Beyond the Veil (The Veil #1)




This urban fantasy isn’t what I would say is completely original but I like the spin that DaCosta gives it. We follow Muse, a.k.a Charlie Henderson, as her normal life of living as a half demon among humans, blows up in her face. She must decide between helping her assassin or returning to a prince of hell, while also embracing the demon in her core.


This is another urban fantasy series, but this time, we deal with Demons. Charlie Henderson, whose real name is Muse. She is a half demon who’s been passed between owners since her birth. In the demon society, half-breeds are normally killed at birth. Muse is one of the lucky few who got sold into the ownership of another demon. After being tortured, she manages to kill her owner thanks to the one man she can never turn to. With an assassin on her tail, she has to decide whether to face Mamon head on or deal with the assassin herself.

Though this book isn’t stand alone, it’s a good book. You need to continue and read more than just the one book to get the complete story. The concept isn’t new, but I enjoyed DaCosta’s take on it. I also like how she depicted Mamon in this story.

I would say it’s worth the read unless you don’t like books that don’t have a clear-cut ending. It’s interesting and I will probably read more in her future.


Devil May Cry (The Veil #2)


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