Uncontrollably Fond Episode 5 Recap



We get to watch to Joon Young’s (Kim Woo Bin) interview quickly spiral out of control until he asks No Eul (Bae Suzy). Namgoog (Park Soo Young) starts to laughing and says that Joon Young is joking around to break the tension before the real shoot. He tells him that he’s not joking. He asks if he’s no good. No Eul tells him that of course, she’d agree after all he’s a top star. She’s certain that there will be ab announcement and she’ll put it on her social media. Joon Young stifles a laugh while looking at her.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) arrives and asks what wrong with No Eul.  Bong Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) tell him that she’s sure that she caused trouble again. Ji Tae asks if that’s true and she nods. She goes on, incoherently, about how she told Joon Young’s joke too seriously, or maybe the only one who took what he said seriously  serious and she’s certain she’s going to be fired. She complains that it’s not fair that people are only chastising her when Joon Young started it. Bong Sook hits her and tells her that she’ll never meet with Joon Young so she shouldn’t unload it on her. No Eul says that she might be going crazy.

Ji Tae pulls out his handkerchief and starts wiping her face. He tells him that it’s for the best that and tells her to go back to investigating TV and offers to help her get a job. She tells him that he’s unemployed and not the best person to give help her. He tells her that he’ll get a job soon. She tells him that when he gets a job can he hire her as his wife because she’s sick of dealing with people.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 11.19.02.png

Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) tells him that starting the following day, No Eul will be replaced with another PD. He knows that h said what he did to get her fired, well he got his wish. He goes through Namgoog’s thought process and then through No Eul not being able to really say anything in that situation. Joon Young is stepping out but he tells Kook Young to tells Namgoog that he won’t shoot a scene of the documentary if No Eul isn’t the one working on it and he would have to find another star to be his cash cow.

`No Eul stop Ji Tae from drinking and tells him to just admits that he doesn’t want her as his wife. He just stares at her sadly while she continues on. She eventually leaves, after leaving her cell phone. She can’t believe he’s not following.

Bong Sook comes back over and tells him that he’s too good for her. He mentions how he’s the same and she denies it while rattling off No Eul’s bad qualities. She tells him that he needs a better woman and starts describing herself. He tells her that he doesn’t deserve No Eul while is why he can’t accept her. He notices the phone and chastises No Eul for forgetting it before going after her. Bong Sook feels like there is something wrong with Ji Tae.

Ji Tae answers the phone and Joon Young has a back and forth both men protective of No Eul. Since the caller display comes up as AssholeJi Tae takes on that iff the called is Joon Young then he shouldn’t bother calling since she was already fired. Joon Young asks if this is her husband however Ji Tae can’t answer. Finally, No Eul arrives and takes the phone and answers but Joon Young hangs up. She notices that it’s him. Without saying anything Ji Tae calls No Eul and see her display for him, Husband. He inquires about it. She tells him that whenever she has a spat with someone he takes their side. So the 2 hangul’s that make up husband also means another side. Ji Tae tells her that she’ll meet a better person but it’s not him. She tells him that he’s cruel and if he’s going to reject her to just do it outright. She tells him she’s cutting ties with him and walks off.

She is walking home and wonders why Joon Young called her. She goes to message him, super mad, but the text turns out more of a lead. She decided not to send it when she notices his car. She walks up and looks in. She pressed up against the glass when he lowers the window. He asks about the asshole id on her phone. blaming the production team. He asks why she’s living with Na Ri instead of her husband. She goes off on him tells him she has no husband or kids and no one would want a bum like her as a wife. She tears into him until finally leaving. He smiles at her while she walks to the house. While she’s on the steps PD Yoon calls her and tells her she’ll need to continue working on the project since Joon Young refuses to shoot a single scene without her and they need to have an emergency meeting. She doesn’t respond and just watched Joon Yong drive off.

We get to see Joon Young’s day through his CCTV cameras.

No Eul is feeding her brother (Lee Seo Won) and asks what all the food is about. She complains that when she starts working she won’t be able to take care of him. She then worried about his complexion and asks if his friend’s family is feeding him. Na Ri (Kim Min Young) suggests following him around with a bowl of rice. Eul suggests doing that and Jik agrees. He warns her about Joon Young’s fans and tells her that she has to be careful with them since they’re trying to dig up info about her. He gets a text from Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) and shows it to her. Eul tests the girl back about wanting to know what she’ll do with the information. Jik takes her phone back and when Ha Roo calls he cancels the call. Eul wants to teach her a lesson but Jik won’t let her. He begs that she doesn’t fall for him because he lives in a different world than them. She switches to big sister mode and he tells her that he really wishes that this between her and Ji Tae go well because he’s a good guy. He promises that’s the end of his nagging and wishes her luck at work before leaving. She mutters to herself that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about since she was already rejected.

