Space Patrol Luluco




This anime is a short anime, each episode has a run time of 7.5 minutes. It follows a girl, Luluco, who just strives to be a normal girl even though she leaves in a town that is filled with aliens. She gets roped into working for the space patrol after her father got frozen after he took a pill, so she must work to save money to unfreeze him.

The anime style is very choppy except for in the transformation scenes. The colours are very bright and which contrasts nicely with the story, which has an alien get killed in the second episode.

I will definitely be watching more of this anime.


This short anime, has 12 episodes with a run time of 7.5 minutes a piece. It’s a stand alone anime, with no source material. I am a huge fan of original animes and this is one of the good ones.

It follows Luluco through the trials and tribulations of being a space patroller while still attending middle school. Though she strives for a normal life it’s not something that is attainable for her as she lives in a town, called Ogikubo, where aliens and humans live together. She must not only protect the city from threats but also navigate her first love. Nova, her crush, is actually allowing her to be a somewhat normal girl.

The show is fast paced and loveable. it’s of the wall, funny and once you get used to the animation really not bad. It’s a quick show to watch and would suggest it to anyone who wants to enjoy themselves.



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