Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 7 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) runs like crazy after he finds out about the ghost in the river and replays his conversation blaming Hyung Ji (Kim So Hyun) for what happened. Hyun Ji gets pulled into the river by the ghost. Bong Pal jumps in and gets to Hyun Ji in time, however, the ghost turns to him stopping him from breaking the surface with her. He headbutts her off and the kicks her in the stomach, successfully exorcising her before turning back to Hyun Ji. He gets her out of the river and it takes a few beats before she becomes aware again. She starts crying and telling him how scared she was. He simply holds her and tries to calm her.

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We see a girl who is staring at her grades and her placement. She got¬†placed 12th in her grade. Her mother tears into her about dropping 9 places from 3rd to 12th. The girl starts to cry. She’s suddenly on the roof, preparing to jump when she looks over to see the ghost f a woman laughing at her. The natural response is to scream of course.

The following day Bong Pal¬†tells Hyun Ji that he’s leaving and becomes concerned when¬†she doesn’t reply. She goes to check on her and finds her in a throw of a nightmare, but really she’s remembering nippets of her past. She plays through the accident, and we hear the¬†loud ticking of a watch. She also remembers being in the hospital and a surgical room. Bong Pal wakes her up but she tells him that she’s fine and just needs some sleep. He calls Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and cancels his plans to take care of her. He places her in his bed so she can rest better and wonders what you do with a sick ghost. He makes her porridge for breakfast and when she doesn’t wake he pulls his chair next to the bed and watches over her.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) is playing with¬†a VR headset while In Rang (David Lee) organises¬†the photos from the trip. He finds a picture with Hyun Ji in it (I couldn’t see her) and puts it away for him. Finally, he turns to Chun Sang who is making plenty of noise and askes where he got the VR headset. He tries to tell¬†him that he borrowed it from a friend, though he has no friend. In Rang tells him that he shouldn’t blow his allowance since there are so many bills to pay. Chun Sang tells him not to worry he has a plan, but In Rang doesn’t believe him.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) gets a call from his friend, and he apologises that he’s been out of it all day. He advises him that he can’t make it because he’s going to see Bong Pal’s father to find out what’s really going on. He assures the shaman that he’s ok before hanging up and remembering that night at Bong Pal’s apartment.

Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) is still looking around campus for Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) and finally sees him getting into a taxi and she follows.

Hyun Ji wakes up while Bong Pal is next to her. He tells her that he’ll go heat up the porridge since she’s awake now. She follows him out and watches him with a smile. He¬†reminds her that he told her to rest but she assures him that she’s fine. They sit down to eat and she asks why he didn’t go to school, which he lies and tells her that he didn’t feel like it. She tells him about her memories. At the end, she told him abut a woman crying and wondering who she was.

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Myung¬†Chul arrives at Bong Pal’s father’s room to find it empty. The landlady tells him that there are a lot of people looking for the man. Myung Chul advises her that he was there looking for some answers and he asks about the young man who visited. She confirms that there was a man who came and said he was his son. She couldn’t see his face be she could tell he was handsome. She tells him that when she told the man his some had come he suddenly got serious. He ran away¬†into the mountains and never came back.

Kyung Ja follows Hye Sung to his clinic and finds it just as cool as him. Hye Sung tell finds out that he has 3 appointments.

Myung Chul goes into the forest and looks around.¬†He sees signs of a struggle and finds a rock bathed in blood. He knows right away that there is something very bad happened and Bong Pal’s father was being chased.

Bong Pal leaves the apartment with Hyun Ji and he tries to send her back o the apartment to rest. She tells him that she’s all better and he swears that she doesn’t listen. He gets a text from Seo Yeon telling him where they should meet. When Hyun Ji finds out that it’ll be just Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together she follows him to school. She watches them through the glass and tells Bong Pal to hurry up and be finished with the project.

Chung Sang and In Rang go to meet with an investor which happens to be his grandmother. In Rang wants to leave and reminds Chun Sang that he left his grandmother house because he wanted to make it on his own. Chun Sang tells him that they aren’t there looking for a free ride, but to ask her to take a chance on them. In Rang tries to leave but Chun Sang pulls him back. His grandmother comes out and fauns over In Rang.¬†She goes on about how he should have called. He asks why he brought Chun Sang with him because he should be more selective about his friends. He assures her that Chun Sang is a good person and he had something that he wanted to say.

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They all tuck into some food and grandmother complains about In Rang losing too much weight. She tells Chun Sang to eat and asks what he what he wanted to talk abut. He tells her that In Rang and himself are trying to start a business but at struggling to get the funds together. She wants to know what type of business. They try and sell it to her but she calls him a con artist and chases them out of her house.

Bong Pal and Seo Yeon finish up and Seo Yeon invites him out to lunch. Once outside she catches sight of Hye Sung and postpones their lunch to another time, and runs after Hye Sung. They talk briefly abut her dog and of Bong Pal when the police come to talk to Seo Yeon.

The police advise Seo Yeon that Hyun Joo has passed away. The ask her about the last time she saw her. She admits that she saw here after class the prior week after she had missed the class. She had dropped a pen that she already gave to Hye Sung because it was his. The police get even more suspicious of the professor.

Myung Chul tries to get in contact with Bong Pal’s father again but there is no answer. The phone is ringing in a drawer at Hye Sung’s office. We see flashes of the night he killed Bong Pal’s father. He seemed to have been trying to get information from him about something to no avail.

