Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 1 Recap



We open the show with Park Bong Pal (TaecYeon) chasing after a purse snatcher. When the purse snatcher falls to the ground, Bong Pal jumps over him and B-lines for a ghost. The ghost looks at him, screams and run away. It leads him to an abandoned building, to try and surprise him. This however only leads Bong Pal to hit him.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 18.27.58.png

They next morning he wakes up and a female ghost notices him noticing her while he’s brushing his teeth. He tries to pretend he doesn’t see her but he ends up hitting her because her breath stinks. She takes her leave respectfully. For 1 million won he will beat up a ghost, but only the weak ones. His goal is to save 1 billion won. He’s a loner at school and you can tell when he removes himself from his group and creates a 6th group.

Monk Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) is on the bus when he notices a child staring. He tries to make them laugh but instead, he scared them. He ends up getting off the bus between stops. Myung Chil ends up going to the wrong funeral. He ends up partaking in the meal and overhears people talking about how he’s a washed up monk, and though he was in demand in his younger years no one supports him anymore.

Bong Pal is sitting outside enjoying the sun and the view of Im Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) when Choi Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and Kim In Rang (David Lee) come and tease him about being along. Chun Sang goes on about ghosts and how  Bong Pal is living in darkness. They invite him to join Ghostnet, a club that fights against ghosts. Bong Pal simply hand them the application and walks away.

When they return Chun San and In Rang find an eviction notice on their club door. In Rang says that they sell the film equipment and Chun Sang is opposed to it. He tells him that they should go shooting real ghost footage and decide to go to the high school that’s haunted by a ghost.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 19.06.52.png

They arrive outside of the school and Chun Sang gets them ready for the camera before taking a sedative. Meanwhile, Bong Pal is studying and notices their email before tuning into the live stream. They tell everyone where they are and walk to where the ghost allegedly appeared. After a little teasing in the hallway, they go to the laboratory. But we see the ghost watching them from behind. They walk around and get spooked a bit. They zoom in on the end of the hallway but see nothing and decide to go outside.

Myung Chul starts pounding on the door which breaks Bong Pal out of his trance. Once in he run straight to the bathroom. He tells him to fix the door, but Bon Pal admits that only he comes by. He gives him a hot pot to eat. Myung Chul hands him the letter from his father and tells him that he should give him his new address. Myung Chul is asking if he’s staying away from ghost and pretending they don’t exist. He doesn’t answer just offers him a drink. He excused himself when he gets a text.

There was a girl who wants him to exorcise the school that Ghost Net is currently investigating and he tell her the price in 2 million won. The girl says that if he can go right then she’ll pay him 10 million won.He leaves under the pretence of studying for his civil servant exam Myung Chul tells him to pick up sausages on the way in.

We see that the ghost is the one who typed the message herself. Chun Sang and In Rang go to the bathroom where the ghost appears. While they’re checking the stalls a cat jumps out and scares them into running out the building.

Right after Bong Pal arrives and texts the girl. He gets into the school and walked right by the guard on duty. ( I swear that guy is useless) He thinks that help me is inside and he goes in. He sees Kim Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) and thinks she’s the ghost. She tries to explain but he doesn’t listen. She plays the week card before going into an all out brawl with him. Eventually, he leaves all beaten up and she tells him to never come back again.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 19.44.02.png

He gets back home, seething with anger about her and his outbursts wakes Myung Chul up.

Hun Ji is walking around when she notices Oh Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) in a coffee shop. She asks how long she’ll be hanging around the guy since it’s been 2 years. Kyung Ja tells her that he just won’t die quick enough. She asks how things went at school and Hun Ji admits that she didn’t’ find anything. Instead, she’ll simply have to try again the next day. Kyung Ja tells her that she should try taking the college exam because it might help her remember her life. She suddenly needs to go to church to pray  that the man will die soon.

The next morning Bong Pal makes breakfast for himself and Myung Chul. At first, Myung Chul asks him about the missing sausages and then it switches to his black eye. Bong Pal doesn’t want to talk about it, but he asks him how he would go about fighting a ghost. At first, Myung Chul gives him all the answers but then notices that it’s odd that he’s asking about it. He chastises him about going against ghosts head on. but he asks what he’s supposed to do without taking chase. Myung Chul understands that it was a ghost who did that to him. Bong Pal asks him to teach him how to fight ghosts.

