Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 5 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) brings Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) home. He tucks her into bed and stretches out his back before closing the light and going to the living room.

We see an empty swing swinging and we hear a child’s laughter. A voice over comes on in a raspy voice telling the child to make sure that they hide well and they can still see their hair. This is repeated over and over again. The child, still laughing. starts running until they get to an apartment and the door closes with a bloodied hand print. It is then closely followed by a cream from the inside.

Bong Pal makes hangover soup and goes to wake up Hyun Ji. He pauses in his place once he lays his eyes on her in bed. She looks so pretty and relaxed. He snaps himself out of his revery and tells her to wake up to eat. She comes out and complains about a headache and nausea. He asks if ghosts could get drunk, and she assumes as much. She asks what they did and he can’t believe that she doesn’t remember the night before and how he had to carry her home. She’s super happy about it. She notices the soup and finds it cute that he made hangover soup for her. He tells her it’s not the case and they tuck into the meal. After their done eating, they zoom out to the food on the table, and everything she ate was still there in the bowls.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 11.50.05.png

Bong Pal gets a call from Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) telling him that it’ll be there soon. Suddenly, he gets a text message telling him 3.5 million won was deposited. He goes to the bank and gets his bank book updated. Hyun Ji looks over his shoulder and notices how much money he has. She is amazed how rich he is, and tells him that he should do more things with it. He tells her that it’s his money and he’ll spend it the way he wants. She suddenly wants to know that he’ll be spending it on, but he won’t tell. She tells him that with his gift he could make a lot of money and have her as his sidekick. He tells her to stop joking around because he’s late and runs to catch his bus. When they get on the bus Hyun Ji gets a seat for them and he sits downA little while later someone asks him to move over so she can sit and he advises her that the seat is taken and puts his bag in Hyun Ji’s lap.

Chun Sang and In Rang are counting their money and they agree that they just have to introduce Bong Pal to a few more large clients and they’ll be set. In Rang wonders how they are going to get Bong Pal to agree with the plan and Chun Sang reminds him that he is the best at charming people.

Bong Pal is in class and receives his report back. The teacher starts telling the rest of the class that he gave them a week and he gets reports filled with typos and grammatical errors. The teacher tells the class that Bong Pal, who did the group project alone, got a better mark than everyone. He places a copy of Bong Pal’s report for everyone to take and tells everyone that the groups with a c or below will need to redo the project. While Bong Pal is packing up his classmates talk about rumour’s surrounding him, like how weird things happen and someone even died after fighting with him. Bong Pal simply walks away without paying attention to them, but Hyun Ji listens and gets mad at them.

Hyun Ji follows Bong Pal while noticing that everyone else, around them, is laughing and having fun in a group. When they sit dow she asks him if he likes being alone, to which he confirms. She asks about any friends and he tells her that he likes being alone. She tries to sell him on the perks of college life and having someone to call if he needs help. He tells her not to worry and that he can look after himself.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 12.12.12.png

The nurses at the animal clinic are worries about Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) being late. He does arrive and apologises for being late. He tells them that he’ll check the appointment list for after class. One of the nurses notices the mud on his shoes, and the other nurse tells her he probably went to the shelter again. He changes in his office and places the clothes that he was wearing in a trash to throw out later.

Chun Sang and In Rang find Bong Pal and they ask if he has time. They try to sell him on the idea of joining the club where they would find him work and get him there. He accuses them of wanting a cut, and they try to prove that it’s for world peace. They explain it again and Hyun Ji thinks it’s a good idea, so Bong Pal thinks it over. They tell him that they got him a job at the community gym for 3 bank notes and he agrees. They try to get him to sign the club agreement but he walks out. They rejoice a little about getting Bong Pal to agree to work with them.

Bong Pal meets up with Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) while heading to class. She invites him to go with her to class. They talk about the final group project and she asks if he has a partner yet. He tells her he doesn’t and she offers to be his partner, to which he agree, much to Hyun Ji’s dismay.

