Uncontrollably Fond Episode 4 Recap



We see Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) driving around. the Han bridge when he finally sees No Eul (Bae Suzy). She’s watching a couple who are standing right under the bridge. She notices that it’s a celebrity couple so she climbs up and tries to take a picture. Joon You pulls over, spins her around and tells her that they’ll shoot the documentary.

We’re back in the past, No Eul’s heart stopped but the doctors got it running again. The doctor tells Na Ri (Kim Min Young) and No Jik that the surgery went fine and she’s out of the woods. Joon Young cried in relief.

Joon Young proceeds to drop out of law school and when questioned he uses No Eul’s words that there will be no hope in the world if people like him become a prosecutor.

We jump to January 1st, 2016. Na Ri is putting on No Eul’s make up. No Eul asks if he’s trying to have her seduce Joon Young, Na Ri tells her that he’s not easily seduced. Na Ri tells her that he pride won’t let No Eul wear worn out clothes around him since’s he’s used to models.

Joon Young is getting ready and we get some lovely shots of him topless. (More stills on Dramafever) Joon Young is picking a shirt when Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) comes and tells him that No Eul has arrived and she’s wearing something funny. He goes to look at the CCTV screen to see a very pretty No Eul. Kook Young wants to invite her in but Joon Young sends him to get Pororo.

No Eul was waiting when Na Ri arrives with a new earring. They start to have a conversation and No Eul tells Na Ri that it doesn’t matter if her earring is real or fake because Joon Young was going to treat her the same anyways. She mentions his temper and Na Ri reminds her that Joon Young isn’t the only on with a temper. She mentions her faking a suicide to get the gig and she admits that she didn’t fake a suicide, but rather Joon Young miss read the situation. Joon Young overhears that and naturally gets pissed.

Na Ri leaves and No Eul rings the door bell but he doesn’t answer. She calls Kook Young and tells him that Joon Young isn’t answering the doorbell. He promises to look into it, but once he hands up he puts it up to his bad temper.

No Eul rings the doorbell some more. She flips to banging on the door. Finally Joon Young opens it and she nearly falls. She tells him that the film crew will be there soon and he tells her that he’s told them not to com. She asks why and he mentions her ‘fake’ suicide attempts. She retorts telling him that it was a misunderstanding, which he feels she should have cleared up. He tells her that it doesn’t matter because they’re not shooting. She tells him that she missed a story because of him. He tells her to give her account number to his manager and he’ll pay her double the amount she lost. She asks for only 100 million won and he explodes and tells her he’ll give her anything, but it almost insulted that she asked for such a small amount of money.  She calls tells him it must be nice to be rich, but that doesn’t mean that he can look down on people. She kicks him and Pororo charges are her. No Eul faints and Joon Young carries her in. Kook Young asks what happened a

No Eul faints and Joon Young carries her in. Kook Young asks what happened and he tells him the Pororo charged her. He automatically jumps to the conclusion the Pororo bite her, but Joon Young assured him that it’s not the case. He tells him that she’s faking, he decided to go to work out and tell him to pretend like her fell for it and the send her away.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 12.51.12.png

Joon Young is about to leave when Kook Young calls him back saying something is wrong with her. Joon Young comes back and sees blemishes appearing on her skin and has him call Dr Kang.

Dr Kang comes and stabilises No Eul. He tells him that her blood vessels expanded due to shock. Since she was having difficulty breathing before she passes out, she probably has a dog allergy. He’s given her medication and she’ll be fine. Dr Kang tells him that he’s looking good, and Joon Young tells him that he thinks the Dr misdiagnosed him, but the Dr doesn’t look happy about this thought.

Joon Young brings Pororo outside and asks him to stay there that day since No Eul got sick because of him. He tells the dog that he appreciates the thought but had he bite No Eul he would have been evicted.

Joon Young returns to the bedroom to check on No Eul. He notices her phone ringing and the display comes up as Hubby.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is trying to call but can’t connect. No Jik comes into to an empty apartment. Ji Tae tells him that he has a friend that emigrated, didn’t want to sell the apartment. They could stay for free if they take care of it. No Jik refuses, telling him that it’ll only feed into No Eul’s personality of looking to leave as cheaply as possible. Ji Tae understands, and No Jik hands him some money. He tells him to buy himself some new clothes so sweep No Eul off her feet because she doesn’t like poor men. No Jik thinks of him as a Brother-in-law but No Eul doesn’t. This statement cuts him to his core since he’s Hyun Joon’s son.

Ji Tae returns home for dinner. Jung Eun (Lin Ju Eun) made dinner and Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) is impressed. She asks her Daughter, Ha Roo (Ryu Woh), if it makes her feel anything and she tells her it makes her look like a showoff. Eun Soo apologises, but Jung Eun tells her she’s used to it.

