Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 18 Recap



Dan Tae (Namgung Min) storms into Yeom’s (Kim Byung Ok) office and accuses him of kidnapping Joon Pyo as well as assaulting his father. Yeom tells him he shouldn’t accuse him without evidence. Dan Tae picks up his arm and tells him that his mother wasn’t talking about the bow tie but rather his tattoo. He also brings up the fact that he didn’t tell him his father was in intensive care and he happened to visit him at the same time that he was attacked in the hospital.

Dan Tae goes back to visit his father’s roommate again and asks about Yeom. The man keeps his mouth shut, and tells Dan Tae that he has told him everything. Even when Dan Tae begs, he won’t tell him anything.

Yeom and  Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) meet and Yeom asks for more money. He tells her that he’s already appeased Soo Young with his own money and has promised if they give him more he’ll leave the country and never come back. Yeom asks where Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) when and Mrs Suk admits that she doesn’t know.

We see Joon Soo at the hotel and get calls someone.

Joon Soo calls Yeom to meet him. He tells him that he has decided to work with him to cover up what happened. He wants to get make sure that Da Tae doesn’t know. Yeom tells him that Dan Tae came to him telling him a nonsense before leaving. He knows that he didn’t have any proof but he feels like it’s dangerous. He tells Joon Soo that they’re going to have to get him out of the company, and away from the family so he can’t stick his nose into their business.  (Please tell me he’s working with Dan Tae.)

Dan Tae is looking through the box of all the items that he had with him when he was brought to the Ahn family when he gets an idea.

Dan Tae goes to Yeom’s desk drawer and gets his toothbrush. Yeom arrives and asks if he was trying to steal his toothbrush. Dan Tae walks up to him and tells him that he will be borrowing his toothbrush. He admits that he has an item in his possession that will prove that he was the one who took Joon Pyo. He tells him that his DNA is on the clothes. He offers for him to take the toothbrush away and when he doesn’t he advises him that he trusts that he’s innocent before leaving with the toothbrush. Yeom can’t believe that Joon Pyo’s clothing are in Dan Tae’s possession.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.09.46.png

Joon Soo gets a phone call from Yeom telling him that Dan Tae has Joon Pyo’s clothes and tells him to go get them.

Joon Soo goes to see Gong Shim (Minah) and asks her if she knows Dan Tae’s door code. He admits that he left something at his house the last time he was over and he needs it urgently but Dan Tae isn’t answering. Gong Shim tells him it and he thanks her.

Joon Soo goes to Dan Tae’s apartment, proceeds to make a HUGE mess while looking for the clothes. Finally, he finds it. He’s leaving when Dan Tae arrived. He gets stopped by Goo Nam which reminds him that he should have the emperor meal. This gives Joon Soo a chance to escape.

Dan Tae sits down to eat when Gong Shim calls to invite him out to eat. He asks Goo  Nam to hold it for him, but he says he’ll eat it.

Joon Soo brings the clothes to Yeom to incinerate them. Joon Soo brings only the clothes out of the entire box. He confirms that that’s it and Yeom throws them into the fire saying it’s all for his mother benefit.

Gong Shim and Dan Tae are out eating when she asks what he likes about her. Suddenly an old colleague shows up. Attorney So believes that Gong Shim is a student and starts flirting with Dan Tae. When she asks if he has a girlfriend, and then offers to go out for a drink with him, Dan Tae introduces her to Gong Shim as his girlfriend. Gong Shim plays along and offers he to join them for wine at home. This has the other lawyer leaving as quickly as she showed up.

Gong Shim is walking home with Dan Tae when she mentions that she thought men preferred the girls who are more fashionable. He assures her that he likes girls who are cute, like her. He turns the question on him and while she’s pausing her father shows up. She pushes Dan Tae to the ground. They speak briefly with him before he rides away on his bike. They go back to their conversation and when her father turns back around he admits that he say everything and Gong Shim is embarrassed.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.54.58.png

They arrive at Dan Tae’s apartment to find it ransacked. Gong Shim automatically assumes he’s been robbed. Dan Tae heads straight to the bag to find the box missing. She asks if they should call the police and he tells her not too. She starts cleaning up but Dan Tae tells her to stop. She mentions that Joon Soo had come earlier and he must have forgotten to close the door properly. He seems a little shock, but she confirms that Joon Soo told him. Dan Tae pulls her into a hug and tells her that if something worst happens to not be surprised. Gong Shim asks if there is something more going on and he tells her not to worry.

The next day Dan Tae is leaving and he walks right past Yeom and his goon. Yeom tells the man to make sure that Dan Tae gets plenty of rest in a hospital for several months.

Dan Tae is on the phone when the Goon tried to hit him. Joon Soo hits him hard with a fire extinguisher. He asks Dan Tae if he’s hurt, and when Dan Tae asks what happens he admits he thinks it’s his uncle’s doing. We get to see his meeting with Dan Tae telling him that he wants to work with him so that he can get his uncle to pay for his crime. He admits that he wanted everything to go away, but after he found out that his uncle tried to kill his father he couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore.

