Uncontrollably Fond Episode 9 Recap



No Eul (Bae Suzy) is walking and thinking back to all of the big moments with Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) as well as his confession. She sits and makes the call to Joon Young. She tells him that she’s going to trust him this once. We get to re-watch him arriving a fighting back his blurry vision before hugging her.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) goes to the restaurant and Bong Sook (Kim Jae Kwa) come to see him. She tells him that No Eul waited a long time before leaving. He admits that he didn’t come to see No Eul but her. He hands Bong Sook a million won check and asks her to consider it No Eul’s payment for the food she eats there. Ji Tae tells her that he will not be returning to the restaurant or see No Eul again.

Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) wakes up to find Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) holding her hand.

Young Ok (Jin Kyung) is lying on Joon Young’s old bed looking at his desk.

Joon Young is still holding No Eul when she tells him his minute is up. His eyes still haven’t focused so he asks for another.

Ji Tae goes to see Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) at the restaurant. She asks when he got there and she tells her just now. She asks if something happened before it’s so late. He doesn’t say anything but walks right up to her and kisses her ‘passionately’. She responds but we, the audience, know that it’s just an act.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 10.53.09.png

After a while, No Eul asks if they are going to stay like that all night. He asks if she’s up for it and she pushes him away. He tells her to tell him what she wanted to say on the phone. She tells him that she’s going to trust him because it would be bad to not trust the person who pays your check. He smiles like and idiot and she asks what he’s smiling about. He tells her that she’s pretty and she pulls a face be he says it’s even prettier. He asks if she’d hit him if he kissed her. She tells him that she’d kill him and starts walking away. He tells her that they will see each other every day. She nearly trips walking away but catches herself and hurries off.

Joon Young and Yoo Na (Lee Elijah) are prepping for a drama scene. When No Eul arrives, Joon Young watches her over his mirror. The director complains that it’s too noisy and it’s because of the reporters. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) goes to see them and promises an interview after the shoot and asks them to be quiet. When they start shooting the drone gets in the way so they fly it off and it hits No Eul on the back of the head. All Joon Young can do is looks over her without saying a word.

The reporters, Yoo Na and Joon Young are at the coffee shop ready to start. Namgoog (Park Soo Young) arrives to see to the fiasco. They start asking questions about their romance. Yoo Na provides the diplomatic answer and Joon Young essentially says that he doesn’t know if he should remain in the industry if he can’t have a private romance and refuses to answer any other questions. He walks out and the reporter turn to No Eul. She tells them that Joon Young isn’t her type and quickly it explodes over the internet.

She is in her car and berates herself for what she said. Joon Young gets in and makes fun of her answers. She tells him to get out because they might get caught. When she tries t call Kook Young, who is looking for him, he grabs the phone and ends the call. HE warns her that everything that is about to happen is her fault and he walks away. She glances over at the passenger seat and sees a container of sausages.

Ji Tae goes to a jewellery store to buy a ring for his mother when he gets a phone call.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 11.21.41.png

Eun Soo meets up with her brother-in-law (Kim Byung Ok). He goes off about how a friend scammed him when Eun Soo mentions that it’s been less than a month since the last gave him money. He tells her that he isn’t there for the money but to see how the family is doing. He mentions Young Ok and how it’s sad that she raised a son without Hyun Joon knowing about him. Eun Soo hands him a million won and goes to leave. He mentions that it’s sad that he’s raising a son that isn’t even his. Eun Soo walks out of the restaurant and calls Secretary Kim to tells him to transfer 300 million won to her brother-in-law bank account. While she’s saying that the assemblyman can’t know she spots Ji Tae waiting. Ji Tae takes to phone and cancelled her order.

They get home and Eun Soo asks Ji Tae how much he knows. He tells her that he knows everything. He tries to convince her to tell his father everything, including the harassment that she received by his uncle. She’s certain that he’ll leave her for Young Ok if he found out that she barred him a son. Ji Tae tells her that though he’s not related by blood, he is still Hyun Joon’s son.

Ji Tae calls Hyun Joon and tells him he loves him. He invites him out for drinks and promises to keep it a secret from Eun Soo. Hyun Joon agrees and will call him when he’s off work. Ji Tae hangs up with his father and is on the verge of tears. He recalls the conversation with him telling his mother that he’ll tell his father everything. Eun Soo tells him that he’ll leave and resent her. Ji Tae’s real father left her too and she’s sure it’ll be the same. Ji Tae assures her that Hyun Joon won’t leave. She begs to be given 3 months to work everything out herself. (When Joon Young will be dead).Ji Tae tells her to tells his father as soon as possible. She tells him that Joon Young won’t be around in 3 months because he’s sick. This revelation shocks Ji Tae.

