Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto.




I have 2 words for this show. Absolutely Ridiculous. This slice-of-life anime follows Sakamoto-kun, he’s the school’s prince basically. He is cool, stylish, smart and good at sports. All of the girl love him and a lot of the boys respect him, however there is a small factions of guys who dislike him and try to trap him with pranks to make him look ridiculous. Though no matter what they try he keeps coming out of it looking even better than before

This anime isn’t really something you want if you want a clear story line, or an actual point. Though it is hilarious and I had to pause it a few times because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t read the subtitles.


This series is known as Sakamoto desu ga? in japanese, is a ridiculous show. There are 12 episodes and 4 manga volumes. The mangas seem to come out once a year.

After having it tough in middle school, Sakamoto is widely accepted as the coolest guy in all of highschool. All of the girls have a crush on him, and all of the male populace wants to be him. Due to his extreme status in school, it leads to a lot of the boys trying to tear him down. As you can expect, this only leads to Sakamoto being even more popular and looking even better.

This anime is the epitome of a comedic slice-of-life. It’s well paced, the art design is fantastic. I also love the fact that the characters are all drawn like stick figures. It’s a nice change from the typical animes. It’s a fun watch that will have you laughing.


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