Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 3 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) kisses Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun). When he pulls asks if any other memories popped up after they kissed. He tells her that now that he’s done a favour he asks her to do a favour. He notices that she isn’t paying attention and bring her attention back to him. He goes on to ask her to help her with the exorcisms because she’s useful and he’ll forget that 10 million won she owes him. He against notices she’s not paying attention. She suddenly tells him she has to go and pops away. He wonders if her memory issues were a lie.

We see a singer, Miz, getting ready. Her phone is blowing up with a lot of negative comments on her latest picture.  She turns up the music on her radio and walks off screen. Suddenly her hanging is seen in the reflection of the glass and on her phone screen.

The next morning Bong Pal is brushing his teeth while he remembers the kiss he chastises himself for listening to a ghost. He goes to make breakfast, to find that he didn’t do groceries. He makes an eggroll and absent-mindedly wonders where Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) was.

Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) walks by the animal clinic to find that the puppy is still there and she notices the poster on hospital’s door.

Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) is running around school trying to find Hey Sung (Kwon Yool) to no avail. Hyun Ji is sitting at the café thinking when Kyung Ja pops up across from her.Hyun Ji asks her where she’s been and she tells her looking for her honey. She explains that after 30 years she’s finally found the man of her dream and is going to follow him. Hyun Ji reminds her that that’s what she said about the last guy, but Kyung Ja tells her it’s the real deal this time. Kyung Ja asks he if something happened to her and Hyun Ji tells her everything. Kyung Ja is momentarily jealous of the kiss and wonders why nothing happened. Hyun Ji asks her what she should do.

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Bong Pal is sitting in the cleaning eating when Hyun Ji pops back up. She asks if he missed her and he doesn’t respond just glares. She goes on chatting and mentions that he’s scaring her he gets frustrated and walks away. She remembers Kyung Ja’s advice to stay near to him and then she follows after him.

Seo Yeon tracks down Hye Sung and asks if she can care for the dog he saved. Hye Sung thinks that perfect and asks her to come to the hospital after calls.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji see the exchange and though Hyung Ji teases him about it, he ignores her. At the library, she inquires about his resolve to not talk to her. He goes around to the other side and grabs a book. She proceeds to  take it from him. He tries to get it back but notices a bunch of students are watching him and he tries to walk away quickly.

When their outside she asks why he’s being like that and she told him that she’d help him. He mentions that he doesn’t trust her, and when she tries to tell him that she’s honest, he tells her that she lied about her memories. She said that she didn’t lie. When he inquires about her memories she tells him that she did get some memories back that last time but this time nothing. She promises to help him with exorcisms if she helps her with studying for the SATs. She’s certain that the reason she can’t cross over is because she didn’t take them. They negotiate her paying off her debt of the 10 million won by her helping him for 20 ghosts.

In Rang (David Lee) ask Chung Sang (Kang Ki Young) if he’s not going to class. He tells him that he has something better to do and proceeds to play his game. In Rang asks if Sadako wasn’t the person who drain his account. Chung Sang said that’s right but he refuses to let him win because of his pride.

Bong Pal goes grocery shopping and Hyun Ji gets him to buy her a toothbrush. She says if for her while she’s staying. He advises her that he doesn’t live with ghosts. She asks if he expects her to go back and forth between studying and fighting ghosts. When he says yes she mentions that it’s not convenient. He ups her quota to 40 ghosts and she agrees. While walking by the meet, Hyun Ji wants to buy some so she puts some into the cart and he tells her no and takes it out. They have a little tiff and a worker notices so he buys the meat.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 12.29.31.png

While walking home she wants him to buy a dress for her and he says no, she bugs him about it but he refuses. She tries on the dress in the window and though he finds it pretty he walks away.

Seo Yeon comes into Hye Sung’s clinic to bring the dog home. He tells her that the pups eyesight isn’t that good and gives her some medicine to give to him. Hye Sung says goodbye to the dog and knocks down a pen which Seo Yeon hands back. An employee complains about the women who flock to Hye Sung and the other mentions the once sided love is the worse and offers to go out for drinks.

