Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 19 Recap



We watch Yeom (Kim Byung Ok) attempt to kill the stand in for Dan Tae’s (Namgung Min) father while Dan Tae and Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) watch. They overhear Yeom calling Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) for the money. Joon Soo kicked Dan Tae out of his revery and remind him that they should be following Yeom.

They follow Yeom outside and sees him get into a taxi. Thankfully Ho Joong is right there to pick them up. He asks why they didn’t capture him right there, but he tells him that there is not link to him and the kidnapping. Joon Soo asks about the bluff he told Yeom and he admits that since it’s not blood it’ll be hard to get DNA. Therefore, they must find proof.

Yeom meets up with his sister to get the 1 billion won. She assures him that it’s there and makes him promise he’s taken care of Dan Tae’s father. She tells him that she regrets turning a blind eye when he went to abduct Joon Pyo all those years ago. He chastises her and tells her it’s too late. She tells him that she wants to stop talking about Joon Pyo and have it taken care of.

Meanwhile, Joon Soo tells Dan Tae that he’ll retrieve the black box from his mother’s car. They notice Yeom leaving with the bag of money. Dan Tae tells them that there is just enough time for him to return to the office to get his embezzled money and get to the airport. Joon Soo tells him that he has the proof of the embezzlement.

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Yeom goes back to his office and gets his money from his safe. He gets to his car in the office parkade and Dan Tae ambushes him. He fakes being pissed because he killed his father. He starts beating him up, but Joon Soo arrives just in time to punch him and leave with his uncle while he’s down. Ho Joong comes around the corner with a realistic police siren playing. Dan Tae thanks him and sends him on his way. Dan Tae now has all his money.

Joon Soo drives his uncle away and he thanks him for helping. When he pulls out his phone Joon Soo tells him to turn it off. Yeom complains about his money and plane ticket being in his car. Joon Soo mentions that there isn’t any way he’ll be able to take a flight that day anyways because he’s certain the airport will be covered with police. Yeom asks where he should hide and Joon Soo tells him he has an idea.  He brings him to a little container room. He tells him that, there is some food and water and that he shouldn’t go outside. He promises he won’t and Joon Soo promises to look into getting him out of the country via boat.

As soon as he leaves he calls Dan Tae to tell him Yeom has is there and he’s going to pick up the black box and be over. He promises to wait. We zoom out to Dan Tae being surrounded by money.

Joon Soo arrives home and sees his mum. He asks if she’s come back from somewhere and she admits that she did go out. She inquires if he’s done work and tells her that he has to go back. She offers to make him a health drink before he leaves. He agrees and takes her fob. He makes his way to the car and gets the micro SD chips from the black box.

He brings it to Dan Tae and tells him to come get him once it’s done. He agrees and moments later follows him to the roof. he tells him his thoughts about his mother was wrong and tells him to go check for himself. He sits there and finds out that his mother only found out about the abduction after it happened and had no part in it. This relieves him a little and Dan Tae squat beside him and asks is he’s happy with the result. He admits that he’s happy his mother’s fault was minimised. Dan Tae asks if they should go home.

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The man from the arboretum comes to the house and when Tae Hee answers the door and he tells her the person who handed him the note was Joon Soo. She tries to get more information but he just leaves. Dan Tae thanks him for helping out and bring him home.

Tae Hee is in shock that Joon Soo knows about her part in the abduction. He arrives back home and she turns to him with tears in her eyes. They are suddenly in her bedroom and she’s sitting on the bed apologising to him. He tells her that her only blame is by not telling someone. She tells him that she committed a big sin because she should have talked. She tells him to not forgive her, to hate her, because he knew nothing. He asks what son hates his mother, after all, she didn’t order someone to kill Dan Tae’s father.

Dan Tae is at home thinking about Gong Shim (Minah) and he calls her. He asks where she is and when she tells him work he tells her to just listen. He tells her that he doesn’t know how his life will change after be becomes Joon Pyo but he knows that he will always be Dan Tae to her. No matter what changes, he will always be the same with her and his feeling with never change, no matter what happens. She asks if there’s anything else and he tells her that he wants to see her. She goes to meet him but gets caught by her co-workers. She promises to come back early in the morning to finish the work and leaves.

She’s walking and notice Dan Tae and waves. He sees a truck coming right for Gong Shim and he runs across traffic to protect her but the truck stops in time. He suddenly remembers his mother’s death that he witnessed as a child. Gong Shim turns around to make sure Dan Tae is fine, simply to find him crying. She asks what’s wrong and he tells her that he remembers everything from his past. She can’t say anything so she simply holds his hand.

Gong Shim being him home and continues to hold his hand. At one point she thinks that he’s asleep but when she gets up to leave he opens his eyes. He pulls her down and asks her to stay like that until he’s fallen asleep and she agrees. He tells her that if she ever runs into a busy street like that again she’ll be severely punished, and she jokes about him being a Nagger. Eventually, she extracts herself from his arms and tells him to sleep well.

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Gong Shim comes down to the convenience store and bumps into her father. He asks where she was since she wasn’t in her room. She tells him that she was in her room. But before her father leaves he admits to seeing her come down from the rooftop.

The next morning Dan Tae receives a package of his father’s effects from the Philippines. When he starts going through it, he finds a 2nd military ring. He pulls out the ring that was in Joon Pyo’s effects and he notices a slight difference in the regiments. He thinks about it and recalls him getting the ring from Yeom in exchange from his necklace.

