Touching You



Since Let’s Fight Ghost is nearing its midway point. I felt like giving you guys a bit more TaecYeon in a really cute short drama. This is totally a romance, you have been warned.

The series follows Do Jin Woo (TaecYeon) who has the gift of seeing the future when  he’s touching the skin of another person. Through a reading at the shop, he meets Jin Hee Young (Song Ha Yoon), a woman destined to die. He goes out of his way to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Will he fall in love with Hee Young while trying to save her life?

The short answer is yes. This show is so cute and lovely. It’s high up on the recommendation list. There are only 12 episodes with 15 minute run times but it’s worth the time spent watching it. TaecYeon is beautiful in this one and shows that he can rock any look given to him.


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