Crunchyroll Summer 2016 Anime Lineup Part 2




Let’s start with an odd short anime this time around. Bananya is a pseudo-documentary about kittens who live in bananas. They are playful and cute and love to play. I really just want a Bananya plushie though because the animation is adorable. The drawing style reminds me a lot of the Blue’s Clues animation style. If you like cute fluffy anime, this is for you.


Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Ok… fanservice and ecchi don’t even come close to describing this anime. Ero or light hentai is much better.It masquerades as a slice of life harem anime. Each person has a heart hybrid suit, however to power them up they must climax and that’s Kizuna job. He helps them climax to recharge their suits. Take out the mild porn and it’s just another version of kill a kill with a bit more story that I can enjoy.



This is a short anime, that is very bright and fast pace. It follows Scarlet, a transfer student at Oz academy. This gives me the same feel as Bonjour! in the way that it’s a shy, unimpressive student, in this case, a boy, who has to get by with their off the wall teachers. There are only 4 minutes out, but it seems like a fun upbeat anime so far and I’m looking forward to watching more.


Sweetness and Lightning

This anime, similar to orange, is an anime based off of a manga I adore. It follows a father who lost his wife 6 months prior to the anime’s starts. He now must raise a young girl all by himself, while not only being a teacher, he can’t cook. The story bring him together with one of this students as they learn how to cook together. It’s such a good manga that I really hope that they stay true to it.

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