Uncontrollably Fond Episode 2 Recap



We see a much younger No Eul (Bae Suzy) helping people and being very kind. She gets reprimanded by her father for being so nice since they are in so much debt. While they’re talking, one of her friends comes to tell her of trouble. She leaves leaving her Father to yell after her.

We later see Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) reading a notice to say that he has been suspended for 10 days due to violence. Young Ok (Jin Kyung) , his mother, comes and tells them the truth, however, the girl was paid to tell people that the bullies never harassed her. She then tries to beg for them not to suspend him to no avail.

Joon Young confront the 3 bouts who used their parents’ influence to get out of trouble. They ask if he hasn’t learnt his lesson about leaving the elite alone. He mentions that he’s surprised that since scum like him stepped in the way of the great being great and he’s only been handed a measly suspension. He offers to destroy one of them and finish off with an expulsion.

Joon Young is being chastised by a police officer to come to his senses. He asks what will change if he comes to his senses and asks if the other boys would be punished regardless of their parents’ influence. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) starts yelling at the police officer and asks if Joon Young is the neighbourhood punching bag. He promises to call his father. and then Joon Young explodes reminding him that his father is dead.

They’re at home and Jung Sik gets him food. Ther little TV in the corner is playing a press conference where Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) is going on about a police raid. Jung Sik notices Joon Young’s attention focused on the tv and asks what he would do if that prosecutor was his father.  He admits that he would kill him for throwing his mother and him away. Jung Sik complains that hs mother kept him hidden and he doesn’t even know he was born. Joon Young gets up to leave but Jung Sik stops him, telling him that if his mother found out he talked to him about him that Young Ok’s temper would burn the house down.

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Joon Young walks home while thinking about everything that Jung Sik just told him about his mother’s past, and about his father. Jung Sik asks him to never tell his mother that he knows. He arrives home and sees his mother sitting outside waiting for him. Jung Sik’s last words, about how his mother was forced into her place replayed in his mind before calling out to her. She yells at him, asking why he’s back if he caused trouble. He gets her to go inside, and when she tells him that there is no food for him, he follows her in. He watches his mother eat while still thinking about Jung Sik’s explanation. He tells her to stop hiring a tutor for him. She explodes at him and tells him to do what he wants.

After that day, Joon Young put his nose to the grindstone and actually started studying. His reputation changed and all of the girls started to be interested in him. One day at the library No Eul goes to see him. She tells him that since he dumped her Na Ri hasn’t been eating or sleeping only crying. She tries to convince him that he should get back with her but he simply thinks that she has a few screws loose since it has nothing to do with him and tells her so.

No Eul goes to see Na Ri in the hospital and tries to get her so eat. She reminds her that she has plenty of suitors and shouldn’t be hung up on him. She tells him that she doesn’t care how many guys are interested in her, she only cares about Joon Young. She adds on the end that No Eul is lucky that Joon Young isn’t her type so she’s immune to his charms.

She’s walking home when she notices the salon that she got her hair done in preparation to tell a boy that she likes him. While walking to Na Ri’s house she notices her and Joon Young are outside her house hugging. Her confession killed before she could even make it. She’s  walking home when she calls her father and asks him to buy her alcohol, and he tells her she’s crazy. She confirms that they’re related if he can tell how crazy she is.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 11.45.11.png

She calls Na Ri and asks if she slept. She tells her that she’s going to be having a date with her father. While she has her back turned her father gets ran over by a car. No Eul is rooted to her place when the driver steps out of the car to check on him. When the female driver notices how bad it is she gets back into her car and drives aways. Though No Eul turns after the car she can’t catch up. (Duh.)

Hyung Joon gets a call from an assemblyman telling him that his daughter might have caused some trouble and will need his help.

The library is closing up for the night and Joon Young is told so by the staff. While he’s packing up he has a picture of his father that he looks at briefly before putting it away.

No Eul is sitting in a hospital room with her father, whoès in critical condition. She gets a phone call from the police and tells her that the person who hit her father confessed. She comes to find a young man confessing and she gets really mad because she told them who had hit her father and it wasn’t that man. She gives them the information all over again.

