Love in Memory



I will tell you that this is a very conflicting show. I couldn’t tell who I wanted to root for, but it does walk us through self discovery and self growth.This short drama as 6 episodes with run times of about 15 minutes.

We follow Hyun Joo (Jo Yoon Hee) who happens to meet back up with her 1st love Man Sae (Jung Gyu Woon). They get to talking and reminisce about their relationship and all of the good times that they had together. Meanwhile Ki Soo (Choi Won Young), Hyung Joo’s boyfriend, knows what’s going on and must put his trust in Hyung Joo.

I will admit this drama had be torn I didn’t know who I wanted to cheer for at the end. Though this drama does depict how hard it is to let go of your first love. I really liked this drama.


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