Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 20 Recap -FINALE-



Going Shim (Minah) is moments away from being mowed down by the car, however, Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) notices and pushes her out of the way causing him to get hit. Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is walking to the company when he notices the attacker fleeing from the site.He recognises him as the one who once attacked him. He runs to the Company to find Joon Soo on the ground he asks Gong Shim what’s going on but she’s in too much shock to give a straight answer. They call the ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Outside the OR Gong Shim tells Dan Tae what happened. She absolutely certain that the car was aiming for her. Dan Tae tries to tell her it was just an accident but knows that what Gong Shim is saying is probably true.

They visit Joon Soo and thank him for saving Gong Shim. Joon Soo is happy that she didn’t get hurt. She tells him she’s fine. The nurse comes in and tells them that they need to leave. Joon Soo sends them off looking sadly after the couple.

The sit down with some coffee and Dan Tae asks her about her dream to go to Italy. She tells him that it’s her life dream so one day she’ll go. He asks her that if she had the opportunity that moment if she’d go. She tells her the wouldn’t at the moment because she likes where she’s working and wants to grow there.

He brings her to her house and she tells him to hurry upstairs when she remembers that he doesn’t live there anymore. She admits that it’s off and he agrees that it is odd that he’s going to another building.He pulls her into one last hug before they part ways.

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The next day Grandmother (Jung Hye Sun) goes to see Joon Soo which shocks him. She tells him that she sorry that she’s pushed him too far since he was young and how he must resent her. She goes on to say that he’s done nothing wrong. Joon So assures her that he understands because had he been in her position, he would have done the same. She tells him that since his parents are there any more that he should come live at home. Joon Pyo is going to study in America, and he should come back Joon Soo agrees and starts crying.

Dan Tae greets Grandmother outside, she tells him to go inside and visit with Joon Soo. When he gets inside, Joon Soo waits a beat before asking if he can call him Hyung (Brother) and he agrees. Joon Soo tells him that he’ll be moving back in and Joon Pyo seems to think it’s the obvious decision. They discuss that they will be living together which seems unreal that they’re living together. He mentions that it’ll be weird and Joon Pyo agrees. He mentions that he’ll be in America studying with Gong Shim and Joon Soo admits having been worried about Gong Shim when his grandmother mentioned it. He assures Joon Pyo that he’s feeling for Gong Shim have become friendlier rather than romantic. Joon Pyo tells Joon Soo that they arrested the man who tried to mow Gong Shim down and he confirms Joon Soo’s suspicion that it’s his uncle’s doing.

Dan Tae goes to see Yeom (Kim Byung Ok) and when Yeom starts teasing about Gong Shim, Dan Tae mentions that news must travel slowly in jail. He tells him that his man hit Joon Soo not Gong Shim and has already been arrested. He also  he tells him that his hit man was arrested and confessed to everything. Yeom believes him to be lying and Dan Tae tells him that He’s never going to be released from jail and after everything he did, he should just rot there. Yeom gets pulls away when he starts having an outburst claiming he did nothing wrong.

The company brings the design to the hospital to show it to Joon Soo. He really likes the design and the tells her that it’s Gong Shim’s design. He’s really happy and off her colleagues explain that her growth is amazing. She bows to thank him and her wig gets snagged letting her hair tumble free. Everyone starts laughing and Joon Soo’s side hurts but he can’t stop laughing.

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Joon Soo and Gong Shim step outside to talk. He tells her that he’s heard from Dan Tae and him going to America. She seems shocked about the news. He explains that Grandmother wants to have him learn management. He tells her that he’s going to ask her to go with him. When she hesitates, he promises to leave her position vacant until she returns. When she hesitates again he assures her he’ll be fine. He reiterates that they’re good friends and asks her to bring him to his room.