Hyun Joon is taking a call when he’s getting out of the subway. He tells the person that he had taken the subway because there was so much traffic and he should be there in 10 mins. He notices the rain and tries to decide what to do. As he steps out of the protection of the opening he is surprised to not feel the rain. Joon Young was holding an umbrella and Hyun Joon was surprised that he knew who he was. While Joon Young walks him they talk about Joon Young’s dream about wanting to be a prosecutor. Hyun Joon talks about his experience as a father and tells him that he’s happy that Joon Young has a dream since many young people don’t have dreams. When the rain stops they part ways and Hyun Joon tells him that he really hopes that he can see him as a colleague in the future.

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No Eul is in a parking lot and throws a rock at the car and just stands there for the security to come get her.Hyun Joon comes in and is told that No Eul was the one who hit his car. He asks if his car had wronged her and she admits to having d come 20 times and asked to see him, but he was either busy or out so she figured she had to do something drastic. Hyun Joon tells everyone to leave the room. She tells him that he can’t leave her father’s case the way it is. She tells him everything that she knows, and she knows it was his doing. He tells her that he’s letting her off the hook do  to her reminding her of his daughter. No Eul leaves

No Eul leaves and notices Joon Young in such a good mood. They have a minor verbal altercation, mainly surrounding how she believes the world is going down the drain because of people like him what to be prosecutors. She tears into him about his grades which Hyun Joon overhears. After she leaves Hyun Joon gives him a book, and Joon Young promises to bring him a passing test grade before he accepts his autograph.

No Eul gets on the bus to head back home when seconds later Joon Young gets on. Joon Young asks the girl next to her to move so he can sit down. When she tries to move he stops her. He tells her that she should try and seduce him to stop him from studying. He reminds her that it’s very easy to stop studying for someone that you’re in love with, but equally as easy to drop the person that you have no feelings for.

No Eul tries day after day to find witnesses for the hit and run of her father. One day she asks a friend if her family is still looking for a part-time worker, and if they were she’d do it. She admits that she needs to make some money when they notice Joon Young at the gates. Her friend automatically assumes he’s there to make up with Na Ri thought No Eul tells her to stop being nosey. No Eul walks right past him but he grabs her arm and forces her to look at him. He tells her he cut class for their 100th day anniversary and she’s just ignoring him. He says he loves her in front of everyone which leaves her speechless. With out her permission he just tells everyone that they’re in a relationship.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 12.49.30

Joon Young goes home revelling in what he just did to No Eul, and Jung Sik tells him that he think he’s gone crazy because he’s studying so hard.

No Eul goes to  see her father with her brother, and she complains about Joon Young. When her brother uses respectful speech she tells him that he doesn’t deserve it because he’s an asshole. While No Eul and her brother are having their back and forth, their father flat lines.

Joon Young overhears a conversation between two classmates in the washroom about No Eul’s father passing away. He finds out that No Eul and her brother ran away due to the loan sharks. He goes to the funeral home to find a crowd of people pooling together to defend their honours and disgrace the loan sharks. When he quiets down, Joon Young pays his respect to her father.

Hyun Joon meets with the assemblyman and tells him how the case has progressed. He asks how Jung Eun is doing, and he admits to sending her travelling to calm her nerves.

Joon Soo stares at the hit and run poster, and tries to call No Eul but it won’t connect. The seasons pass and there is still no sign of No Eul.

Jung Sik, Young Ok, Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) and Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) are getting ready to serve the teachers some food. Jung Sik complains that Kook Young is lazy and forces him to work. She tells the principle that it’s thanks to the teachers the Joon Young’s grades improved so much so she’s really thankful.

Joon Young goes to replace the poster that No Eul put up. He tries calling the phone number and it connects but to another person. He scribbles out her numbers and is about to add his but he wonders why he even cares about her. He crumples up the papers and is walking away when he gets a phone call from No Eul thanking him for carrying her father’s picture at his funeral.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 13.17.24.png

We;re back to the present with them standing across from each other. He screams at her asking if she knows who he is. and she tells him that she does. She asks that if she had told him that she knew him if it would make him shoot the documentary. Though she admits that had she said she knew him, he would probably be an asshole to her like years ago. She walks away and faints, and while he’s running to her, he is certain that she’s not his No Eul.

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