Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 17 Recap



We’re back to the scene when Yeom’s (Kim Byung Ok) cell phone rings in Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) and Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is around to hear it. Meanwhile, Gong Shim (Minah) is standing innocently beside Joon Soo. Gong Shim notices the staring contest between Dan Tae and Joon Soo but is quickly broken up by the rest of the employees. Gong Shim gets whisked away to a company lunch and Joon Soo and Dan Tae go to talk.

Dan Tae all but accuses him of attempting to kill his father. He asks about the cell phone and Joon Soo admits to not knowing about it. A very mad Dan Tae promises to discover every secret that Joon Soo is hiding before stalking away.

That evening Gong Shim brings Dan Tae chicken and apologises for earlier. He asks about the company  and she tells him all about it and how she really like it there. She mentions howJoon Soo is launching a company with them but, he wasn’t the reason she got hired. Dan Tae is not happy that she’ll be working with Joon Soo, however, he sends her downstairs so she can sleep before work starts the next day.

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Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) is working out, but her mind wanders to the conversations that she and Joon Soo had. She’s happy that he’s willing to have her in the company that he’s risking his name on. Joon Soo texts her, thanking her for accepting the offer. She responds on her watch, smiles and goes back to working out.

Gong Shim comes home and her parents bombard her with questions about the new company. She tells that she really likes it there, and everyone is so nice. Gong Mi comes out and is glad her sister like her new job. She turns to her slightly and informs her that she was really surprised that Joon Soo was working with her design company on the new company he was building. It sinks in that Gong Mi will be working with Gong Shim and she isn’t exactly thrilled though their parents are.

Gong Shim’s father (Woo Hyeon) receives a text message and mother believes that he’s acting odd. He tells her she’s crazy and offers to give her a face mask. He proceeds to put the customer face mask on and when she falls asleep he sneaks out.

Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) notices the text on her husband’s (Kim Il Woo) phone, but when she tries to read it she finds the phone locked. He comes in and fains anger at his wife snooping and claims that he’s going for a walk. She briefly wonders why he’s so touchy lately.

Mrs Gong (Oh Hyung Kyung) wakes up to find her husband missing, and Mrs Suk wonders where her husband has gone. They both track them down and meet up outside a club. They have a rather terse back and forth with neither being civil they go in. After searching they find their husbands on stage singing. The two woman drag their husbands out of the bar, however, they run back to each other in the middle of the street and act like a couple who’s being forced apart. Screenshot 2016-07-11 09.06.25.png

Dan Tae calls the arboretum to try and find the contact number for the employee. Though there was not any more information than he already had, he did find out that he shared a place with his father. He tracks him down and asks him questions about Joon Soo. the man is adamant that he quit for health reasons and for no other reason. He leaves to go inside, thought Dan Tae tries to stop him.

Dan Tae accuses Joon Soo of paying the man money to remain hidden. Yeom watches the exchange from the 2nd floor and expects everything is going as planned. (I’m expecting this to blow up in his face soon). Dan Tae notices him watching and becomes suspicious.

Joon Soo brings the phone to data retrieval company. He finds out that the phone has been reset and there is very little chance that there will be any information left on the phone to be recovered but they’ll try.

Joon Soo comes to see Gong Mi at her office to welcome her. He apologises about being distracted lately. She tells him she understands, and he gives her a laundry list of things to do. She notices him carrying a bag but doesn’t say anything as he doesn’t give it to him. Right as he leaves she gets a phone call to bring down some paperwork. She happens upon Joon Soo giving the bag to Gong Shim and watching her leave happily. She suddenly understands where his affections lie.

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Dan Tae meets with Grandmother Suk and informs her that there is no progress in both the case and his love life. She tells him to call the girl he likes right away and schedule a meeting with her. Dan Tae doesn’t first agree but they he spins a story about messing up the chairwoman’s schedule and her being really mad. He begs Gong Shim to keep her busy until he gets there. She believes it.

The Chairwoman arrives and Gong Shim comes up to meet her. She tries to make her happy but feels like she failed. She introduces herself and when the Chairwoman asks where Dan Tae is Gong Shim promises that he’ll be in soon. She invites her into Dan Tae’s room. She does everything to make her comfortable. She gets her a drink, makes her a meal and even gives her a massage. They talk about Dan Tae and the more Gong Shim talks about him the more the Chairwoman likes her. While she’s massaging her she falls asleep.

