Uncontrollably Fond Episode 7 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is staring at the poster in the inn. He turns to No Eul (Bae Suzy) and tells her that he had brought her to the town to take her to the island, but he’s going ahead. He’s certain that if he goes with her there that he’ll never let her go. He tells her sleeping form no to come to him, because if she doesn’t he doesn’t think he’d be able to even let her go again. He finally manages to doze on the island when No Eul wakes him up. He is speechless as he watches her rant He stands and doesn’t say anything. He counts very slowly to 3 in his head before telling her to go and walking past her.

No Eul thinks that she did something wrong after drinking. She swears to never drink again before following after him. She comes up beside him and apologises and tells him that she’s an asshole when she drinks. She can’t remember what she did so she can apologise but she really wants to. She tries to get him to drink something since he didn’t eat but he doesn’t look at her. She gets a call from Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) and she apologises for disappearing all of a sudden. He asks if she’s with Joon Young and at first she tells him no and then confirms that she is. Joon Young see the boat and heads to the dock. She tells him that she did something terrible and hangs up with him.

When Ji Tae gets into the elevator his right-hand man hands him a few photos and tells him that he believes Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) got her hands on them. Suddenly the previous night’s conversation made much more sense to him. His right-hand man tells him that he believes that she’s started investigating No Eul.

No Eul tries to get Joon Youn to open up the entire boat ride back. She but he continues silently counting. Finally, ashore she tries to get him to go eat and finally breaks. She tells him that so what that she said something when she was drunk, she was taught only petty people fight about something said when drunk. She tells him to hit her until he’s not mad anymore and he taps her on the temple before walking on. This just frustrates No Eul more.

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They arrive back at the car to find Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) asleep in the car. Joon Young gets into the car and No Eul runs around to the other side. He tells her to get out and when she refuses he says 9 in his head before getting out and calling a cab. She yells after him listening things that she remembers. She is about to tell him that she remembers him saying he likes her but he gets into the cab to avoid her. She returns to the car and wakes Kook Young up telling him what happened.

On the way back Kook Young asks her about what she did’ She can’t remember and reiterates the same question. She looks at him and asks if he had an idea but obviously he doesn’t. She tries to hit her head and he asks if she thinks that would help. She says it did in the past and he hits her once and asked if it helps.

Joon Young goes to grab his phone and then remembers that he that he threw it in the ocean the night he was with No Eul. He lowers his scarf and asks the cabbie to borrow his phone. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) comes in to find Young Ok (Jin Kyung) eating Bibimbap. He tells her to stop and pulls it away. She gets a call from Joon Young and tells him that he has the wrong number. Jung Sik calls him back and tells him how worried his mother is about him. He has to run outside and asks him about how he could have fallen for a gold digger. He tells him that she isn’t a gold digger. His mother grabs the phone and asks what is she then. He tells her that he really loves her and that’s why he’s running away. He doesn’t trust himself to be around her.

Kook Young tells No Eul, that thought it pains him to admit it he believes that Joon Young really like her. He put Pororo outside because of her allergies. No Eul doesn’t know why he would like her. Kook Young reminds her that even prince charming married cinderella. He tells her that he hasn’t been well lately and is worried about brain damage from the last drama shoot when he for hit hard. He wonders if he should take him to the hospital. No Eul wonders aloud what she should do if he really does like her.

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When Jon Yung arrives home he asks the taxi to drive him around back. He sees Pororo and promises to feed him right away. When he stands his head spins a little and it takes a few seconds for him to get moving again. He gets into his house and closes the shades before crumpling to the ground.

Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) gets reported back about Joon Young’s illness and his refusal of treatment. He even told his doctor not to tell anyone.

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has a meeting with his party and refuses to endorse a man who is under investigation. He doesn’t want someone with dirt supporting them. Someone mentions that everyone in the meting has some dirt on them. Hyun Joon tells them that to make certain decisions will lead to regret and the older man asks if he has enough free time to regret.

Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) is taking a bath when she screams. Mrs Jang comes in and she tells her about the bad comments. She mentions she thought something bad happened. Ha Roo asks her to get her more perfume but she refuses she tells her to get out before she swells. She swears to get her revenger on No Jik (Lee Seo Won).

No Jik goes loking for Ji Tae at his hostel b ut he’s, obviously, never lives there. When Ji Tae calls him back he makes a lie that he moves. He tells him that he’s on  his way back to soel and he’ll meet him at the coffee shop he works at. When he arrives, No Jik tells him that his sister uses to like Joon Young. Ji Tae asks if it isn’t a good thing that Joon Young likes her. He tells her that they live in 2 seperate worls now and people should stay in their own world. (You are telling this to a rich guy) He begs him to make her sister see some sense.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 13.21.43.png

Joon Young wakes up still having some difficulty seeing. He goes into his bathroom and takes his pain killers. (That look a lot like Tic Tacs).

