Uncontrollably Fond Episode 6 recap



No Eul (Bae Suzy) and Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) are in the car driving. She asks where they’re going. He admits that he doesn’t know but mentions to not ask to be let out because he’s not stopping.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) comes into the home gym to find his father on the treadmill. He mentions it’s quite late, and Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) echoes the sentiment. He tells his father that he’s been listening to his friend’s complaint because his friend and his friend’s younger brother love the same woman. His friend’s father is on bad terms wth the girls family so his friend had to give up on the girl and the younger brother took her hand and ran off with the girl. Hyun Joon mentions that it sounds like a drama. Ji Tae turns to his father a suggests they ditch their workouts and go for a beer instead.

They finally arrive at the end of the road and Joon Young mentions that it’s not like they can drive into the ocean and die. She mentions that she doesn’t quite care about being alive that moment and wouldn’t mind drowning. He puts the car in gear and she shuts it off calling him a psycho. She gets out of the car and walks to a convenience store to buy alcohol. She sits down by the reiver’s edge and starts drinking.

No Jik (Lee Seo Won) tries to call his sister’s cellphone but it’s in the car and she doesn’t notice. Na Ri (Kim Min Young) is worried about No Eul she knows that Joon Young would do as he please but this is a little much. She mentions that at this rate it looks like Joon Young’s fans are going to kill No Eul. He calls Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) and threatens her and anyone else if the touch a hair on No Eul’s head. She asks where she is so they can send the police for harassment. He tells her and then says that he’s more than willing to have the conversation face to face.

Ha Roo calls her father but Ji Tae answers. She complains about some guy harassing her and when she notices it’s her brother. She asks why he’s the one answering their father’s phone and he tells her that he’s out drinking with their father and he’s in the bathroom. She starts to tell him what’s wrong than remembers his reaction to Joon Young and decides against it before hanging up. Hyun Joon comes back and is wondering why he feels so drunk when he has barely drank. Ji Tae teases him about his tolerance going down  and Hyun Joon blames his wife and they head home.

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No Eul starts looking for her phone but can’t find it so Joon Young hands her his phone and she tries to remember a number.

Ji Tae brings Hyun Joon home when his mother, Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung), starts to complain that he let him drink. She tells him she’s mad but goes to get Hyun Joon tea. His phone starts to ring and he answers. A drunk No Eul pours her heart out to him and asks him why he was going to be so nice to her just to reject her. She starts comparing him to Joon Young and then begs for him to reconsider. Finally Joon Young takes back his phone and she tries to get it back and he yells at her before throwing the phone into the water.

Ji Tae is wanting in his father’s room on the verge of tears and asks if he wants water. His father agrees. Ji Tae tells his drunk father that it’s his fault that he can’t be with No Eul.

No Eul tells Joon Young to get her phone and he tells her that it was his phone, not hers. She complains that she still had more to say and he tells her to go gets it herself. She starts to wade in and he gets her out. He finally breaks and asks if she doesn’t see him, he’s done some crazy stuff for her but still, she doesn’t see him. Eventually, she passes out whining about Ji Tae.

The next morning No Eul wakes up in an Inn to find her wearing odd clothes and no idea how she got there. When she comes out the Inn owner tells her that she drank 5 soju bottles and No Eul can’t remember the evening. She asks why her clothes are hanging over there and the owner tells her she fell in the ocean and her husband changed her clothes for her.

She goes to the car to find her phone on the passenger seat and Joon Young nowhere to be found. She gets her phone charged before heading back to Seoul. She calls her brother and apologises for worrying him. He asks if something happened and she asks if he didn’t really the mail. He admits that he’s been too busy studying to know what’s going on. They hang up under the pretence of him going to class and Na Ri tells him that he skipped class.

No Eul was about to call the Ji Tae and then she remembers part of the night before. Joon Young was carrying her on his back and she kept calling for mister. He tells her to stop and she does, but they she pukes all over him and herself.

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Ji Tae is in a meeting when a department chief calls him and he ignores the call. We find out that he can be a real hard ass at work. He passes a project to another chief to teach the one who didn’t work properly a lesson.

No Eul gets a call from Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) he asks where she is and tells her the Joon Young isn’t answering his phone. He mentions the trouble and NomGoog (Park Soo Young) starts screaming about how she seduced him. She tells him that she didn’t seduce him and is also the victim because Joon Young is a bastard.

We get a flashback to the following night when Joon Young is cleaning No Eul up. He had asks the owner to change her clothes but she refuses and he’s left to his own devices. HE very awkwardly starts undressing her. When she murmurs mister he taps her mouth.