When Dan Tae arrives, Grandmother Suk tells him that she likes the girl. She was so terrified fo him being scolded she didn’t everything to appease her. Grandmother scolds him about eating food off the ground before leaving.

Gong Shim and Gong Mi go out to drink. Gong Mi makes up a rumour about Gong Shim being hired through a favour. Though Gong Shim assures her that that’s not the case, Gong Mi warns her that people don’t think like that. She warns her to not be so close to Joon Soo at work to make sure no one thinks their relationship is odd.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 10.22.18.png

Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae and notices that the Chairwoman had left. He thanks her for making the Chairwoman forgive him. She tells him that if he messes up again to let her know because she earned some points. He asks what she did to make her fall asleep, and Gong Shim admitted that she massaged her. She offers to give him on but finds out that he’s very ticklish. When she tickles him some more they tumble onto of each other causing them to become awkward. She heads downstairs and he does some pushups to try and calm down.

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Joon Soo goes to see Yeom and he asks if he has anything to do with the Arboretum employee’s disappearance. He assures him he’s not, and Joon Soo inadvertently gives his uncle more information about the open case. He leaves and when he pulls out Dan Tae marks down the plate number.

Dan Tae goes to the hospital and gets the time that Joon Soo was parked for and then pulls up that video camera time and gets a picture of Joon Soo that day. (My question… He didn’t notice Yeom?)

Joon Soo calls the unknown number and it happens to be Ji Yeon’s. She starts screaming about him trying to kill her brother-in-law again. Dan Tae takes the phone and calls him by name and asks if he was going to try and kill his father again. Joon Soo hangs up suddenly understanding that this uncle tried to kill Dan Tae’s father.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncles and inquires to why he tries to kill Dan Tae’s father. yeom informs him that the conversation is best suited for an office, and they go to his office. Joon Soo admits that he will never be able to forgive him and tells him that he will admit everything to Dan Tae. Yeom tells him to just listen to something before revealing all their secrets. He calls Mrs Suk and asks her about Dan Tae’s father. She remembers and confirms that he’s taken care of him to make sure he’ll never wake up. The realisation that his mother is in way over her head settles around him. Yeom places all the blame on his mother and that the abduction of Joon Pyo was his mother’s doing. He tells him that if he wants his mother to pay for her sins than to confess everything to Dan Tae.

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Dan Tae goes to Joon Soo’s office to find him missing. He tries calling him but it’s redirected straight to voice mail.

Joon Soo is leaving his house and his mother is asking about his destination. He doesn’t say anything, just looks sadly at his mother. She tells him that when business is slow it’s good to take a moment and regroup. He tells her that his phone will be off and she understands. She tells him to take the time he needs and to come back safe before he leaves.

Dan Tae and Gong Shim are walking on the road. He asks if she can stop working for Joon Soo. She asks why and when he doesn’t answer her mind jumps to jealousy. She tells him that he knows that she really likes the work that she’s doing for the company. She tells him that he’s not thinking about her and only his feelings. She walks away from him leaving him to watch her with sad eyes.

They meet back up on the roof later, and Dan Tae comes up behind her. She turns when he calls her name. She asks if he’s dumb. She admits that due she’s dumb she can’t multitask and can not be going out with 2 men at once. She promises that no man will come between them. She promises and Dan Tae pulls her into a hug. After pulling away, he steals a kiss before dragging her into a full blow kiss. They parted both smiling before he steals a quick peck from her again.

The next day Dan Tae meets wth Yeom in the foyer. He stops Dan Tae and asks where he’s going. He admits that he needs to go to the hospital. Yeom mentions that it must be lonely for Dan Tae now that Joon Soo isn’t with the company. Dan Tae tells him that it doesn’t bother him.Yeom mentions that it must be difficult to take care of someone in intensive care, and assures him that if he needs anything to come see him. But Dan Tae didn’t tell him that his father was in intensive care, and he noticed.

He goes back to the hospital and finds him in the footage, suddenly all the data points make sense with Director Yeom being the attempted murderer and meeting with his father at the arboretum.

Dan Tae returns to the office to find out that Director Yeom was in the same army regiment as his father.

Dan Tae looks up his father’s old army buddy and inquired about Yeom. The old friend confirms that Yeom and his father were really close, almost like brothers. He goes into the back and returns with a picture of 4 men.

While Dan Tae drives back to the office, he thinks over all of the pieces of information that he knows about the case. He storms into Director Yeom’s office and pulls up his sleeve to reveal the butterfly tattoo. We close the episode with Dan Tae accusing Yeom of the culprit.

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