Yeom is eating ramen when Dan Tae arrives. He tells him that they should finish it know. He admits that he knows that he abducted Joon Pyo 26 years prior and should turn himself. He was providing the last chance for him to act human. Yeom stands with a knife in hand. Dan Tae warns him, but Yeom refuses. He pulls out the ring and shows it to him. Yeom asks if there is any proof that it’s his ring. He reveals that he’s Joon Pyo and recounts the memory where they  exchanging his ring for his necklace. A mild fight happens and Yeom runs out, which has him running into the waiting police officers. Grandmother (Jung Hye Sun) stands to the side, shocked. She slaps Yeom and screams at him before collapsing onto Joon Soo. He’s arrested and Dan Tae comes out. She asks if everything is over and he assures her it is. He tells Joon Soo that they’ll talk at home before whisking him off.

Joon Soo is alone and replays the conversation that Dan Tae had with Yeom in the trailer. He only then finds out the Dan Tae is Joon Pyo and to say he’s in shock almost seems like an understatement.

They arrive home to Tae Hee and Dae Hwang  (Kim Il Woo) on their knees. Tae Hee apologises for doing wrong and that he family didn’t know. Joon Soo kneels next to his parents. She screams at her not being a human enough to help her in her search, or to have said anything. She can’t believe that they lived in the same house for 10 years and still she said nothing, and even encouraged her to stop. Finally, she tells them that Joon Pyo is now by her side and they understand that Dan Tae is Joon Pyo.

Dan Tae sits with Joon Soo and apologises to him for not telling him sooner of his identity. He explains that he found out when he was cut off for a month. Joon Soo feels like he should apologise but he tells him he can’t ask him to forgive his mother. He admits that he doesn’t think that forgiveness is his to give. Joon Soo tells him that he and his family will regret and live a quiet life. Dan Tae admits that he just wants things to go back to how they were. Joon Soo mentions his sin being too great for that, but Dan Tae wants to try.

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Dan Tae goes to visit his father with Ji Yeon (Bang Eun Hee) and she tells him that Dan Tae has found his family so he needs to wake up. She also mentions that they should go apologise to the family.

That evening Dan Tae tries to call Gong Shim and remembers that she lost her phone in the road te evening before. Grandmother comes out and Dan Tae helps her sit down. He tells her that she should take care of her health so then can go places together for a long time. She tells Dan Tae to fix up the roof top and to come home because she’s been waiting a long time to live his him. He assures him that he will clean up soon.

The next morning reporters are huddled around the apartment talking about Dan Tae’s heritage. Gong Shim’s family watch and become very confused. When Gong Shim comes out they ask if she knew, however, she doesn’t answer just tells them she needs to go to the roof. As soon as she steps outside she’s bombarded with reporters so she steps back in.

Dan Tae tells Grandmother that Yeom will probably not serve any time for the abduction but will be serving time for attempted murder. Joon Soo’s family came to say goodbye but she refuses to leave. Joon Pyo wants to go but she tells him to stay put. Everyone bows and leaves.

Joon Soo sends his parents off at the airport. His paternal grandmother wishes he could come with them. Daw Hwang reminds her that he has his work there. they promise to call when the arrive in Sydney. He nods and they leave.

Gong Mi is pacing her room and decides to try and call Joon Pyo. Also, he doesn’t answer the phone. Joon Pyo sees the news and is certain that Gong Shim is worried. Gong Shim is pacing but is certain Dan Tae is fine.

He arrives at Gong shim’s house as a delivery boy. He comes in right away and apologises for the reporters. They say it’s fine and her mother calls Gong Shim. Gong Shim comes out and calls him Dan Tae which she gets chastises for.

They go to her room and he pulls her into a hug. She complains about worrying and he missed her. He pulls out a cell phone and tells her not to hear it because when he wants to hear her voice he has to. She smiles and He tells her that he won’t be able to come for a while but once everything is said and done, they’ll go to see Grandmother together. She tells him to close his eyes because she has something to tell her. He assumes it’s for a kiss but she takes off her wig. She shows him that her hairs growing back and soon she can remove her wig. He’s super happy about that. He goes to leave and he steals a kiss and another hug before leaving.

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Yeom is sitting in his cell reading the newspaper and notice the article of Gong Shim and Dan Tae. He promises to leave him alone but to deal him a world of pain.

Gong Shim leaves her apartment to find movers emptying his apartment. She runs upstairs before getting a call. He apologises for not being able to tell her sooner because he only just found out about it. She tells him that it’s fine. Right after they hang up a move hits her Sunflower and she runs over to it.

Yeom meets with his goon and places a hit out for Gong Shim.

Dan Tae gets introduced to the company as Joon Pyo and she tells him that he will go study management in the USA. Once out he asks why it came up so suddenly. She tells her that he should go with Gong Shim. He can study management while she studies drawing. He promises to bring it up with her.

Dan Tae plans a proposal. He’s out buying rings when he tells Gong Shim that he’s going to go pick her up from work.

Joon Soo has a quick conversation wth his parents.

Gong Shim send her senior off because she needs to meet with Dan Tae and while she’s waiting, the Yeom’s Goon tries to mow her down with the car. (Seriously why does she stand on the road?) That’s the end of this episode.

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