Beautiful Gong Shim – Review –



Another recaps wrapped up. Other than I feel like the title should have been “In Search of Joon Pyo” I loved this show.

We follow Gong Shim who is the ‘ugly’ sister and is always put down. No one in her family listens to her and she is resigned to pass her existence like that. Until the day that Ahn Dan Tae comes barreling into her life. He rents her room from her and they become tenuous friends. Throw Dan Tae, Gong Shim meets Suk Joon Soo and the trio’s adventures begin.

The show can get a little tedious at times, but there are a lot of cute scenes in it. If you like deceit, family secrets, kidnapping and attempted murder in your shows. Then this is for you.

Beautiful Gong Shim Recap Table of Content
Beautiful Gong Shim Podcast

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