Galileo (Season 1)



I saw this on crunchyroll and had to take it for a spin. This is a japanese drama based off of a book series by Keigo Higashino that is sold under the same name. These novels also haven’t been translated into english. *adds it to a growing list of novels to read when I’ve learnt japanese.* The first season only contains 10 episodes, and at the time of writing this episode 4 is not available due to some licensing issues.

The series follows Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama), a university physics professor, who helps Kaori Utsumi (Kou Shibasaki), a rookie detective, solve crimes through physics. There are 10 episodes, each containing a different case, and each time the science is explained. There aren’t any wacky murders or impossible mysteries. They are all plausible just highly unlikely to actually be perpetrated. Manabu, is slightly anti-social and has some odd tendencies that can put people off. Kaori is there, not only as the detective, but also as the mediator between Manabu and everyone else.

This drama kinda reminds me if a cross of the American TV shows Bones and Numbers. However, there is less romance in this show then the above, and I kinda like it better. It’s interesting, and I managed to binge watch it with no problems. Overall it’s say it’s a good watch.

I have not watched Galileo 2 as of yet, so I will be writing another review at a later date.



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