Chun Sang was beaten by Sadako. In Rang asks what wrong and he tells him what happened. Sadako DMs him and teases him and right away you can tell that Sadako is a troll.

Suddenly in Sadako’s room, a news report is reporting the death of the sing Miz. Suddenly the power falters and the TV turns static right when the news anchor tells the audience of her leaving a video of it. His phone goes off and the video of Miz’s death plays. When he turn the phone ad throws it, the music plays on his TV. Suddenly Miz’s Ghost is crawling out from underneath the bed and Sadako starts to scream.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive home and she still riding him about the dress. He tells her that how would she even be able to wear it, and she tells him by burning the dress. He reminds her that he’s not made of cash. He puts her cup and brush in the bathroom and she looks at them fondly. He asks what she’s so happy about and she tells him that this is the first gift she got as a ghost. He leaves the bathroom and smiles softly at her while she still looks into the bathroom.

He starts cooking when Myung Chul comes in. She pops away. Gong Pal asks where he was. And Myung Chul tells him he was looking for something.When he notices the sword sitting next to the bookcase he tells him he was looking for it. He accuses Bong Pal of taking it, but he assures him it’s been sitting there since the say before. They sit down to eat and Myung Chul eats all the meat and then after uses her toothbrush.

That night Hyun Ji is staring at Myung Chul ask he sleeps and hopes that he falls and breaks his nose. He then proceeds to roll off the bed and hurt his back. She wonders where she’s going to sleep if Myung Chul is sleeping on the couch. She wanders into Bong Pal’s room and lays down on the bed. She is basking in how comfy it is when Bong Pal turns towards her, only a breath away.  She quickly turns onto her back.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 13.22.55.png

Hyun Ji ends up falling asleep with her back to Bong Pal. He wakes up when he tries to over himself but her weight on the blankets make it impossible so he gets up to leave the bed. He notices that she’s cold so he covers her up before laying on the floor in front of the couch. Myung Chul rolls onto him and then hugs him in his sleep. He extracts himself and gets onto the couch.

The next morning everyone wakes up and Myung Chul asks why he slept on the couch. He tells him it’s because it was hot in his room. Myung Chul teases him about being wanted to be held.

Myung Chul leaves for a business trip and he tells him to not exorcise any ghosts and to stay away from virgin ghost because they’re trouble. Hyun Ji starts glaring at him and he leaves. After he leaves Hyung Ji complains about no liking the priest and how he makes too many assumptions. She then turns her attention to food.

Bong Pal serves breakfast and stares at her while she eats. He tells her that they need to redo the contract because he doesn’t believe that he’ll be able to afford her since she eats a lot. She doesn’t believe him and he tells her that she ate half of a weeks worth of food in a day. She tells him to do as he pleases.

In Rang and Chun Sang track down Sadako to give him a talking too. They track him down to the dorms where people study for the civil exam. When they get there he doesn’t answer so they open the door to find him dead.

They call the police and are questioned. They assure him that they didn’t do anything. The police officer collaborates their story. They are going through all of the hate comments and the 2 people who wrote the most are dead and the next person is Black star, which is Chun Sang’s account. He tells them again how Sadako hacked their account and used it to post comments.

Chun Sang and In Rang are at the club room talking about Miz’s death. Chung Sang tells him that it can’t be connected and there must be an explanation. In Rang tells him that he must leave for his hometown, but really he wants to run away. Chung Sang calls him out on it. While they’re talking the music starts to play and they run out of the room because seeing Miz’s ghost.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 13.51.33.png

An unknown woman writes a bad post on the internet about Miz right before she gets into the elevator. While writing another post, Miz’s ghost appears and kills her.

Hyung Ji follows Bong Pal to school, much to his dismay. After class, she complains about the lecture being so long and her being so hungry. He asks if she died of hunger. They come across Seon Yeon and  Hyun Ji tries to get him to ask her out for lunch. Seo Yeon notices him and walks over. He is a little tongue tied, and while they’re having their conversation she noticed Hye Sung behind him. He wishes her to have a good lunch and they part ways. Hyun Ji teases him for being horrible at asking people out.