Myung Chul brings him to an abandoned house to find a ghost. Bong Pal realises that the monk has lost too much of his power to be useful and leave. Unfortunately, the rice he threw managed to hit the drunk ghost in the face and angered him into attacking.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 20.10.00.png

The Ghostnet club is deleting messages on their home page, and they decide to go back to the school. They set up cameras in different areas and start streaming. Just then Bong Pal come to fight Hyun Ji. She’s already in a bad mood so she fights full out against Bong Pal. All her popping around renders his sword completely useless. During one grappling hey fall down the stairs and Bong Pal by accidently kisses her.

Hyun Ji suddenly remembers her death (does anyone else feel like she may be in a coma?) and the school she went too. Bong Pal jumps up suddenly and brushes it off like it didn’t happen. He says that it was an accident and he hadn’t meant to do it. He tries to say that she’s kissed before but it was her first kiss. Obviously, she gets mad and knees him in the crotch.

The two boys are still camping out. They look through the photos of the student who had died on campus and while doing so the ghost appears on camera. Suddenly, the ghost is right next to them to scare them. They start running and the ghost follows them. They run right between Bong Pal and Hyun Ji before the pair notice what’s going on. The 3 boys all get in the elevator and the ghost grabs Bong Pal. They open the doors which allowed Bon Pal to head but the ghost who falls on the ground. Thfemalele ghost turns into a man and smiles before turning his sights on Hyun Ji. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s eyes lock just as the elevator doors close.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 20.44.56

Chun Sang wonders who the ghost was and In Rang mentions the English teacher who died on the job. Apparently, he was also a pervert. When Bong Pal knows that tidbit of information he runs back into the school. He can’t leave Hyun Ji also with the ghost.

The ghost is feeling but Hyun Ji when Bong Pal calls him a bastard. He throws the sword which misses and proceeds to be beaten up again. (Man, he’s bad at this.) Mean While the ghostnet club runs away. Hyun Ji and Bong Pal work in tandem to beat up the ghost, and while Hyun Ji is on her back she notices that his head wound shines red like a ruby. She manages to pin his arm and she tells Bong Pal to hit him on the back of the head. It takes a few seconds but he understands and picks up his sword. Once the sword hits the wound he vanishes.

He complimented her, and she compliments him back. They exchange names and she laughs at him, saying it’s good that his syllables we’re reversed. He mentions that now that he’s vanquished the ghost he wonders who’s going to pay him. He inquires if she knows who Help me is and though she says she doesn’t her tone gives her away. She says it’s because she was scared of that ghost. They both scream at each other saying they never want to see each other again. When Bong Pal walks out of the school, however, he’s greeted by the police.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 20.57.24.png

Hyun Ji meets up with Kyung Ha at the coffee shop again. Kyung Ja complains about her getting into a fight again and Hyun Ji assures her it was just a weirdo. She tells her about how her lips brush up against something soft, moist and warm and she suddenly remembered about her past. Kyung Ja tells her that she should brush up against it again.

Bong Pal gets interrogated by the police. They find the Ghostnet guy’s camera in the girls bathroom. Bong Pal tells them that it’s not his and when they pull out the bank book, he explains that the bankbook is his. The police think he’s making money peeping on girls and they find him very suspicious. When they try to contact his guardian they come up empty and even his phone only has 1 contact in it.

Hyun Ji was walking when she notices a couple kissing. She remembers kissing Bong Pal and the memories the flooded back.

Myung Chul comes to pick Bong Pal up. Bong Pal asks why he came and he tells him the police called him. When asked about his father’s telephone number he admits it must have been deleted. Myung Chul hands him his bank book and accuses him of performing exorcisms. He tells him that he needed the money because he said his eyes could be fixed for 1 billion won. After getting scolded he walks away.

Hyun Ji is walking around campus when she hears barking. She runs over to see a group of people gathered around a storm drain where a dog had fallen. Joo Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) was about to reach in when he was stopped and suggested for him to put on some gloves. He tells him that it’ll scare the dog even more. He reaches in, gets bit, but manages to pull the dog out. Hyun Ji mentions how he’s a bit young to be a professor. She fades away and Hye Sung hears the broom bounce in her wind and sends everyone to class.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 21.28.08.png

Hyun Ji sneaks into the Student services office and looks up Bong Pal’s file and finds his address.

When Bong Pal shows up he’s surprised to find Hyun Ji waiting. He asks why she’s there since he told her to never show in front of him again. She tells him that she’s not looking for a fight but needs to confirm something. He tells her to go ahead. She takes a break and tells him that if this doesn’t work, he can’t take it the wrong way. She jumps up and floats over to kiss him.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 21.32.28.png

I must say, the CGI and makeup are fantastic in this show.

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