Lucky Romance Episode 14 Recap



Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) replays the shaman’s warning that once he has nothing that she’ll take what’s left. Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) asks where she was and she admits that she met with his mother and she’s worried. He tells her that he started Zeze from a small room and he can start something again. He admits that he only realised that he hasn’t taken a vacation day in 7 years and wants a day to play.

While they’re watching the jungle book, Bo Nui looks over to him and starts to cry. He grabs her hand and holds it to his chest. Afterwards, he asks if she was crying about the movie and not about him. She tells him that she knows that he’ll call them foolish words, but asks what they’ll do if it was her fault. Soo Ho asks if she physically did anything wrong, and when she says no, he tells her that she’s done nothing wrong and it’s not her fault.  They go out to eat Italian and have a good time together.

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When Bo Nui gets home, she paces and tries to convince herself that it’s not her fault, and everything is a coincidence. Soo Ho’s reminder that nothing is her fault replays followed by the Shaman’s warning.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) meet up, and Dal Nim tells her everything. Seol Hee wonders if Soo Ho really needs to go that far. Dal Nim admits that she’s worried about Bo Nui since Soo Ho went from prince charming to a frog in one day she’s certain Bo Nui’s blaming herself.

Seol Hee and Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) meet up and he’s furious about the lawsuit. She tells him that all that the company sees is the numbers. He asks why she’s on the company’s side, and she tells him that if she goes up against the company there will be blood. He threatens to quit and she tells him that since Soo Ho stepped down, it’s a demonstration that Zeze is taking responsibility and the media will soften. She said it quickly so he asked to clarify who stepped down. When she confirms that it’s Soo Ho who did he begins to worry.

Soo Ho finishes giving everything over to Ryang Ha (Jung Song Hoon). When he hands him the car key, he’s told that the shareholders said he could keep the car. He gets a call part way through and finds it annoying that the shareholders keep calling about the stock prices falling. Soo Ho reminds Ryang Ha to make sure no one can find out about what he’s doing.

Everyone is working on tracking down the virus when Bo Nui goes downstairs to buy food for everyone. Soo Ho calls her and tells her that he wants to see her. He notices her standing outside the door  he moves to see her but she lies to him. This confuses him but he can’t think long about it before Ryang Ha returns.

They pack up his house, and Ryang Ha starts crying and apologises for not being able to protect him. Soo Ho tells him that he better not let anyone take away his place as the major shareholder, and to protect their employees. Ryang Ha tries to get him to stay with him, but he tells him that he’s not staying with him, however, he refuses to tell him where he’s staying.

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Soo Ho goes to Bo Nui’s house and barges in. She asks what he’s doing there and he admits that he sold his house and has nowhere to go. She inquires to why he doesn’t stay with Ryang ha and he tells her that his house is a complete mess and not fit  for human life. She kicks him out and he mentions it wouldn’t be the first time. She looks like she’s about to give in but she says she’ll sleep at a sauna and he backs up. They say good night and Soo Ho is pleading with Bo Nui when Gun Wook shows up.

Gun Wook takes Soo Ho out to eat. Soo Ho asks about his father. He admits that not matter how hard he tries he can’t convince him to come to Canada with him. Soo Ho tells him since he has a lot of time he can visit him often. Gun Wook asks why he stepped down from being CEO and asks if there wasn’t another way for the situation to be resolved if he stayed. He admits that he stepped down because IF is important to Gun Wook and Bo Nui and he wasn’t going to give it up. Gun Wook admits that he hates him because he’s a really good person. He offers to let him stay since Bo Nui kicked him out.

He ends up going on to the roof of her place, before calling her. They have a quick conversation where he mentions that the stars aren’t visible that evening. She comes up to check on him s and eventually invites him in. She haggles to let him stay for 7 days. He teases her and gets her to wear his PJs. She calls her an angle and very cute. She forces him to sleep on the couch much to his disappointment.

The evening Bo Nui is sitting up thinking about the Shaman’s warning again. She hears So Ho ask if she’s asleep. He whispers how she must be asleep. He thanks her for letting him stay and wishes her sweet dreams.

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Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min) dreams about Soo Ho running towards Bo Nui with a bouquet of flowers. However, one of them gets hit by a car. Bo Ra wakes up calling for her sister.

The next morning Bo Nui wakes up and looks into the living room to find Soo Ho missing. She hears him come out of the bathroom and smiles. He mentions that it’s nice seeing her in the morning and asks if she wants coffee. When she leaves, he follows and asks if he should bring her to work. She tells him to go in a be lazy. He tells her he forgot something, he runs into the apartment and runs out to kiss her. Once she’s gone, he calls someone and plans to meet them.

The staff at Zeze are all worried that even if they re-do the game no one will look at it. They ask how Soo Ho is doing and she tells them good. They remind her that she can’t break up with him for having nothing. She gets a call from Soo Ho, telling her that he got everything done at home so she can work in comfort.