Ji Tae is at home, brushing his teeth when his thoughts land on No Eul’s offer. He smiles to himself and tells himself to get it together. He lays on hs bed. He sits up when someone knows on the door and the maid tells him that his father wants to see him.

Ji Tae is sitting in front of Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) both of them are very serious. Ji Tae taunts him about his next move being very wrong and Hyun Joon mentions that that’s what he wants. He gets to the board and on either side of a go board. Hyun Joon flicks the stone over the 2 black ones when he was trying to hit them. This causes Ji Tae to win the ball the Greg Norman signed. Hyun Joon doesn’t want to give it up because he had to jump through hoops to get it. They have a little jovial fight when Ha Roo comes in. She tells her father she’s drained and Hyun Joon asks where she went. She tells him that it’s Joon Young’s concert and tries to get him to go with her. Ji Tae tells her that he’s busy and she should be studying to retake the college exam for the 3rd time. She tells him to forget about it and Ha Roo goes on about the concert. Ji Tae finally snaps at his sister telling her how important school is and she believes Joonyoung is more important the school. She leaves and Hyun Joon admits that he finds himself liking Joon Young more because he’s been worried about how level tempered Ji Tae is. Now he knows his son can get mad.

Joon Young goes to see his mother to offer her tickets saying it her least chance. She tells him that she won’t go. He tries to convince her and she tears into him about giving up his dream without telling her. She tries to make him feel bad because of his promise to help the little guy. He tells her that people like him shouldn’t be a prosecutor and people like her wouldn’t be any better off. He tells her that he’s leaving the seats open for them. She tells him that he could wait till he’s dead and she won’t come. (Little does she know)

No Eul arrives at the concert and opens her camera and starts filming everything. Little does she knows Ji Tae is following her.

Ha Roo is complaining to her friend about her brother. Hyun Joon shows up and tells her to stop complaining about her brother because it’s only natural for him to be worried. Ha Roo is so happy to see him, and her friend admits to having texted him. He shows her his shirt and tells her to not tell her mother or brother. They take a picture just when the concert starts.

No Eul is filming the concert and remembers her brother’s words to no fall in love with him. She grabs a bit of water before going back to filming. Ji Tae watches her from the back. And part way through the 1st song Hyun Joon leaves.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 13.00.07.png

Hyun Joon steps outside and remembers meeting Joon Yong as a boy with a dream and mentions that he won’t be coming back to the prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, Eun Soo gets a call that Hyun Joon went to Joon Young’s concert because of Ha Roo. She gets so mad she pushes the vases off the table.

Young Ok (Jin Kyung) chastises one of her employees for watching Joon Young’s concert. He admits it’s hard to find fault with him because he’s so cool. The employee goes to peel onions. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) comes in and hands Young Ok the money that Joon Young Leads Kook Young. He tells her that Joon Young had quit law school before Kook Young got into trouble and then becoming a celebrity so it wasn’t his son’s fault he quit.

Joon Young finishes his concert and No Eul comes in filming. She asks about his feeling about the concert and he asks about Ji Tae who answered her phone the night before. She asks another question and he asks if Ji Tae was her boyfriend. She tries desperately to get him to answer questions but he’s only interested in her boyfriend. Finally, she snaps and tells him Ji Tae’s not her boyfriend and he tells her good job and leaves.

He gets on stage to sing another song. The lights suddenly drop and on the screen behind him a message starts to play. It reads that the person he loves is there and he has something he wants to tell them. He gets handed a big white bear. The curtain drops away and a full orchestra is behind him. He switches to his hand’s free mic and drops his mic. He grabs No Eul and brings her on stage. Their platform raises and he hands her the bear. She gets a flashback to when they were in high school.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 13.32.48.png

Suddenly an article goes live about Joon Young and No Eul being high school sweethearts. They released all of No Eul’s information online. Joon Young gets mad and tells them to report this to the police and he wants to kill them all himself. The mains issue remains her information has been leaked.

No Eul goes to the bathroom to wash her face and everyone starts talking about her. She tells them it was just a joke but they don’t believe her and call her a gold digger.

When No Eul steps out of the bathroom the bombarded with questions. That’s when she finds out about the story online. Ji Tae steps in and stops them from rolling and bring her outside. They come face to face with Joon Young and he steps in front of them. He goes for her and Ji Tae stops him saying that people will think it’s for real. Joon Young recognises Ji Tae right away. He assures him it’s fine if it’s him because everyone knows him, but if Ji Tae is caught on camera they will dig up dirt on him. Ji Tae hides his face and lets No Eul’s hands drop and Joon Young pulls her away with the cameras following him.

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