Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 4 Recap




We rewatch the scene where Bong Pal (TeacYeon) burns the new dress for Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) and she shows it off to him. She asks how it looks and he tells her that the dress is pretty. He gets a text message and picks her up. He tells her that they have to work and they leave even though she’s complaining that it’s late at night.

There is a woman showering in a bath house and suddenly her water shuts off. She tries to put it one again but to no avail. A ghostly hand reaches for her leg and she looks down. She sees a ghost’s face and screams.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji return home and Hyun Ji bumps into the closed door. Bong Pal finishes a call from one client and then gets a call from the next one. He steps out and Hyun Ji complains that she’s so tired and wants to take the day off. Bong Pal reminds her that he has to feed her and help her study. He coming to work is part of the deal. She complains about having not studied yet. He promises to do it when they come home. She refuses to go, but Bong Pal drags her after him.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) are cleaning up the clubroom. Chun Sang complains that if the housing people knew they would be pissed. In Rang chastises him and tells him that he should be grateful that he’s alive. Chun Sang agrees and he goes to pray and then realises that he should be thanking Bong Pal. He asks In Rang about how Bong Pal knew he was in danger.  In Rang doesn’t answer and when Chun Sang says that he’s a good man In Rang gets a text from Bong Pal. He shows it to Chun Sang and he tells him that Bong Pal charges 1 million won per exorcism. Chun Sang tells him to ignore him. The head of the housing agency comes knocking and thought they try to be quiet he knocks the door off its hinges.

Hyun Ji wakes up and wonders how long she slept. She goes looking for Bong Pal but when she phases through the door she gets more that she’s bargaining for. She catches Bong Pal putting on his shirt. When he’s finished he chastises her about walking in. Hyun Ji assures she didn’t see anything. she mentions that he’s looking put together and puts it up to him having a class with Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) Bong Pal tells her not to follows and goes to school.He tells her that one of the rooms in his apartment is forbidden and leave. She pops next to him and comes with him to school since she doesn’t want to stay at home.

Chun Sang and In Rang get given the eviction notice again anddis advises that they will be getting a seperate maitanance bill. They nod and when the guy from the housing agency leaves In Rang hold Chun Sang back from attacking. In Rang asks what they’re going to do next. Chun Sang admits that he doesn’t know. They get spooked by a falling item and runs away.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are walking around school and he asks why she’s so happy. She tells him that she looks like a college student in that dress. She notices Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) and excuses herself to talk. She asks Kyung Ja what brings her there and Kyung Ja reminds her that her honey goes there. She notices the new dress and asked who burned it for her. She doesn’t say but Kyung Ja tells her it must be Bong Pal. Kyung Ja tells her that Bong Pal likes her and though Hyun Ji denies it, the words stick with her when she returns back to him.

Bong Pal meets with Seo Yeon to prepare the lecture. Hyun Ji walks around telling him that it’s obvious that he likes her. She pushes him and he brushes it off as a stumble. Hye Sung (Kwan Yool) arrives and thanks them for coming to help. Seo Yeon notices the scratches on his hand and arm and he tells her not to worry. He realises that he forgot some material and leaves. He side steps Hyun Ji and she feels like something is off about him. (As do I as do I) She voices her observation to Bong Pal but he tells her that she’s seeing things.

Bong Pal complains about the comedic duo not texting him back. He tries calling them to no avail. He complains and she tells him that they looked penniless and they aren’t going to pay him. They go to the club room and when they arrive they see the eviction notice. She tells him that he’s not going to see his money. Once he reminds her that without them paying she can’t repay her debt, she also gets mad and tells him to call them again.

Chun Sang and In Rang are sitting outside and looking at the bills. The housing agency wants 890,00 won and Bong Pal wants 1 million won. Neither of them has any money, or anyone to turn to for a loan.

Hyun Joo and Seo Yeon meet up and she asks why she didn’t come to class. She tells Seo Yeon that she had business to attend. Hyun Joo spots Hye Sung in the background and remembers the night prior when he killed the cat that she was feeding. Little did he know that she witnessed it, or does he. When he walked away that night, he had dropped his pen. Hyun Joo suddenly stands and leaves dropping the pen, which Seo Yeon finds.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 14.16.25.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji sit down and he gives her an hour to write up a practice SAT test.When she’s finished he asks what the minimum is for her to cross over. She tells him just enough to attend his school He tells her that there is no chance that she’ll move on that year. He shows her the 32% she got. She gets defensive and he tells her that she can try again, but she tells him she’s busy and pops away.

Seo Yeon catches up with Hye Sung and hands him his pen. She tells him that Hyun Joo found it. He admits that he was looking for it and thanks her for returning it. He goes to visit where he killed the cat to find it buried with a bouquet of flowers on the grave. He looks up and we hear the ghost noise again. (I think someone is going to be killed soon)

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) went to see his friend who’s an acupuncturist. He tells him that he’s a mess and very week. He admits he’s surprised that Myung Chul is alive after all of the encounters he’s had. Myung Chul tells him not to breathe a word of what he did for Bong Pal. He asks if his friendwentt to Bong Pal’s father’s place. He admits that he did to find ha had left and that someone else was looking for him. It seems like the evil ghost that killed his wife is still after him. He even forgot to send Bong Pal a letter that he had written.

