Crunchyroll Summer 2016 Anime Lineup Part 5



Alderamin on the Sky

So the best why I can describe it is a fantasy army anime. We are in a fictional land were an orphan, Ikta, and is childhood friend from a noble family, Yatori, join together to take a test for the army. However, Ikta wants nothing to do with the army even though Yatori keeps pulling him back. In the first episode, the ship they are on sinks and they must save the princess after getting trapped enemy territory. I don’t know if I like this anime, but it started off strong so I will continue to watch it.


Ange Vierge

This is another military, fantasy anime with magical girls, and sci-fi mixed in. The concept of the show is that there are 5 different worlds that are all suddenly connected. However, there are bad guys, Ouroboros, that want to bring forth the end of the worlds. On Earth, the blue planet, there is a school that trains girl with special abilities to fight. Ther 6 people to a team with 1 being the Alpha driver who is basically the person who calls the shots. Each person is equipped with exceeds, that manifest into different weapons depending on the user. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching this but it does look interesting.


Hitorinashita – The outcast

This anime seems to be a mix of horror, fantasy and mystery. We meet Chu Soran, a college student that seems to have inherited some powers from his grandfather. On a trip back home from college, he goes to visit his grandfather’s grave t find it dug up. He comes face to face with Houhou, a girl who is also looking for his grandfather’s corpse. He comes face to face with a hoard of zombies and survives. This puts him on the map for Houhou and her colleagues as they follow him back to college. This looks interesting, and I will probably keep watching it. Here’s hoping it stay fantastic.

f91725aa99e65251f3c9a4b629e0f7a71468006620_full.jpgThunderbolt Fantasy

This show is stunning. I will admit that I don’t know if it’s rendered to look like dolls, or if there is actually puppeteered. Visually though it’s stunning. You kinda have to get over the whole no moving mouth, though. This is a historical fantasy so you need to like historical dramas. It’s not my cup of tea but I will admit that it is a piece of artwork.

Crunchyroll Summer 2016 Anime Lineup Part 4


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