Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 6 Recap



An unsuspecting hiker tumbles down the hill after taking the wrong path and finds Hyun Joo’s body. He calls the police out and they wonder who would have dumped the body in the woods. We then see Hye Sung (Kwon Yeol) burning the evidence of his involvement.

Bong Pal (TaecYeon) wakes up to find Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) still holding his hand. He is a little confused until he remembers waking up slightly from a nightmare and seeing her. He smiles a little but when she starts to stir he puts back on his neutral face. They stare at each other for a beat before he pulls away. He chastises her for being in his room and she apologises before popping out of the room.  He sits up in bed and notices the date. He steps out in a suit which throws Hyun Ji. She asks if he’s going somewhere fun and asks to come with. He tells her not to come but she follows anyways.

She follows him to the shrine for his mother’s death anniversary and watches on somberly. When they’re finished Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) asks Bong Pal if he’s heard from his father. He asks why his father would call him when he hasn’t called Myung Chul. He tells him that he’ll see him at home and leaves.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee)go and show that they have signed up 2 more people for their club and pay the maintenance fee. The head of housing tells them that Ghost Net has already been disbanded and the voting is over. In Rang is worried but Chun Sang has already gotten a new club form signed and authorised. They get their club room back. They go in and celebrate not certain if they’re dreaming or not.

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Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are sitting in the courtyard and she mentions that it’s a perfect day for a picnic. She asks if they can go and he mentions that they have to study. She tries to build a case that a day off will help them study better, but he mentions that it hasn’t been a week since she started studying. He notices a petal in her hair and removes it, she is a little shocked before looking away. Bong Pal asks if she’s ok because she’s blushing. She tries to cover her cheeks and pops away out of embarrassment.

Hyun Ji is sitting and wondering what’s wrong with her when Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) comes to see her. Hyun Ji asks if she hasn’t found her honey yet, and Kyung Ja tells her that she’s thinking of setting up shop on campus until she finds him. Hyun Ji asks Kyung Ja if a ghosts heart can race, nd she confirms that a ghost’s emotions are the same whether in death or alive. She explains what happens whenever she sees Bong Pal and Kyung Ja tells her that she likes him. When Hyun Ji adamantly refuses Kyung Ja asks if she has a heart disease.

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Chun Sang and In Rang talk about how good a retreat would be and then Chun Sang suggests going on a retreat. In Rang is all for it, however, he wonders if Bong Pal would go for it. At first, Chun Sang thinks that it’s hopeless until his eyes fall on Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and he gets an idea. They wait for her and after the yoga class they pull her aside and asks her to join them for a retreat with the club

Hyun Ji is sitting and thinking about what Kyung Ja said she can’t believe that she would be attracted to Bong Pal. Suddenly a baseball comes flying at her and he catches it before throwing it back. He reminds her to be aware of her surroundings and asked where she keeps running off to. She asked if he missed her and he tells her that it was nice being able to focus without her there.

Chun Sang and In Rang track Bong Pal down and tells him about the retreat at first he declines thought Hyun Ji tries to tell him to go. They pull out their Seo Yeon card and suddenly Hyun Ji is changing her tune and so is Bong Pal.

Seon Yeon goes to see Hye Sung and asks him to take care of her puppy the following day since she’s going on retreat. When Hye Sung asks what club, she admits that she doesn’t know but Bong Pal is in it as well. He asks if Bong Pal is going to which she confirms. She hands him a gift containing a fountain pen as a thank you for everything that he’s done.

The following day Hyun Ji tries to convince Bong Pal that it would be a better idea to stay home. He tells her that she can stay home and he never said he was bringing her. To which she takes offence and follows him.

At the school, Seo Yeon arrives and moments later so do In Rang and Chun Sang with the van. Bong Pal looks at Hyun Ji and wonders if they will all fit. They get in and Bong Pal sits between the 2 girls. Hyun Ji acts like the jealous girlfriend the entire way there.

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They arrive at In Rang’s vacation home, but his grandmother changed the passcode and he doesn’t want to call his grandmother because she’ll want to kill Chun Sang if she knew he came. Eventually, he sounded the alarm. He called his grandmother and Chun Sang asked if she threw a fit. He assures him he didn’t because he lied about him not being there.

Bong Pal warns Hyun Ji to stay put but she wants to roam the house. Bong Pal and Seo Yeon goes outside to finish bringing things in. In Rang goes upstairs to bring some bags up missed his steps and fell down the stairs. Hyun Ji comes running and asks if he’s ok, however, since he was semi-conscience he ended up seeing her and mistakes her for an angel. Chun Sang comes and checks on him and when he’s told about the angel In Rang saw he tells him that he nearly crossed over and took him to lie down.In Rang dreams of Hyun Ji and tells the angel he’s fine.