Ryang Ha arrives and we find Soo Ho at Lucky software where Bo Nui use to work. He tells Ryang Ha that he’s going to figure out the ransomware. Ryang He thought it was impossible, and he admits that thought it was impossible  in 2 days he’s going to make it work. He had called Young Il (Jung In Gi) to come help him. They are working together when Ryang Ha comes back with some snacks. He mentions how compatible they are, and when Soo Ho tuts him he reminds him that the are many ways to be compatible

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Ryang Ha asks if he’s happy living with Bo Nui. He admits that he is, but more than anything he feels like he has to be there. He tells him that he needs to show her that everything is ok even if they’re together. He explains how Bo Nthinksgks everything is her fault. Suddenly it makes sense why he hid the information about Dae Tae from everyone.

Dal Nim asks Bo Nui what love is. Bo Nui gives her a detailed explanation of how precious it is. Dal Nim tells her to never loose Soo Ho, and she agrees. Dal Nim just then realises that she’s in love with Ryang Ha, even if he is greasy.

She runs downstairs and stops right in front of Ryang Ha. He asks her if she’s eaten, and she mentions that he’s greasy before running away. he then proceeds to chastise himself for what he said.

Soo Ho goes to pick up Bo Nui from work and when they’re on the bus he makes her promise to stay by his side. We get to watch them through the evening living a normal life, with her voice-over saying that she loves him so much that she wants to believe in his words, and believe that everything will be ok.

Yoon Bal comes in telling everyone that the culprit was Park Ha Sang. everyone wonders how he got in while Dal Nim explains to Bo Nui who Ha Sang is. Suddenly there is a software to remove the ransomware and it actually works and the game plays.

Soo Ho leans back and takes a breath, it’s finished. Young Il congratulates him on his hard work. His mother comes in and Young Il admits to having told her about it. He leaves them so that they can talk.

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His mother sits him down and hands him the bank book with all of the money that he’s given her. She’s never spent a single Won, telling him that she had planned to give it to him at his wedding. She hands him that documents about his father selling the fishing spot. He tells her that he doesn’t need it. She pulls out a bag and gives it to Soo Ho to give to Bo Nui. She mentions that she added a tiger for her. She remembers that he’s a tiger and it suddenly makes sense why they look good together. She jokes about them getting married.

Seol Hee comes to say goodbye to everyone in Zeze and tells them that she’s no longer with IM.Dal Nim asks if she was fired and she admits that she was.

Seol Hee pulls Bo Nui aside and she apologises for being mean to her. She tells her that she went to see Soo Ho for her father but he refused to leave. She tells her that the happiness that Soo Ho is feeling is the happiness that she’s given to him. She tells her that they both have to be happy. Bo Nui says that she envies her because she’s so cool, and Seol Hee finds it funny that the person that she envies, envies her.

Bo Nui is at home when she gets a phone call from the hospital telling her that Bo Ra is speaking. She leaves to see Bo Ra but when she’s outside he pauses to call Soo Ho but she decides against it.

She arrives to see her sister and though she’s nervous. She goes in and her sister looks at her and says Unni (Sister). It looks like she’s trying really hard to say something else but she can’t find the words. Bo Nui thanks her for her hard work and tells her to get better so the can live together again.

Soo Ho comes in and notices Bo Nui’s salt bags on the kerb. He comes into the apartment to find that the shrine is gone. He turns and tells her that he’s proud of her. She tells him that Bo Ra is awake he offers to take her to see her in the morning but she tells him that she’s already seen her. He’s so happy and when he asks him to tell her that everything will be ok and he complies.

She reminds him that it’s the end of the 1st week the following week, and Soo Ho asks if she’s really going to kick him out. She asks how long they can live the way they are. He tells her fine but he grabs some bag and tells her that they should go on a date. He pulls out a dress (the same dress from the dream) and tells her to come pretty. He reminds her that he like the word yes and she should just agree.

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That night Bo Nui has trouble sleeping so she gets out of her room and crawls next to Soo Ho on the couch. He wakes up briefly and pulls her to him before going back to sleep.

Bo Nui tells Dal Nim about the date, and she’s certain it’s a proposal. Bo Nui confirms that she did get clothes for a date, and admits that she doesn’t have to teach him anything for him to understand dating. She asks Dal Nim if she’s allowed to be happy and Dal Nim tells her that she has to be.

She leaves the company and gets a phone call from Dae Tae telling her to meet him. She overhears everything. She confirms the information asks him why he’s doing this to her. She just convinced herself that it’s not her doing but if he helped the culprit then she can’t believe that.

Soo Ho waits for Bo Nui and when she calls he asks her what’s going on. She tells him that she wants to see him badly. He grabs his flowers and goes to see her. He gets to the corner and he sees her. He calls to her and they wait for the crossing light. She convinces herself that everything is going to be ok. When the light turns green they run toward each other. Soo Ho notices the car going straight for Bo Nui and he runs  faster to push her out of the way leaving him to get hit. The Shaman’s words replayed in her head as she looks to Soo Ho. (*remians shocked for a while*)

The truth and dare scene is Bo Nui getting rid of the salt and beans, and telling them that she’s going to rely on Soo Ho from then on.

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