had left No Eul. He remembers seeing the ambulance and turns around to find No Eul. He’s driving when he gets a call from Lawyer Pyo telling him that he thinks he’s found the woman, and he tells him that he has as well.

From the car he watches No Eul walk back to town, stumbling along the way, not dressed for snow. He pulls the car over to the side of the road and runs to her. She asks if he’s changed his mind, since he turned around he must have. She tells him that he should do the documentary to break free of the asshole image he gave himself. He asks if she knows who he is, and when she tries to side step the question, he asks again. She confirms that she does, in fact, know who he is and she tops it off with a nice son of a bitch at the end.

OMG! I love this show and I’m so excited that it started.

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