Chun Sang and In Rang are sitting outside when Chun Sang asks In Rang if he received some money from his grandmother yet. Bong Pal goes to see them and mentions that there hasn’t been any work since the apartment. Chun Sang tells him that they’re looking for a good job. In Rang gives Bong Pal the picture from the retreat. In Rang tries to push that Bong Pal and Seo Yeon should be a couple but that just makes Bong Pal leave.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji go to the library to study. She wants to go home, but he won’t let her. She solves everything and turns to Bong Pal to tells him but he’s engrossed in his own studies. She starts tracing the line of his face in the air when he catches her. She tells him that she’s done, so¬†he starts to grade. Hyun Ji finds that pictures of the trips and notices the pictures of Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together. She starts doodling on them. When he turns around he tells her that she should give up on the SATs because it isn’t going to happen. She blames him for being a bad teacher. He tells her that if she studies and gets above¬†80% he will grant one wish. She becomes super excited and starts to study really hard.

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When coming out of the library there is an odd girl muttering to herself. She looks at Hyun Ji and then away. Hyun Ji pauses and when Bong Pal asks what’s going on she tells him that she thought she saw the girl look at her but she must be wrong. They walk away and the girl stares after her.

Hyun Ji is still studying even after Bong Pal comes out of the shower. He’s surprised and she tells him that she has something to aim for. He tells her that it’s nice to see and tells her to keep it up.

Eun Sung’s mother is talking with another mother about their children. She asks her advice since her daughter is so good. She hangs up because she’s preparing a snack for Eun Sung. She enters her daughter’s room to find her destroying her books and Eun Sung tells her mother to leave.

Chun Sang and In Rang go to get¬†suits with In Rang’s allowance, which In Rang isn’t happy about. When Bong Pal arrives they get him to try on the suit and Chun Sang gets a cal from a client.

They are going to the job when Hyun Ji mentions that Bong Pal looks really good and she reckons the best out of all 3. She asks Bong Pal to get her an outfit too. He falls back to chastise her for always asking for things. The other 2 call him to hurry up.

They arrive at Eun Sung’s house and Bong Pal asks the mother what happened. She tells them that one day he daughter attacked her and ever since that day her daughter has been acting odd. She started wearing makeup and clothes she didn’t use¬†to and the¬†audience gets to see the ghost possessing her. He mother tells her to remove her makeup and the ghost talks through her daughter, telling her that her daughter is dead and no one can live with how overbearing she is. The mother tells them that ever since then she’s been bringing her to doctors and shaman’s and it only made it worse. There is a noise of glass breaking, so Bong Pal goes in to investigate.

They¬†walk in to find the room trashed. The girl is huddled in the corner hitting her head. Hyun Ji recognises her from the library. The girl asks if he’s like the other shaman’s but she can tell he’s different. Bong Pal tells Hyun Ji that they need to get the spirit out of her, but the then proceed to get their asses handed to them. Eun Sung runs out of the apartment, it takes Bong Pal a few moments to follow.

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Hyun Ji finds Eun Sung on the roof ready to jump. Hyun Ji tells the ghost that she doesn’t want Eun Sung to die. She tells her that it’s Eun Sung’s wish, but she’s too weak to kill herself so she’s helping. She’s about the throw herself off of the roof when Hyun Ji pops in front of her and pushes her back. While they’re rolling around Bong Pal comes and the¬†ghost turns her sights on Bon Pal. When he’s in a chock hold Eun Sung’s mother apologises and talks straight to Eun Sung. This ejects the soul from the body, but it leaves itself attached to Bong Pal. Now in her¬†natural state Bong Pal can go to town and destroy the ghost so she can’t come back.

Eun Sung and her mother clutch on to each other as soon as she awakens. The apologise and show each other how much they care. Hyun Ji looks over them and it may have given her a hint about her memory. In Rang and Chun Sang show up as everything is finished, as always.

Hyun Ji and Bong Pal are going home and she tells him that she thinks she knows who¬†the woman in her memory was. She tells him that she thinks it’s her mum¬†and even if it isn’t at least 1 person misses her. She tells him that she wants to go home to study.

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They arrive home and Bong Pal gives her the test again. She works really hard and after Bong Pal grades it she gets 82%. Her¬†wish is to go to the amusement park and since it isn’t too grand, he agrees to go.

Hye Sung is in the clinic doing some paper art when he hears the dogs barking.

The police officer¬†makes a phone call to the corner to ask about the Hyun Joo’s broken next.¬†The corner tells him that impossible that it was broken post-morteum¬†and it would be very difficult for a regular human to do it. His partner comes back with the video from the CCTV near Hyun Joo’s place. However, right as the man steps from the alleyway, the camera goes dead.

Kyung Ja manages to get into the office and hears the phone ringing. She pulls open the drawer and finds Hyun Ji’s student ID. Hye Sung comes in and mentions out loud that it’s a shame that she got into his drawer and that they now have a problem. He turns and looks straight at her, which shocks her, and we hear the growl of the spirit inside him.

Hyun Ji reminds him that they are meeting at 4 and he agrees. Right after his test, Seo Yeon comes to talk with him, but he excuses himself because he’s meeting someone. right as he walks away a scooter collides with her and he turns around to find her hurt. All the while, Hyun Ji is waiting for him. He takes Seo Yeon to the hospital and is worried about being so late and Hyun Ji stands at the amusement park crying.

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