Uncontrollably Fond Episode 3 Recap



No Eul (Bae Suzy) collapses on the side of the Road. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) runs up to her. He crouches next to her and shelters her from the elements.

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No Eul wakes up in the hospital, to find Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) next to her bed. She asks why she’s there and Kook Young could ask her the same thing. He admits that he got a call from Joon Young telling him to come tot the hospital or else.

Namgoog (Park Soo Young) arrives at a club carrying flowers for Yo Na. She tells him that if Joon Young wants to wish her a happy birthday he can come himself. Just then he comes in and apologises for being late. Yo Na tells him that if he’s sorry he’ll sing her happy birthday as a gift. He sits dow to sing, but while he’s singing this romantic brithday song to her he can only think of No Eul. He suddenly stops and leaves. Yo Na follows him out and asks why he stopped. He promises to buy her dinner. She suddenly wants to be alone with him, but he tells her that she’s his label mate and only came to try and forget about a certain girl but failed.

As No Eul is leaving the hospital, Kook Young hands her 950,000 won to not say anything bad about Joon Young. She starts counting right there and asks if he took 50,000 won fo himself, but he assures her he hadn’t. He drives her home and asks her if she knew what a blue blood was, and he tells her that she doesn’t since it’s her nickname. He tells her that she must be very brave to live the way she does.

Kook Young arrives at her apartment and sees the loan shark taking her things. She starts yelling at them, and hands them the money from her pocket. They tell her that they also took the security deposit from the apartment. That throws her over the edge and she explodes at them. They tell her that next time they’ll come with the contract she signed and she dares them to kill her. They finally notice Kook Young and he tells them he only just met No Eul today and leaves.

Joon Young is sitting waiting for his mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung). When she arrives she walks past and he grabs the hem of her coat. She tells him that her son died 5 years prior and then calls Kook Young to take him away. She goes into his room and picks up a book that she wrote telling him he could pass the bar.

Kook Young chastises him for going to see hs mother and he admits that he thought it might distract him if he went to see her. Jung Young tells him that he’s going to sleep and he should drive quietly.  Kook Young tells him about what he saw when he was at No Eul’s place. Joon Young just keeps raising the volume. He tells him about the loan sharks and that he’s worried that she might try and kill herself. Joon Young gets pissed and kicks Kook Young out of his own car.

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Joon Young starts driving and plans a night out drinking when Kook Young’s words sink in. He drives the bridge many times and when he sees someone who looks like No Eul he yells at her but it’s not her. He drives again and he passes right by her.

He tries to stop crying and calls her brother to make sure he’s eating. He says he’s eating meat and she doesn’t believe him. She video calls him and Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) picks up for him. She tells him to make sure he buys No Jik (Lee Seo Won) plenty of meat. No Jik chastises her to have some shame and hangs up on her.

Ji Tae asks why he’s like this, and he tells him that it may be hard to believe but his sister wasn’t like this before. She had pride and was cool Ji Tae tells Jik that his sister was still plenty cool and pretty. He admits that he likes No Eul as a woman and No Jik calls him brother-in-law before promising to eat more meat.

No Eul climbs up higher on the barrier between her and the water. Joon Young then grabs her and spins her around.

We’re back in the past when Joon Young did the same thing. He asks her what crime she committed to has her so nervous. He sees her defacing Hyun Joon’s poster. She tries to run while he’s reading but she falls. Instead of chastising her, he invites her out to eat.

While they’re eating he asks her when did she come back to Seol since it’s been 4 years. She notices his law book and he tells her that he got into law school and passed the bar exam. He advises her that it’s her fault that she didn’t seduce him. She gets up, and when He asks where she’s going, she tells him the bathroom. She goes to leave and he throws a shoe at her. He takes her ID and when she tries to call the cops on him, he reminds her that she broke the law. When she asks what he wants from her, he tells her that he’ll pretend he didn’t see her commit a crime if she goes out with him.

