Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 2 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) is walking home from the police station when he sees a bunch of school kids getting on to the bus. He remembers back to when he witness his mother’s death which seems to be when he started seeing ghosts. I can imagine that would be traumatising for a child.

We’re back at the end of the last episode. Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) tries to kiss Bong Pal but gets shot down. He accuses her of getting fresh with him and when he accuses her of using informal speech, she advises him she’s older than him since she’s been dead 5 years. He tells her he’s tired and goes to his apartment. Once there he realises that he doesn’t have his key. Hyun Ji lets him in and though she tries to get a thank you out of him he jut tells her to leave.

Once inside he takes a survey of the mess that Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) left for him to clean. He starts cleaning and Hyun Ji keeps popping up in his way. She mentions that he’s very tidy. He tries to get her to leave but she’s not listening. She begs for him to do this one favour. He refuses and offers to set him up with someone. When she tells him it has to be him, he fakes having a ghost ward and she disappears. It doesn’t last long, because once he’s outside she’s back.

In Rang (David Lee) and Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) are back at the club reviewing footage. Finally, In Rang find the footage in the elevator. It shows Bong Pal punching a ghost. Chun Sang tells him that that man can see ghosts and even manage to land a hit. In Rang reminds him that they could see the ghost. He tells In Rang about the silver string and tells him he needs to study more. Chung Sang tells In Rang to track him down because they need to recruit him.

Bong Pal is sitting alone eating lunch when he notices Joo Hye Sung (Kwan Yool) walking the dog. Hyun Ji pops up behind him and tells him that that’s how a real man is supposed to look like, but Bong Pal ignores the comment. When she tells him he should get a dog he laughs. She calls him rude and then notices that he has egg rolls she begs him to give her one. He pretends to and then eats it himself. Suddenly Chung Sang and In Rang appear and try to recruit him again and he tells them he doesn’t want to and leaves. He leaves behind his 2nd egg roll. Hyun Ji was about to take it when Chun Sang picks it up and eats it. She glares at his neck which causes him to sweat and shiver to run down his spin.

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Bong Pal goes to class to find it filled with people, however, he understands when Hye Sung walks in.  After a quick introduction,  he asks all the other students to leave and begins the roll call. Hyun Ji pops in, in time to catch Bong Pal looking at Seo Yeon. She chatters on and when he responds Hye Sung hears him. He asks if something’s wrong and he tells him it isn’t but he glares at Hyun Ji.

In Rang and Chun Sang are talking about how they have to recruit Bong Pal because he can actually see ghosts. They talk about he’s a loner, which just appeals to Chun Sang even more. That even if they don’t recruit him, if they follow him around enough they’ll see some. The suddenly go into fame money and girl, but I’m not sure they know how this ghost hunting really works.

At the end of the lecture, Hye Sung asks who is the person who takes care of the lectures. Seo Yeon raises her hand and he mentions that it must be tough. He asks for a volunteer to help her and Hyun Ji raises his hand and it’s decided. Seo Yeon comes over and introduces herself before telling him that she’s looking forward to working with him. Hyun Ji takes the credit before he leaves pissed off.

Hye Sung is sitting feeding the dog when Seo Yeon comes to him. She tells him that the previous professor entrusted her with a file that she doesn’t know how to get back with him. He tells her that he’ll bring it to him. She gets interested in the dog and Hye Sung gets  a phone call. The caller reminds him that he has the seminar in 2 hrs and asks where he was. He admits he’s at the university and is on his way. He asks Seo Yeon to watch the dog and makes she it eats everything because there is some medication in it. She agrees and he leaves.

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Bon Pal walks right in front of the man who Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) is haunting. He’s complaining about being stiff and not getting the position. Bong Pal notices the ghost but walks on. Hyun Ji jogs by and notices her. She tells her she’s following someone and she’ll tell her about him later. Kyung Ja notices Hye Sung and falls in love instantly with him as he gets into the taxi. She gets off her current man and runs to the next one.

Bong Pal is working out on the roof when Hyun Ji pops up. She mentions how it’s so warm and she doesn’t know how he’s working out so much. She mentions that the other ghost must have scared him. He tells her to leave him alone and she tells him it’s better if they work out together. He asks who’s working out, and she’s just sitting on his back. She tells him she wants fried chicken and when he screams at her she floats up. They then proceed to play chase around the roof.