2 of Young Ok (Jin Kyung) employees are writing crap about Joon Young again but Young Ok remains quiet. They are about to high five about the most recent comments when Kook Young comes in. He tells them to worry about a lawsuit being brought against them. Young Ok chimes in telling him that they did nothing wrong because she’s the one who told them to do that. Namgoog turns his attention to her and mentions that since her son got caught up in this scandal she could at least be a little worried. Kook Young tries to stop him but there is no reasoning with him now that he’s mad. He tears into her mentioning how it’s not a surprise that Joon Young does whatever he wants since he was brought up by such a psychotic mother. Jun Sik (Choi Moo Sung) grabs in and gets a tad physical when Young Ok screams at everyone and tells them to just leave Joon Young alone. She goes outside to worry and we see Eun Soo watching her and asks if the person found out why Joon Young was at the hospital.

Hyun Joon is with some clients talking when he notices a woman that looks like Young Ok. He calls to her and she turns mentioning that he’s calling her Young Ok again, but it’s actually Mrs Song for the Hostess club. She invites him to come by her new shop before leaving. (Oh he still loves Young Ok)

Na Ri is giving No Eul some sunglasses to try and she mentions that the new paper blurred her face. Na Ri tells her that he face is all over the internet. No Eul gets another call from Kook Young asking if she really doesn’t know where Joon Young is. She tells him that she doesn’t and that if he’s so worried he should call the police.

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Ha Roo comes to see No Jik at work. She asks about his relationship to No Eul to make him so protective. He doesn’t tell her but says that there is a good reason. She asks No Jik where No Eul is and when he asks why she tells him that Joon Young has been off the radar since he disappeared with that person. No Jik picks her up and places her in the trash. He tells her that if she has any more trash thoughts to throw them there. She starts going on about her father again, and finally bites him.

No Eul is walking home when she gets a phone call. This triggers a memory of her throwing up and seeing Joon Young cleaning her clothes. She answers and tells Kook Young that Joon Young was gone when she woke up. She promises to send him a text but she’s sure his car will be gone. It’s not.

No Eul arrives home to find reporters loitering around. Ji Tae comes up behind her and taps her shoulder before motioning for her to follow him. They go to the restaurant and Bong Sook tells her that’s she’s become a star. Ji Tae sends her away and asks if it isn’t annoying that he’s wearing sunglasses inside. She tells him that it is. He switches his hat for hers and removes her sunglasses. She tells him that if he left her then he shouldn’t have come back. He agrees with her and admits that him sitting across from her is equally shocking to him because he tries to stay away. He asks if he should have taken her for a hangover soup and she asks him how he knew that she had been drinking. He reveals that she called him while she was drunk. He mentions not seeing his name on her phone and he tells her that she used Joon Young’s phone. Jung Eun calls Ji Tae right then and he excuses himself.

He talks with Jung Eun and she asks if he went to the Joon Young concert. He tells her that he didn’t and when he asks why she tells him that someone said that they saw him there but told them they must have been mistaken. Jung Eun looks at the photos of that day. He invites her out of dinner.

Meanwhile, No Eul is trying to remember the night before when she recalls talking on the phone with Ji Tae and Joon Young taking his phone back. While having her face in a plate of water she remembers Joon Young’s words. His honest asking her sleeping form what to do because she never cared about her and he might have waited too long to tell her he liked her.

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When Ji Tae returns he asks where No Eul disappeared too. Bong Sook asked if he didn’t’ see her. She then asks if she’s really a cheabol and when she thinks she’s right she hopes she didn’t upset her.

No Eul takes a taxi back to the countryside and pays the ridiculous bill. She arrives at his car to find Kook Young. he tells her that they looked everywhere and couldn’t find Joon Young. She asked if he returned to Seoul, and Kook Young admits that he wouldn’t have left his car. She asked if he called the police and he tells her that he can’t because of the reported. He’s worried that h might have jumped into the ocean. He then accuses her of killing him for his money. She says of course she did and walks away. He calls after her telling her that Joon Young has a huge ego and if he did anything because she rejected him then he’ll make her pay.

No Eul walked by the inn and the owner sees her. She mentions that she heard that her husband was missing. 2 people came and asked around when he left. When No Eul asked if he said anything, the owner told her that he hands her a fist full of money, asked her to make her some hangover soup and to give her the clothes.

No Eul walks back into the room she stayed in the night before. She remembers waking up briefly and seeing Joon Young staring at the poster. No Eul asks where the island is and it’s about a40-minutee boat ride away. She goes to the boat stop and notices the 1st boat is at 7:30, two and a half hours away. While waiting she sees a fisherman and asks for a ride on his boat and he agrees.

When No Eul arrives she searches the island and can’t find him. She calls Kook Young and he can’t find him as well and is crying on the phone. She notices him and walks over. She screams at him and says that she’s done crazy things because of her worry. He gets up and leaves. She believes that he thinks he’s dreaming. She tells him that he’ll come to his senses if she pinches him. He stops her and tells her to leave. He tells her to go screw herself and walks away.


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