To answer his query she walked herself to the police station. He thought that she was going to turn herself in. She reiterates that he only wants hr to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week to stop the other girls from following him.

Joon Young comes into a restaurant to see Na Ri (Kim Min Young) being hurt. He swoops in, calls her glamourous and says it’s a shame he let her go. After they were talking, while Na Ri was going her sit ups. He asks when No Eul had come back, though she didn’t answer she seems surprised that he met her. He admits that she was working part time for a candidate. She mentions that No Eul isn’t picky about part time jobs. When he inquires about college, Na Ri mentions that she can’t go to college since she has to support her brother. She tells him not to mess with her like he did in high school.

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No Eul walks home, kick a box and suddenly regrets it.

Joon Young is biking and he notices a rally for Hyung Joon. He stops shortly but then continues on. He has to swerve as to not hit Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) He dumps his bike and Ha Ro and Ji Tae ask if he’s ok. He assures them he’s fine before biking off. Ha Roo tells her brother that she wants to marry Joon Young.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) walks up to Ji Tae and has a little small talk. She asks Ji Tae when he’s going to propose since their parents are talking about their engagement. Ji Tae over heard the conversation 4 years prior about Jung Eun’s hit-and-run, as well as the threat that he father uttered towards his father. He remembers watching No Eul picket to get Hyun Joon to reveal the truth about her father’s accident.

No Eul and Jung Eun are pushing their candidate when No Eul notices something. She walks for to Jung Eun and removes an eyelash from her cheek She tells her that Hyun Joon is actually a bad guy when she gets a call from Joon Young.

She runs to his university where he’s having a conversation with a girl who just won’t take no for an answer. No Eul comes in and acts all sweet and then turns into a yankee. They go outside and Joon Young  uses No Eul’s lap for a pillow. After his 10 minutes, she starts drawing on his face. He wakes up and looks at her  but she starts laughing. Suddenly her laughing turns into tears.

Joon Young’s voice over tells us that he will do anything to keep No Eul next to him. He washes the whiskers off.

Joon Young walks home to find his mother sitting hidden in the kitchen. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him that her stomach hurts. He tells her that she should be at the hospital then. He tells her to get on his back when she refuses he yells at her.

Jung Sik pulls Jung Ji (Hwang Jung Min) outside and chastises her for bringing Hyun Joon there. She tells him that it’s time that Joon Young meets his father.

Joon Young comes back out with his mother on his back. Hyun Joon notices him, he tells him that his mother is sick. Hyun Joon offers his car, but he tells him it’s fine. While he’s walking them home, he tells his mother that he knows who Hyun Joon is and promises to make her proud. His mother breaks down crying on his back.

No Eul and Na Ri are at home and she shows Na Ri pictures of Hyun Joon leaves a host club. She tells Na Ri that she can’t do anything with it  after all she’s her father’s daughter.

Joon Young tries to call her but she’s ignoring his calls. So he pulls out her ID card to find her address.

No Eul calls Hyun Joon at introduces herself as the person from 5 years prior. He says he’s going to hang up and she starts rattling off date that he went to see Mistress Song at the hostess club. She tells him that she’ll stop what she’s going if he reveals the true person who ran over her father 5 yrs prior. He tells her that threats don’t work on him. Joon Young overhears the entire conversation. Once No Eul hangs up with Hyun Joon, she calls a broadcasting company.

When she was about to leave he steals a bike and grabs her bag. She chases after him but it leads her to be getting hit by a car.

We go to the hospital and No Jik and Na Ri are shocked. Jik begs Eul to live. All the while Joon Young is sitting on the ground still in shock. He picks his finger raw, telling God that he will give up the rest of his life so No Eul will live. He knows that seeing her again will be like being stabbed over again, but he’s will to do it for her to live.

He pulls her from the bridge and yells at her. He asks if it’s so easy for her to pick death.  He says they’ll shoot the documentary.

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