In Rang and Chun Sang tries to return a piece of equipment, but the store refuses to take it because it was forced on. When they leave In Rang blames Chun Sang and reminds him of his warning. Chun Sang tries to tell him it wasn’t him, but finally he screams and hands him the mic before walking away. Chun Sang follows after him and tells him that he’ll buy lunch. They go out toeat and Chun Sang asks where they’re going to sleep. In Rang tries to get him to come home with him. Chun Sang tells him taht his grandmother hates him. In Rang is suddenly in a hurry to find them a place to sleep.

Bong Pal comes out with a stack of book and Hyun Ji complains about it being so large. He tells her that she’ll have to read that and more. They start but Hyun Ji tries to delay it until she agrees. She ends up falling asleep.

In Rang and Chun Sang go to a place that will give them a half off rate. When the owner notices their bags he offers to put them in storage for no extra cost. That night while sleeping In Rang decides to sleep in the other room. Chun Sang then proceeds to get beat up by a ghost.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 16.05.47.png

The next day Hyun Ji wakes up still laying one the coffee table she fell asleep on. She berates him for not waking her u or at the very least putting him on the couch. He tells her that he’s not throwing out his back for her and goes to the bathroom to shower. She wanders into the forbidden room and looks around. When Bong Pal comes out he notices the door open. He gets mad at her when she asks him to burn, what I believe to be, his mother’s shoes. He reminds her that she’s a ghost and should stop trying to act human. He leaves for school without saying a thing.

Chun Sang and In Rang are at school and Chun Sang complains about being curses. In  Rang shows him that the inn has been haunted for the last month when someone died there. After the decided to go get some sleep in an empty class room. They notice Bong Pal. He chases them down and they promise to pay him in 2 days.

Bong Pal goes through the day thinking about and worrying bout Hyun Ji. Around lunch time Hyun Ji feels hungry and debates going to school but Bong Pal’s words replay in her head.

Chun San and In rang return to the Spa to offer their services for an exorcism.

Bong Pal arrives home and asks Hyun Ji why she didn’t turn on the lights. She tells him that it doesn’t matter if it’s dark since she’s a ghost. He asks if she’s hungry which she answers the same way. He cooks the meal and makes enough for her as well. He eats and leaves the rest for her.

The nurses are talking about how this clinic wasn’t doing as well as the last and he suddenly accepted the offer of being a teacher. Hye Sung comes out and tells his staff that he’s leaving and gets into his car (I feel like he’s going to kill someone)

Bong Pal gets called out by his seniors and he goes to see them with a now happy Hyun Ji following along. They offer him a drink and tells him that he would get 1.5 million won for the exorcisms so it’s win-win. Bon Pal goes to stand up, but In Rang offers 3 million before Chun Sang pulls him out. Hyun Ji picks up the soju beer mix and tastes it. Bong Pal tries to stop her but when he’s not looking she chugs it.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 17.20.28.png

They go back to the Sauna to work. Bong Pal looks behind at Hyun Ji to find her drunk. The owner lets them in and is a little weary of Bong Pal being the exorcist. The other 2 men don’t care how he looks so long as he gets the job done.

They go and check out where the 2 men saw the ghost the night before, however, the ghost isn’t there. Bong Pal looks around and wonders where Hyun Ji went and when the guys did the role call he said nevermind. They go into the showers and he’s told that the man who died was a regular who liked to grope women and was a real sleaze bag.  The lights flicker in the showers.

Hyun Ji is sleeping on the floor when the ghost suddenly appears and gropes her. She scream and this draws Bong Pal’s attention He goes running and meets up with her 1/2 way. (I really like how in this scene they shot with her there and not so we can see what it looks like to a lay man.) Bong Pal tries to hit the man but he pops away and appears behind Hyun Ji who stills. The man puts her over his shoulders and Bong Pal runs to him. However, the ghost throws Hyun Ji at him and he falls to the ground. The ight goes on until Hyun Ji can finally see that his chest is his week. Bong Pal attacks the chest and wins. The other boys come out after it’s all said and done.


Bong Pal and Hyun Ji go home. Hyun Ji is acting like an adorable, obnoxious drunk. She tries to prove that she’s not drunk by walking in a straight line, and when she tries popping from place to place she end up face first in a sign. Bong Pal tries to get her up but she refuses to get up or go home. When Bong Pal voices his opinion she tells him that it’s right, she’s a ghost so she shouldn’t want to do human things. She starts crying and telling him that she didn’t ask to die, she didn’t even remember dying. (Maybe because she didn’t. This is my belief). She tells Bong Pal that she didn’t become a ghost because she wanted to.

Bong Pal ends up piggy backing her home and complains that she is so heavy. She tells him that she can’t be heavy and is as light as a feather.

Hyun Joo arrives back home to find Hye Sung waiting. He asks her where she’s found his pen and when she doesn’t answer he knows where. He mentions how quiet the neighbourhood is. She bolts but suddenly he’s in front of her (Definitely possed). With one hand, he crushes her airways and smiles.

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