Ha Roo goes to Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) and tells him something is off with Jung Eun. She tells him that a woman can’t be that perfect and she must have some skeleton’s in her closet or an odd habit. She’s so engrossed in the story that she doesn’t hear Ji Tae arrive. He scares her and tells her that she should be talking behind someone’s back. He admits that he hear that Jung Eun arrived and his father tells him to tell her she did a good job. He promises to do so after washing up.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 13.19.08.png

Ji Tae is washing his face when he remembers when he asked his father to cancel the engagement to Jung Eun. He explains that he knows how important it would be for him, but he doesn’t love her nor does he like her. Hyung Joon agrees to make the call. Ji Tae steps out and sees Jung Eun. He tells her she did a good job. She tells him that if he thinks that he should kiss her. She accuses him of only going through the motions and not actually loving her. He tells her that they should get married and assures her that so long as she doesn’t push him away he will always be by her side. She mentions that he still won’t say that he loves her but she’ll love him more to compensate.

Joon Young wakes up from a nap to find No Eul not there. He goes to his kitchen to find that she’s eating ramen. He asks her if fainting is her signature. She admits that she was in a car accident and had 3 surgeries, so her body is finally at the end of it. She asks if he has some cold rice and he microwaves new rice. No Eul asks if he’d really give her anything that she wants. She tells him 100 million won but reduces it down to 10 million as a loan. she asks for a 60 months payment plan that he can’t give her because he only has 6 months left. He calls Kook Young and tells him to redraft the contract forcing him to pay 1000 times the severance fee.

No Eun sends a coupon to Ji Tae as a thank you gift since she has a job. She tells him that she’s shooting with the Joon Young documentary and he falls silent. She goes on and finally asks why he’s not talking. She notices that it’s past 3 am and she thinks that he’s just fallen asleep.

Joon Young builds Pororo a doghouse so that No Eul can come into the house. He tells him that he’s not kicking him out forever just for a few months. When he sees his cleaning lady he asks that she makes sure that Pororo’s fur is not left on anything. When she is confused he tells her that he’ll do it himself. He proceeds to clean up all of Pororo’s dog fur.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 14.19.11.png

No Eul gets called back into work and her boss tries to convince her to come back to the company. He, suddenly, has to step out for a moment to take a call. He tells the CEO that No Eul is in his office and he will convince her. Ji Tae promises that he’ll get the investments if he gets No Eul to come back.

Kook Young and Namgoog come into Joon Young’s house to find it clean. Meanwhile, Joon Young is in the bathroom having an attack of his illness. (Not sure what illness) He wonders why this is happening and then he remembers the promise he made for No Eul’s life.

No Eul declines the offer due to Joon Young killing her if she abandoned him. The manager has to call Ji Tae to tell him the news and he’s not happy. He looks out of his window and remembers the incident of the night when No Eul got hurt. He was there for everything and witnessed what caused her to be hit. He bumps into Joon Young in the bathroom and he left hiss phone. Ji Tae gets them to look into Joon Young because he nearly killed his own girlfriend to protect his father. Back in the present, he pulls out a photo of Joon Young’s mother and his father together. The report had come back with the investigator thought that Joon Young was his father’s son.

Joon Young goes to the doctor and congratulates him for not being a quack. The doctor admits that he doesn’t have long to live and should be admitted into the hospital to start treatment to elongate his life. He tells him that if he can just give him strong enough pain meds to make even he forget he’s ill that would be best.

Young Ok and her employees are texting anti-fan messages about Joon Young. Jung Sik comes in and chastises them for it. Young Ok flips out on him telling him that he knows the Joon Young only signed the deal because his son was in trouble and is now paying it back. Jung Sik wonders how she knew about that.

No Jik is working when Ha Roo and her other Joon Young friends are talking about the PD making the documentary of Joon Young. They want to know more about her and feels like she too young and inexperienced to be a good PD. She wants them  to dig up as much information about her that they can. No Jik comes over and asks if they were talking about No Eul. When she confirms her, she asks if he knows her. He confirms that he does but he can’t talk long so the exchange numbers so he can calls her after work.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 14.59.50.png

No Eul presents the idea to Joon Young and everyone in the room. The plan is to break the high suicide rate in their country by telling teens that there are good things coming. Joon Young stops her and she explains that he simply has to share his bucket list to show them life is worth living. Joon Young tells Namgoog that he wasn’t told what the concept was and Kook Young assures him he left the document on his desk.

HE comes back to film and she asks if he had 1 year left to live what was the first thing that he would do be. He doesn’t answer even when she probes and finally mentions that  a year is too long. He tells her that if he had 3 months to live he wouls live reclusely. She asks if he thinks this is a joke and he tells her that he’s being honest. He asks No Eul to date him and pretend he only had 3 months to live. They should have the most passionate 3 months relationship.

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