Seo Yeon calls to Hye Sung and asks about the dog not eating much. They arrange for her to drop by the clinic the following afternoon. Hye Sung hears the meowing and comes to see a girl feeding a stray cat. He tells her she shouldn’t feed the cat and she apologises. He tells her that next time she should feed it at the corner so no one will catch her. He goes to examine the cat but it swipes at him and we hear the sound of a ghost. She asks if he’s ok, and he tells her he’s fine.

Myung Chul goes to say the blessing at a funeral. However, he forgot to turn off his phone and it goes off part way through the ceremony. He takes the call and gives the address to the caller. He tells him to go check on the man because he’s Bong Pal’s father and he can’t get in contact with him.

Bong Pal is coming out from the school with Hyun Ji telling him that he shouldn’t have a crush for so long. She offers to help but he tells her that doing nothing would help most. Suddenly In Rang comes running and Bong Pal tells him that he’s not interested in the club. In Rang assure him that it’s not for that but rather he’s looking for help.

Chun Sang is sitting in the club room hold crosses with his back up against the wall. In Rang tries to explain the situation to Bong Pal when Chun Sang calls but the ghost breaks the connection. In Rang freaks out and drags Bong Pal with him to save Chun Sang. Meanwhile, Chun Sang is running away from the ghost.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 14.17.08.png

Chun Sang runs into the club room and is holding the door shut when  he feels something dripping on to him. Miz is right above him. He runs away but trips on the stairs and falls. Miz picks up his hand when Hye Sung comes in and tells her to wait before flinging herself at Miz. they have a mild scuffle before Miz is up against a wall. Hyun Ji tells her that this isn’t the way to go and her killing people isn’t going to change anything. Miz gets behind her and tells her that all she wanted was a compliment and she doesn’t understand why people hate her so much.

Just then Bong Pal comes in and removes her from Hyun Ji. She proceeds in flinging Bong Pal across the room, and when Hyun Ji notices he’s out cold for a few seconds she thorught Miz onto the table and tells her that she’s the one who hate herself the most and killing people won’t change that. Miz gets the upper hand and tells her she doesn’t understand. She start chocking Hyun Ji and Bong Pal comes to, notices and throws Miz off. Miz sees herself in the mirror and hear someone’s voice sat that if you can’t love yourself how can anyone else love you. She goes up in flames while watching Bong Pal and Hyun Ji. Right when the commontion is overs In Rang comes in screaming to find Chun Sang passed out on the floor.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are walking home. Hyun Ji complains about being tired and tells him that she’ll go home first. She tries but gets popped back behind him. She wonders if she’s too tired but with the second attempt the same thing happens. She pops out in front of him. She starts complaining about other ghosts having no problem with teleportation but she always messes up. Bong Pal notices hoe ragged her clothes are for the first time. He tells her that she did a good job and when she asks for meat he agrees. He tells her to go home first and he’d be back.

He comes back with food and the dress to find her sleeping. He smiles a little about it. He goes to the roof and burns the dress. Hyun Ji wakes up when her dress appears on her body. She smiles to herself before jumping to the roof. She calls to Bong Pal and spins around in her dress. He just kinda stares at her.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 14.36.56.png

In Rang is taking care of Chun Sang in the club room when Cung Sang wakes up and asks if he’s alive. In Rang tells him he is and his fingers are all there too. They both cry relieved that everything turned out ok.

Hye Sung is working when his nurses leave. He tells them he didn’t notice the time. They asked what happened to his arm and he tells them that he got scratched by a cat. They leave and he goes back into the office. Meanwhile, the student is looking for the cat she feeds to find it dead and the kittens are alone, the ghost noise is also heard. Hye Sung roles up his sleeve to show his entire arm is covered in scratches.

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  1. Sophie

    Love your recap! Can you please tell me the song that was playing when Miz committed suicide. It was right at the beginning of the episode. I’ve searched everywhere but no good.


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