Anne Happy




This is a slice-of-life anime that is focused on a group of girls, who become friends in high school.  They all have very different personalities, so some interesting situations happen. Anne Hanakoizumi is always cheerful,  who just wants to live a quiet life, and  Botan Kumegawa who has health issues. They are all in the same class because they are deemed unlucky so the school is going to try and teach them to be happy. This premise makes the anime very quirky and a bit off the wall.

It a very cutesy anime with a weird premise but I might continue watching it.


This anime, also known as Unhappy or Unhappy go lucky, is based off of a manga by the same name. There are 12 full length episodes and 4 volumes.

This is a slice-of-life anime focused on 5 girls in the 7th class at Tennogofune Academy. this class is dedicated to student who have bad karma, or are just have misfortunate, wherever they go. Each character is unfortunate in their own way, Anne Hanakoizumi is always being attacked by animes, Ruri Hibarigaoka is in love with the man of the construction signs,  Botan Kumegawa is always getting hurt, Ren Ekoda attracts the female gender, and Hibiki Hagyū is perpetually getting lost. The class is dedicated to trying to change their luck, or at least allow them to be happy.

This anime is wacky but very funny. I must admit that when I first heard about this anime I thought it would be a short anime, but instead it’s a fantastic anime in standard length. The colours are very cheerful which helps continue the theme of trying to make everyone in the class happy. If you like slice-of-life you’ll probably like this anime.


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