Gong Shim is at the company and she sees the news article about her. She’s heading to the elevators when her sister asks her to talk. She shows her the article about her and she tells her she’s seen it. Gong Mi tries to get her to understand that she should end things with Dan Tae before she’s heartbroken. Dan Tae isn’t Dan Tae anymore, he’s Joon Pyo and she needs to look at the reality. Gong Mi tells her to mind her business before leaving. When she gets back to her desk she gets a call from Dan Tae.

He meets with Gong Shim at a coffee shot. He asks if she’s hurt because of the new article. He apologises for it as it came out of their PR department, but it seems people are really interested in him. She assures him that she understands because, after all, he’s Joon Pyo. He’s sorry and asks her to wait patiently as the interest dies down. She tells him that things have really change. He tells her that he’s also changed because he’s learnt his actual age, and is 4 years older than her. She tells him to buy her something with money and he’s shocked but turn it into a game. He starts popping the buttons on his shirt without touching them. She tells him to stop after 2 buttons and his chest is showing(Yum)

They are walking a convenience store when he asks her what he should buy. She doesn’t give him an indication as to what but stopped before a display and tells him to buy her something that draws his eye. He turns discouraged that she won’t tell him, but notices her package design and gets really happy. He asks if it’s her design and she tells him it is. He’s excited and she goes into the details of the project and how her boss promised her a bigger project next time. Dan Tae asks he if she succeeding and she responds what is success, but she feels like she could do better next time since she’s gotten the hang of it.

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Dan Tae runs into the hospital to find his father awake. He goes in and asks if he recognises him. He responds with a blink. Ji Yeon comes in and reminds him she’s his sister-in-law and he blinks again. Finally, his father is awake.

Dan Tae talks with his Grandmother and she suggests that he should hurry off to America to accompany his father to surgery. She asks about Gong Shim’s answer about going to America. He tells her that he hasn’t been able to breach the subject because every time he sees her talk about work he’s worried he’ll make her falter.

Gong Shim is looking at the packages and remembers Joon Soo mentioning Dan Tae going to America to study. She gets a phone call from Dan Tae asking to meet.

They meet up and Dan Tae tells her that he is going to the states When she asks when he tells her in a week. He tells her that his father’s surgery is actually what sped up the time frame. He tells her that he doesn’t know how long his studies will take. He asks her that while he’s away if she could try and become an amazing woman for him. She tells him she can, and he’s happy because it eases his mind. She arrives home and her mother is asking a million questions. Gong Shim tells her that she just wants to sleep and gets into bed.

Dan Tae and his family are at the airport when he calls Gong Shim. She tells him that she just left and isn’t sure she’ll arrive before his departure. He tells her he’ll wait as long as he can. She comes just a little too late and breaks down crying in the airport.

Fast forward 1 year. Joon Soo comes into his office to find Gong Shim asleep in his chair again. He asks if she was up all night which she confirms and he hands her some coffee. He asks why she always sleeps in his chair and she admits it’s the comfiest in the office. She asks when the meeting is, which he tells her, but then teases asking what company does the President report to the assistant manager.She agrees, she asks if his parents are coming, and when he confirms they are she mentions she’s nervous. She gets up to leave but he stops her to remove some fluff from her hair and tells her to go

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Gong Shim arrives at the meeting just in time and commences the meeting for Star group project.

She meets up with Goo Nam at subways and she buys him lunch and he gives her some clothes since she didn’t go home that night. He asks if she hasn’t heard anything from Dan Tae and she doesn’t want to hear his name. Goo Nam keeps going on about how it’s odd that he could change so suddenly after becoming Joon Pyo. Gong Shim scolds him again and tells him to eat up.

Dan Tae arrives back without anyone and when he comes to the office he sees Gong Shim and Joon Soo very close. He asks her when her parents will arrive she tells him soon and he confirms his parents are already there. Dan Tae follows them to the family meal and wonders what’s going on.