He comes out into the living room, kitchen area to find No Eul cooking. He watches her and sees her burn her hand. Though she goes to grab something to take the pan out, he comes and leads her to the water. She asks when he woke up. He doesn’t say anything and when she tells him she’s fine he walks away. She complains that she worked hard to feed him. She decided to eat it herself but finds it too salty. She wonders why he is avoiding her. He comes back out and turns off all the lights and closes his blinds.

Namgoog (Park Soo Young) is feidling calls and telling them that no one is home and it’s just the house keeper to take care of Pororo. Man Ook comes in and starts reading comment callsing No Eul the nation’s Juliet. Namgoog tells the reporter that Joon Youn is travelling for a little bir with his manager The CEo manager makes up a lie about Joon young being with Yoo Na which fustrate Kook Young who knoes that Joon Young really liek No Eul

Jung Eun meets with Ji Tae for supper. She tears up the photo of Ji Tae and No Eul togetther. Ji Tae gives Jung Eun a bouquet of christmas roses again. He offers her wine but  he wants a kiss. He tells her that he knows she saw the photos. He gives her all of No Eul’s information. When she asks what he’s playing at, he tells her that he wants to make it easy for her. She asks baout their relationship to which he doesn’t answer she asks if he likes her and he admits that he does. She throws wine at him and before she leaves she confirms that the meaning of christmas roses is “I have nothing to give you” and he agrees. She leaves and he cleans himself up.

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Joon Young tells No Eul that there are reported and that is the see motion they’ll think someone is home. He tells her that she should be able to leave in an hour. She tells her that it is just her lucky. She tries to scare him with a ghost story but he scare her instead and he turns the lights back on. He sits down on the couch and she asks why he did that. He tells her to tease her and she lunches at him and straddles him. She asks if he enjoys teasing her. He says 10 out loud with confuses her. He tells her that he counted to 10 and ran as fas as he could be she decided to stay beside him. He sites up and wipes the flour off her noes and tells her he’s hungry.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 13.52.19.png

No Eul is confuses by that sudden shift in his personality. He tells her to sit down to eat and she asks if he’s Joon Young’s twin brother. He starts eating and she asks him if it’s too salty and he tells her it’s fine. He suddenly remembers her burn and goes to get some medicine. When he’s gone she tries his meal and find it way to salty. He was about to spit it out but decided just to be a man and swallow though he does rinse out his mouth. He comes back with the medicine and she asks if he spat it out. He asks why he would do that and take another mouth full. he chews while getting everything out. She asks him what is going on because she doesn’t like it when people change a lot.

Ji Tae goes to see Na Ri (Kim Min Young). She comes out all dolled up incase of the reporters. He asks if No Eul is home but she tells him that she had something to figure out with Joon Young so she’s still there.

Ji Tae goes to Joon Young’s house and waits for the reporters to leave. While he waits his father calls him to have a drink with him, He reminds him that his mother chewed him out for eating with him the last time. Hyun Joon tells him that he will see him at home. He remembers Mrs Song’s card and goes to see her. They talk and Mrs Song asks if Young Ok was his ex. He confirms as much and when Mrs Song asks if she could like him, he tells her not to because he has no room for women in his life anymore.

Eun Soo gets a call that Hyun Jon when to the salon and Young Ok is lost in thought at the restaurant. Ji Tae goes to Joon Young’s house and rings the door bell.

No Eul throws a sausage down to Pororo and apologises about making him live outside when it’s cold. She promises to take plenty of pills to help cure her of the allergy. (That’s not how that works)

Joon Young hangs up with the phone before No Eul can see Ji Tae outside. they play rock paper scissors and she has to do the dishes. While she’s doing them She gets a call from Na Ri.

Ji Tae is knowing on the door when he comes out and tells him that he won’t give No Eul away. Ji Tae tells him that she isn’t an object. Joon Young tells him that he’s not the one who let go of her hand. Ji Tae admits that he doesn’t deserve her, but Joon Young deserves her even less.

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No eul comes out, and Joon Young asks why She tells him that she knows that he’s been dating Yoo Na for a year and used her as a deversion. He asks who tld her that and she tells him that the CEO revealed it to a news outlet. She tells him that doesn’t make any sense how he could like her. He tells her that he doesn’t know where she heard the information but it is a lie. She tries to walk away but he grabs her asn tells her that he loves her. She tells him that everyone in Korea knows how good of an actor he is. He repeats himself. She chastises herself for not listening to Jik. He had warned her that she and he lived in two different worlds and she shouldn’t let anything he says or does affect her. She starts crying and calling her the crazy one. He pulls her into a kiss.

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