Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2)




There is something amazing about this series and the simplicity of Briggs’ writing style. This book follows Mercy through her adventures with the vampires, though the werewolves aren’t far behind. It’s still ranking high in my recommendation list for urban fantasies.


Ok for the next little while every 2 weeks you’ll be getting this book series because I am eating through them. It’s been a long time since I found a book series that I’ve wanted to do that with. If any of y’all have other urban fantasy book series let me know. the more books the better 😛

We follow Mercy again, but this time after a demon-possessed vampire on a killing spree. Her friend, and vampire, Stefan pulls her in and  asks for her assistance because he’s certain that help is required. Can this Coyote stand up to the vampire? Read and see.

As always, Briggs’ writing style is clear and easy to read. The audiobook narrator, Lorelei King, is amazing as always. This is a staple of urban fantasy. The romance aspect, as well as the strong female lead, is fantastic. This is a good read similar to the first book. The story is strong and Briggs adds to her world by giving us an explanation about how vampire seethes work. Two big thumbs up from me.


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