They arrive to class and Hye Sung comes in. He tells them that he might consider letting them go early if they listen during class. When he calls Yeon Joo’s name, he marks her as absent, but we the audience and Hye Sung know’s she’s dead. After class, Hye Sung invites Bong Pal and Seo Yeon to go out to eat as a thank you for helping him with class. The trio arrives at the restaurant and Hyun Ji sits down next to Bong Pal. He pushes her out and offers the chair to Seo Yeon. She smacks his head before leaving. Hye Sung starts inquiring about Bong Pal’s family though Bong Pal gets defensive. They change the topic to the Final exam.

Hyun Ji is sitting alone on campus when  Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) arrives. Kyung Ja mentions how she can’t find her honey on the small campus. Hyun Ji, who is wrapped up in her own thoughts mentions how it could be something to be angry about to which Kyung Ja agrees. Hyun Ji mentions the restaurant and this throws Kyung Ja.Kyung Ja asks if she’s talking about Bong Pal, but Hyun Ji is just off in her little work leaving Kyung Ja wondering who she’s talking with.

Hyun Ji is walking and yells at a non-existent Bong Pal asking if it’s fun being alone without her. She trips and is going to fall when Bong Pal comes out of nowhere and catches her. He tells her to watch where she’s going and then mentions that he’s been looking everywhere for her. When she asks why he tells her that it’s time to go home. She asks if the food was good and he confirms that it was. She mentions that she believes that Seo Yeon likes Hye Sung which makes sense because he’s good looking and has a pleasing personality unlike him. She teases him by noticing Seo Yeon who has there. He asks if she likes to tease him, which she confirms. He teases her and then leaves.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 12.45.59.png


Chun Sang and In Rang go to talk with Seo Yeon about joining the club. They pull the poor puppies card and Seo Yeon agrees to join to keep the club running. When she leaves they are ecstatic, but mainly they look constipated.

Back at home Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are going to study. He comes back into the living room with some cold coffees to find her snoozing. He presses a cold coffee against her face to wake her up. He mentions that she has no passion for studying. She tells him that she does but she falls asleep every time she studies. He tells her to get her act together and to study. He looks at her problems and notices that she didn’t even solve 10. She complains that it’s hard so he goes to explain it but she’s too focused on him and not the questions.

Hye Sung is at the animal clinic looking at a photo album filled with pictures of Bong Pal when he was a child.

Bong Pal is putting his books away when Hyun Ji comes into his room. He reminds her that he warned her about coming into his room unannounced. She tells him that she’s bored and can’t sleep. He chastises her to studying while she was studying. She looks at the pictures and mentions that he was cute when he was young. She notices the shoes from the day before belonged to his mother and she apologises for not knowing. He tells her that it’s ok. He asks her to turn off the lights before leaving.

Outside of Bong Pal’s apartment complex, Hye Sung is just standing there looking at the complex. (You sir are getting very creepy with your innocent face.)

At another apartment building, a family complains about the noise being unbearable. The father goes to the next door apartment and tells them to quiet their kids. The door opens and when he walks in he comes face-to-face with a destroyed apartment. When he walks in further he sees a ghost of a child.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 13.13.05.png

The next day Chun Sang and In Rang pick Bong Pal up in a clunker of a car. Hyun Ji complains about the car being hot and Bong Pal opens the window for her. They end up going to the apartment building instead of the gym to take care of a ghost in an apartment that’s been vacant for a year. Chun Sang and In Rang go to talk with the chairwoman to finalise the contract. Meanwhile, Hyun Ji wants to play. While in the playground they witness a woman being asked to leave and not return. The woman appears either in shock or with a disability.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes to see a priestess for a talisman to ward off ghosts. She tells him that he’s gotten useless. She mentions that she’s heard about what happened at the motel. He mentions that news travels fast and he tells her that he meant to go back. She tells him that the monk who did the exorcisms is well known in the field though he is quite young. He asks for the name and she tells him the man’s name is Bong Pal. He gets mad the idea that Bong Pal is working in the field.

Bong Pal walks into the apartment with Hyun Ji. He turns on the flashlight and looks around the apartment. He makes his way further into the apartment and found a child’s room. All along the walls, there are drawings with some words saying that he hates his father. He notices something in the closet so he goes to open it to find Hyun Ji. He jumps a little and she asks if she scared him, but he closes the door again. When she pops out next tom him she asks again and he tells her to not joke around at work. He hears laughing from the closet and he opens the door again to find the kid hiding on the top shelf. He suddenly disappears.