No Eul tries to shoot the documentary again but Joon Young sells her things like he wants the woman in front of him to say she love him. This isn’t exactly what she’s looking for. He starts to tease her and she teases back. Finally, with Kok Young comes to say the photoshoot is starting he invites No Eul to join. She tells him that Joon Young is saying weird things so she might go back to Seoul. She looks over to where Joon Young was sitting and sees the container of Sausages again.

Joon Young and Yoo Na have the photoshoot and Yoo Na suggests they actually date. She berates his choice in women as well as No Eul herself. Joon Young asks to finish the shoot in quiet. She continues on and he reminds her that she’s the one who agreed to the stunt. He thanks her anyways for protecting No Eul. She gets mad and pushes him then asks for a break. While she walks away she trips on a wire which knocks the light behind Joon Young over towards him.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 11.52.59.png

No Eul is in the car when Kook Young comes to get her. He tells her that Jon Young got into a serious accident and went to the hospital. Since he’s busy he can’t go but sends her instead. She gets ushered into a van to be taken to the hospital with Jon Young driving. (You sly bastard.) She starts asking questions and doesn’t pick up that it’s Joon Young driving. The driving pulls over for 5 minutes. She gets pissed and tells him to get out and he’ll drive to the hospital herself. He gets out and takes off his hat and sunglasses. He teases her and she gets mad. She starts walking away and he tells her that it wasn’t a complete lie that he actually did get hurt. She trips on a pine cone and comes to see her. He takes off his face mask and checks out her hand. She notices the gash on his cheek and when she touches it, he mentions that it stings. He lists what hurts, but not in a complaining sort of way. Finally, he admits that he wanted to have a little date before going to the hospital but it’s been ruined. She kisses his cheek. When she pulls back she admits that he’s her style and that she like him. She can’t believe that even though he’s really hurt he wants to go on a date. She mad about him doing that and he kisses her to shut her up.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 12.06.41.png

Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) is talking on the phone with her father, trying to convince him to takes her to a festival when she sees No Jik (Lee Seo Won). She stops in front of him says that she lied to him. He mentions that she never asked if he was in high school He is about to walk away when he asks if she has money. She buys the kitten some food and Jik and she sits with them. He wonders if the kitten starved and when she asks he admits that it was abandoned. He asks her to take care of the kitten until he’s out of school. She asks why she should and he tells her that it’s because pretty people are also nice. (Slam Dunk)

Kook Young goes to pick Young Ok and dragged her to the store to meet with Joon Young. She tries to get away and he tells her that the minister of culture is giving her an award that day for raising the top star. He can’t decide so he gets the sale reps to wrap everything up. He tells her that it’s a big event and even Hyun Joon will be there. He lists off his accomplishments and asks if he hasn’t done enough for her to be proud.

Jung Sik comes out in the tux, and everyone compliments him. They tease him a little while they wait. Joon Young looks at his mother, worried.

No Eul is editing the videos and she notices she can’t hear anything on some files. She doesn’t believe that it’s the file. Her manager comes in and asks why she isn’t at the K-popp festival. She tells him that she’s been told not to go several times. He tells her that she should go anyways.

The celebrities are arriving while No Eul gets presentable. Joon Young arrives alone to the red carpet.

Jik calls Eul and asks if she’ll be late. She tells him that she was assigned a shot last minute. Ba Ri (Kim Min Young) starts yelling at her and asks if she remembers what day it was. She doesn’t and is told it’s her father’s death anniversary. This stops her in her tracks. Jik tells her to no worry and they’ll take care of everything and Na Ri tells her to make sure to pay her respects.

When they hang up Na Ri asks if Jik is waiting for a phone call because he keeps looking at his phone. He mentions Ji Tae’s alias and mentions that when he phones it says his number is disconnected. He’s worried that something back could have happened to him. Ji Tae is actually standing outside the door and leaves a bottle of rice wine before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 13.28.51.png

Eun Soo asks Hyun Joon why he brought Ha Roo. Ha Roo tells her that Hyun Joon thought she was studying too hard and some good food would make her feel better. Eun Soo finds out there will be celebrities and asks if Joon Young would be there. Hyun Joon asks if she’s a fan and she tells him that she thought it would be interesting to meet him in person. They arrive and Eun Soo tries to send Ha Roo home, but Hyun Joon tells her not to worry as she runs after a cat.

No Eul is holding her own little ceremony for her father then Ha Roo finds her. The cat had knocked over the soju and ate a chip. Ha Roo tries to pay her off and No Eul pushes her head a little. She asks if her parents never showed her respect. Hyun Joon shows up and Ha Roo places the blame on No Eul. She’s in shock and while they have their conversation she asks if he doesn’t remember her. He tries to do the same thing as to pay her off to replace the items. Joon Young calls to them and tells them to apologises. He takes the money and tells him that he should apologise before offering money. The show ends there.

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