Bong Pal and Seo Yeon are unpacking the groceries and Chun Sang sends them to buy ramen. Seo Yeon agrees to go because she has some things to buy anyways. When Bong Pal is leaving, Chun Sang tells him to take his time. After they leave Hyun Ji sees that they actually have ramen and dislikes Chun Sang for enabling their time together so she hits the bottle he’s drinking from. She goes outside and tells Bong Pal that they have ramen and tells him not to go. He tells her that Seo Yeon has some things to get anyways and tells her that he’ll be back soon

They are at the store when the clerk asks if they’re dating. Bong Pal tells her that they’re aren’t and they only go to school together. She tells him that it’s always how it starts. They are about to pay when Bong Pal grabs and Icecream for Hyun Ji. They walk back and Seo Yeon admits that she’s happy that she came on the retreat because she only commutes between school and home. Bong Pal admits that he does the same thing. Seo Yeon tells him that she finds it interesting that they started to become close after takes Hye Sung’s class. He agrees when he notices Hyun Ji sitting by the side of the river.

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Chun Sang is fussing over In Rang when the duo arrives. Seo Yeon is worried about what happened to In Rang but she’s told not to worry. Bong Pal asks what happen and is told that In Rang fell down the stairs while they were gone. Chun Sang notices that there are 2 ice creams left and he says he’s going to eat them and Bong Pal tells him it’s his and takes it from him.

Hyun Ji is sitting by the lake and is being watched from the ghost who lives in the lake. Bong Pal sits down with the ice cream and offers it to her, but she refuses. He tells her that he’ll eat it, and she takes it from him.

They sit down to eat and Hyun Ji eats some of the meat off of Bong Pal’s plate. They toast and when Bong Pal doesn’t drink any, Hyun Ji tells him to give it to her and he reminds her she shouldn’t drink. When Chun Sang and In Rang tease Seo Yeon and Bog Pal to date Hyun Ji acts jealous and starts fanning the smoke towards Seo Yeon. Bong pal switches seats with her and glares at Hyun Ji.

The police go find Hye Sung on campus and ask him about Hyun Ju. He admits that he last saw her in class 3 week prior and asks if something is wrong. They tell him that she was found dead and he acts surprised. They as if he would have noticed anything and he admits that he took over the class 1/2 through the semester so he doesn’t really know much about the students. When he gets handed a business card from a cop the other watches him. He feels like something is off with Hye Sung.

They go to the lake and at first Chun Sang and In Rang jump in but when Bong Pal and Seo Yeon refuse to come in the push them in. They have fun splashing around and when they get out they take a group photo. When they try to take a picture of only Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together Hyun Ji tries to ruin the picture.

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at the police station, the 2 cops  are eating when the senior cop asks the younger one abut Hye Sang. He tells him about his clinic and teaching position and the senior detective wonders why he changed his plans all of a sudden and stayed local.

Hye Sung breaks into Bong Pal’s apartment to look around. He lingers for a moment on the family pictures before continuing on. He eventually makes it to the spare room and picks up an old video from 1997.

Back at the vacation house, Chun Sang gives a bigs speech about their club and Hyun Ji mentions that he will be a scam artist one day. They fall into an evening of games and sing Hyun Ji can’t participate, she watches them sadly. Realising that she doesn’t belong to the group, or anywhere really.

Myung Chul comes back to the apartment and crosses paths with Hye Sung. They both recognise each other. We get a glimpse of Hye Sung’s past death and tells Myung Chul it’s been a while before walking away while Myung Chul watches after him.

They start to play spin the bottle. When it lands on sSeo Yeon they inquire about her love life and find out that she really loves someone who isn’t with them that evening. During the questioning In Rang notices Hyun Ji again and Chun Sang tells him to sleep. Bong Pal’s heart is broken a little and Chun Sang spins the bottle again. When it lands on Bong Pal he sidesteps the question of someone he likes by going to the washroom and Seo Yeon goes for some air. Kyung Ja’s words replay in Hyun Ji’s minds and she agrees that she thinks that she loves Bong Pal.

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The next day Seo Yeon goes to the lake and the ghost takes notice and pulls her in. Hyun Ji doesn’t know what to do when the rest of them show up to pull her out of the water. She tells them that it felt like she was being pulled into the water. Bong Pal offers to get medicine and pulls Hyun Ji aside. He believes she’s the one who did it and doesn’t believe her when she tells him she didn’t do anything. He tells her to stop being immature and apologises before popping away.

Bong Pal goes to the corner store and asks if there is a pharmacy because someone got scratches. That’s where he finds out about the water ghost in the river. When he finds out he leaves in a sprint back to the dock where Hyun Ji is. She gets pulled under and calls to him. When he arrives he dives in to find her already unconscious. And he swims to her even though she’s sinking.

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