Joon Soo steps into Gong Shim’s family room. He admits he wanted to say hello and when she starts to talk she tells him that she’s apologetic toward her mother. She wanted to apologise but they lost contact and she was never able to. She tells him to tell her that she misses him. Gong Shim slips into the Suk families room and opens the doors so e that the women could reunite.

Gong Shim and another person go to Star group to present and Gong Shim comes face to face with Joon Pyo. She is stunned in place. The manager needs to step out to take a call leaving Joon Pyo and Gong Shim alone. They but heads, Joon Pyo feeling hurt because he believes that Gong Shim moved on with  Joon Soo and Gond Shim mad that he didn’t contact her in a year and then suddenly reappears. When the manager comes back, he tells Gong Shim to return the following day with edits and an explanation.

Gong Shim returns to the office and tells Joon Soo that Dan Tae’s back and she tells him that he’s in charge of star group. He told her that he came in telling them that the design was no good and had a nonscene complaint. Joon Soo tells her to edit if that’s what he wants she agrees and leave.

Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae who is pissed. Dan Tae accuses Joon Soo of having a pre-marital meeting, and he starts laughing. Dan Tae isn’t finding any of it funny and then Joon Soo tells him that they were trying to get their parents to make up. He assures Dan Tae that his feelings for Gong Shim ended a year prior. Dan Tae asks for Joon Soo’s help since Gong Shim left really mad at him.

Dan Tae meets with Gong Shim. She brings the edits and he tells her to eat first. She doesn’t want to and he tells her one meal isn’t long. He mentions her getting prettier and that stops her from eating. She tells him that she can’t eat with him and stands. He runs after her and asks to talk. She starts screaming about him not contacting her. and her not knowing weather he was dead or alive. He explains about his father’s critical condition but tells her he’s fine. He studied like mad to finish the course in 6 months. She kicks him and leaves with him trailing after.

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The next day Dan Tae meets up with Gong Shim. He asks about her day and she gets mad and tells him not to come again. He asks if she’s been up to the roop top since he left. She tells him no and he understands why she’s like that. He brings her up to find a pot and he’s find it obvious it didn’t sprout and he leave. Gong Shim reads the notes and asks what  it meant. He told her that had she come to water it  she wold have known. She asks again and he pulls out the wedding ring. She then asks why he didn’t give it to her directly. He kisses her and when he pulls away he admits that he didn’t think he would be able to go to America had he given it to her directly. She tells him that it foolish he buried it. He grabs her hand and tells her that they should get married. It’s Gong Shim’s turn to pull him in for a kiss.

Gong Mi goes to Joon soo’s office and invites him out for a beer. She tells him everything. How she approached him because of his connection to star group. How she joined the furniture studio because of his text to Gong Shim. Even the saving him from the fire was because Gong Shim had sent her to the restaurant. She apologises for not telling him sooner. She assures him that now she loves him as a person. He asks why she’s telling him now since he would have been unaware and she admits to wanting to start over with Joon Soo, the dear colleague whom she works with. She tells him that he doesn’t have to answer right away and can take his time before answering.

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Dae Hwang is at the company and he gets the phone call from his wife saying that everyone is getting together, and he agrees to head to Grandmother’s house. Dan Tae introduces his father and aunt to everyone and they  sit down for a meal.

Dan Tae is back to running his Pro Bono office. When he finishes his consultation, he goes to send the customers home. They ask about his price and he tells them that they don’t accept money. Since the couple knows that they brought a box of sweet potatoes and some cider.  Dan Tae leaves to meet Gong Shim and leaves the reset to his aunt.

Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae in the roof top room. She starts thinking about the first time he came there and the first time she woke up next to him. He arrives and apologises for making her wait. She acts mad but she isn’t. He asks what she was thinking about, and she admits that it was about the first time he came. He tells her that he liked since the beginning and she tell him that she hated him. He steals a kiss from her then puls her into a hug. He tells her that he missed her and she reiterates his feeling. He pulls away a little and tells her he loves her and she loves him too.

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