We are brought to the Gampo Inn to find a man passed out in his drunk stupor. The cabinet opens and a female ghost crawls out. (Oh the sound is creepy and horrible) The ghost crawls over him and proceeds to kill the man.

Myung Chul (King Sang Ho) arrives at the inn that people have been dying at. The owner leads him to the room and tells her all the information that he got from the town centre. When he’s about to got in, the ghost pulls him in and starts beating him up.

Hye Sung arrives at the animal clinic with the dog and tells the staff to give him some vitamins. One of the nurses complains that they’re going to become a shelter more than a clinic. Hye Sung is in the back room changing for an operation but we get to see a  huge scar on his back, between his shoulder blades.

Bong Pal is getting a stew ready while Hyun Ji buzzes around. He tells her to go beg at home and she reveals that she knows nothing about her past which he assumes is a lie. Myung Chul comes to see Bong Pal and tells him he needs to stay there for a little bit. He asks what happened to his face but he won’t tell him only hands him sausages. They sit to eat. He tells him that he hopes he’ll stop exorcising ghosts, however, Bong Pal retorts that maybe he’ll lend him the money.

Hye Sung is making a sign for the lost puppy when Seo Yeon notices him in the window. Hye Sung comes out and asks how she arrived there. She admits she didn’t know it belonged to him and leaves in the neighbourhood. She promises to keep it quiet from the other students.

Hyun Ji walks through Bong Pal’s house looking around. She looks at his pictures and how frugal he is. She suddenly has an idea  and tries to steal a kiss from him while he’s sleeping. However, Myung Chul’s cry in his sleep shocked both of them. When she turns back around Bong Pal is awakes and accuses her of doing something. They run around the apartment and she jumps on Myung Chul before disappearing. Myung Chul asked if he stepped on him, he says it was the stray cat.

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The next morning Myung Chul is talking with Bong Pal and asks if he read the last letter from his father. He tells him that he threw it out. Myung Chul can’t believe that he threw it out. He gets told off by a lady thinking he’s stealing the boxes. He assures her he isn’t but she won’t listen. Finally, she pushes him and he goes flying and the argument continues. (She’s totally a ghost)

Bong Pal crosses Seo Yeon at school and is happen about it. When he drops his pen Hyun Ji picked it up for him. She teases him about being happy and he confirms that he was happy until he saw her. He has an entire conversation while Chun Sang and In Rang are watching from the back of the room. Chung Sang confirms that he is talking with someone. When they leave Bong Pal gets a call from him to head to work. He tells her not follow him because he needs to work. She tells him only if he does her a favour and he tells her to forget he asks anything.

Myung Chul is sitting in the apartment cleaning his laundry. He tries to remember where he left his sword and realises he left it at the Gampo Inn.

Bong Pal goes to the Inn and meets with the owner. She tells him he looks too young and s worried that he’ll run off the deposit. He assures her that he isn’t like the con artist and doesn’t ask for payment until the job is complete. He goes to the room while Hyun Ji goes around back. She finds the knife that is radiating with ghost power, probably the murder weapon. In Rang and Chun Sang start streaming the exorcism.

Bong Pal walks into the room, and when he turns on the light they flicker. The radio waves also messes with the computer and camera equipment. After Bong Pal opens the closet to find no one, he gets pulled into the closet and the doors close. She tells him to run, and we witness her beating. She gets pushed into the closet. Bong Pal hears a scream and comes out to find her husband, also a ghost, throwing Hyun Ji around. So Bong Pal charges.

A fight scene happens while ghost net is streaming. Once Hyun Ji comes into the fight Bong Pal stops being beaten up. It seems like only Hyun Ji can see the ruby shine. But. when she holds the ghost to her and tells him to attack his side, he does so and the ghost vanishes. They High five and when they’re about to leave they find Myung Chul’s sword.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are talking on the roof when he asks her how she found the ghost weaknesses so easily. She tells him she won’t tell him how she did it. He turns the question into why she’s following him. She admits that she has no memory of the past and the last time she had a glimpse was when they kissed. However she doesn’t use the word and he teases her faking that he doesn’t understand. She tells him never mind and he kisses her.

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