Dan Tae meets with Joon Soo at his office and Dan Tae complains that he really made a mess of his room. Joon Soo admits that he didn’t know if his uncle would follow. He shows Dan Tae the recording of his conversation with his uncle. While Dan Tae is listening he notices Yeom coming and he throws the phone and goes into attack mode. He accuses him of going into his house right when Yeom comes in. After some yelling and death threats, Dan Tae leaves. Joon Soo asks what he’s doing there and Yeom tells him he wanted to see his office.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.36.41.png

Dan Tae pops downstairs to see Gong Shim work, and he hears her get complimented. He tells her that it’s nice to hear. He offers to take her out for coffee but she tells him she’s busy. He understands, he tells her to make a lot and of money and regretfully lets her hand go.

Dan Tae goes back to see the worker who then calls Yeom. He asks if he actually did hurt Soo Young and if he did he doesn’t need his money. He tells him that he will meet with Dan Tae and tell him everything.

Dan Tae gets a call from Ji Yeon and runs to the hospital. They are told that his father was convulsing all through the night and his breathing is unstable. The doctor warns them to prepare for the worst.

Ji Yeon comes to Dan Tae’s room while Gong Shim is on the roof. She tells Gong Shim that she’s brought side dishes for him. After letting herself in, Gong Shim runs downstairs and brings her back some misu. She tells her to take her time and she’ll be back for the glass later.

Dan Tae goes to met with grandmother and she asks about his father. He tries to lie but she sees right through it. He admits that the doctors told him to expect the worst. She tells him to bring him to see him while he’s still alive. He tells her that he’s unconscienced and she calls him Joon Pyo and tells him to bring her to him once again.

Gong Shim comes back to see the ICU pass of Ji Yeon fallen. She wonders about it.

Grandmother  sees Soo Young and her heart breaks for Dan Tae. She thanks him for raising Joon Pyo so well and is grateful to him. She tells him that he has to live so they can greet each other happily. Gong Shim overhears everything. Dan Tae tells her he’ll explain but Gong Shim hides behind wanting to give the pass back to Ji Yeon. Though she won’t listen to Dan Tae, Grandmother asks her to step out for a talk.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.53.50.png

Grandmother tells her everything and when she comes out to talk with Dan Tae she tells him she understands. She asks if Joon Soo knows about his identity and he tells her he doesn’t. She promises not to tell anyone. She asks if he’s father is very sick, when he confirms that he is, she asks to pay are respects. Dan Tae soon bring her out off the room. However, Gong Shim asks him to go first because she needs some time to think.

Dan Tae is lying on his back at home when Gong Shim’s father comes to see him. He asks if he has time. When he confirms that he does, he invites him downstairs to talk. Gong Shim’s mother starts giving him the 3rd degree when Gong Shim comes in. She told to sit, but when she notices what question she’s asking Gong Shim pulls him away. Gong Mi comes in a few moments later and her parents tell her about Gong Shim’s relationship. They ask her opinion and she tells them they should congratulate them, (Really she’s just happy it’s not Joon Soo.

Gong Shim apologises for her parents’ embarrassing questions.  Dan Tae apologises for being who he is and having her embarrassed of him. He asks what she was thinking about while she was alone. She tells him that she understands why he had to keep it from her, but she wished he could have told her sooner. She tells him that she needs to sleep it off because it all still feels like a dream.

When Gong Shim is in her room she thinks over everything that has happened. She imagines Grandmother trying to pay her off  to break up with Dan Tae, but she chastises herself for watching too much TV. She tries to think about what will really happen but she can’t figure it out. The next morning, she’s a little colder towards Dan Tae than normal.

Joon Soo brings Gong Mi a coffee and inquiries about a contract. She admits that she’s still waiting on it and he’ll be when she does. She asks him if he knew that Dan Tae and Gong Shim were dating and from his expression she doesn’t think so. She admits that they do look good together.

Joon Soo meets with Dan Tae. Dan Tae notices something is up, but Joon Soo won’t open up. He assumes it’s about what they’re doing. Joon Soo mentions that everything is going as planned. Dan Tae confirms that the item has already ben delivered.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 13.34.01.png

Dan Tae calls Yeom, who pick up flustered. He tells him that he won’t fall for the same trick. Dan Tae assures him that the clothes that Joon Soo stole were the fakes and the real clothes are being tested for DNA.

When he hangs up Joon Soo asks if he was taken back and Dan Tae assures him that he was. Just then his friend and friend’s uncle come in Dan Tae introduces them. Joon Soo remarks that he uncle looks a lot like Soo Young.

They set up a hospital room at the Shin Han Seol hospital. Joon Soo calls his uncle to tell him about the move. He asks him what he should do now that he’s conscience. He tells him that a friend at the hospital told him about the move. Yeom tells him he’ll take care of it.

Yeom goes to the hospital and finds his room. As Dan Tae and Joon Soo watch, he wraps his hand around the air hose and the episode ends.

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