Hyun Ji and Bong Pal follow him and they manage to catch up to him. He tells the child to stop playing because people can’t sleep and tells him that he should cross over. Bong Pal notices the bruising on his neck before the child bites him and runs away. While Bong Pal watches the kid Hyun Ji taps him on the shoulder because of another ghost coming around the corner. Bong Pal goes to punch but it ends up being Chun Sang who catches the punch.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 13.55.39.png

They arrive back at the apartment and they tell Bong Pal that they  are going to do the exorcism the following day. They also inform Bong Pal that Seon Yeon has joined the club so he signs the registration paper for them.Hyun Ji asks if he joined because of Seon Yeon, but he doesn’t say anything just goes in. Chun Sang and In Rang are super excited that they can move back into the club room.

Once back in the apartment, Bong Pal looks into the child’s past. He suddenly leaves and Hyun Ji follows him and asks why they’re going to the apartment building again. When they arrive he tells her that the child isn’t playing, but running. She asks from who, and we see the article about his abuse and death.

We see the little boy hiding behind some boxes and his ste[father’s ghost is coming after him.

Hyun Ji asks again and he tells her the one who killed him. She asks who that is and he reveals it’s his stepfather.

We’re back with the child who believe that his stepfather walked right past him but he looks up to find him right in front of him. We get to witness they day of his death. He put on the tv to watch but the stepfather wakes up and beats him. He’s about to lock the door when the mother, the catatonic woman from the park, comes in and screams at him. She’s the one who found him dead.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 14.24.16.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive to hear his screams.They start running after them. The child is begging for his father not to do anything, but the father is dragging him to the apartment. They arrive right as the apartment door closes. The stepfather removes his belt and

The stepfather removes his belt and starts bearing the table as the child hides. He grabs his leg and pulls him out. He raises his arm to hit him but Bong Pal stops him. He punches him several times before checking on the boy. The stepfather picks up the belt again but Bong Pal shields the child. Hyun Ji comes and hits the ghost several times before he throws her aside. Bong Pal regain his senses and manages to send the ghost flying.

We see the death of the stepfather. The mother started hitting him and that he killed her son. She starts beating her up but she pushes him into a glass case which shatters and slices his jugular.

They continue fighting and finally Bong Pal gets the upper hand. While he’s beating the ghost, he remembers his mother and her death. Hyun Ji holds the child close while Bong Pal finishes off the ghost.

They bring  him to see his mother in the park. She sees him and is so happy. She apologises f not being able to protect him. He holds her and smiles. Hyun Ji tells Bong Pal that the boy must have been waiting for his mother and wonders how scared he would have been.

Bong Pal remembers the last time he saw his mother’s ghost in the park. She apologises and he begs her not to leave but she has to. After one last hug, she leaves him alone crying in the park.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 14.46.16.png

When Bong Pal comes out of his memory he leaves the park on the verge of tears. Hyun Ji follows him, but when she calls to him he doesn’t answer. He is so wrapped up in his thoughts.

He happens to walk past Myung Chul who is drinking. Myung Chul calls him over and pours him a drink. He tells him that he’s told him to stop exorcising and Bong Pal tells him he’s not. Myung Chul tells him that he knows everything. He tells him about the name he goes by. Myung Chung blames himself for his mistake years ago. Bong Pal tells him that he doesn’t blame him and is actually happy that he saves him. Hyun Ji listens to the conversation and suddenly has an insight into Bong Pal’s life, but at the same time more questions.

Hyun Ji comes into Bong Pal’s room and kneels beside his bed. She notices his bloody knuckles and blows on them gently. She notices that Bong Pal is having a nightmare. He’s reliving a memory from his past where his peers would shun him, calling him a ghost because he could see them. He then relives several of his traumatic experiences as a child. Hyun Ji is next to him and only hears him say Ghosts go away, while he sleeps. A single tear runs down his face and Hyun Jingoes to wipe it away but then ends up covering his eyes.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 15.03.51.png

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