Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 8 Recap



Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) investigates the barking dogs out front. He notices that Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) went into his office. He sees that she went through his drawers and mentions that they have a problem out loud. He turns to Kyung Ja and it shocks her that he can see her. HE grabs her by the neck and asks her what she saw, she tells him Hyun Ji and he expected that. He had seen them talking on the street. He exorcises her before turning back and picking up Hyun Ji’s student id.

Bong Pal (TaecYeon) spends time at the hospital waiting for Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E). As soon as he finds out that she’s fine he runs to meet with Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), who has been waiting for Bong Pal but disappeared right before he arrives. When he finds out that she’s not there he runs home to an empty apartment. He wonders where she could have gone.

Bong Pal goes up to the roof t find Hyun Ji looking over the city. He calls to her and apologised for not being able to make it. He tells her something came up and promises to go to the amusement park another day. He asked if she waited long and she told him she didn’t. He was relieved because he thought that  she was waiting for him. She scoffs and walks away, sad about the lost opportunity.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes to the police station to try to get someone to search for Bong Pal’s father. The officer mentions that there isn’t any proof that the man is missing. The officer tells him that if he is that upset then he should fill out the missing person’s form.

Hye Sung is in his office and he glances at Mr Park’s phone and thinks back about when happened that night. He crouches next to  Mr Park and asks about the package, to which he doesn’t get a reply. He grabs his neck and places Hyun Ji’s death on his father .He tells him that if he doesn’t tell him his son would be next today. He then kills Mr Park.

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Bong Pal leaves for school the following day and asks if she’s coming. She tells him that she’s staying home. He says that’s fine and leave. She gets discouraged because she’s really bad at the playing hard to get. So she follows Bong Pal. He’s muttering to himself that he didn’t ask her to follow him and that it’ll be nice not to have her. She pops next to him and tells him that she’s going because she wants to. This just leaves both of them smiling.

In Rang (David Lee) is looking at the photo from the retreat with a smug of Hyun Ji in it. Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) comes over and asks what he’s smiling out. He starts telling him that he can’t have feelings for Seo Yeon. He assures him that it’s not that. He goes through the list of himself on Bong Pal, but again In Rang refuses. When Bong Pal arrives Chun Sang tells him about the photo and In Rang shows him the smug of his angel. Hyun Ji is super flattered. He goes on about Hyun Ji and she starts beaming but Bong Pal just rolls his eyes.

Hyun Ji is still n a high after In Rang’s confession. She tells Bong Pal that she must be pretty if he fell in love with her at first sight. He warns her that though Chun Sang is weird, In Rang is even weirder. She tells him that’s not true and then she goes out in front of him. He smiles as he watches her spin and laugh. His ravery is broken when She calls to him to hurry.

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When they’re in class Seo Yeon comes and Hyun Ji mentions her arm. Seo Yeon comes and thanks, Bong Pal about being with him and offers to buy him lunch. He refuses but she insists to he takes her up on the offer. Hyun Ji gets irked that he was late because he was with Seo Yeon. She leaves and walks right by Hye Sung. Hye Sung arrives in class and break the news about Hyun Joo before taking attendance.

Hyun Ji is at home when she opens her textbook to find the pictures she doodled on. She tells Seo Yeon that it’s good that she’s live and that Bong Pal likes her.

Seo Yeon comes to see Bong Pal after work and asks him what he’d like to eat. He had been previously occupied by Hyun Ji’s empty seat. He apologises and asks if they can call it even because he has to go home.

Hye Sung goes to his car and gets in when the police knocked on his window. They admit the forgot to ask what he was doing the day of the death and he tells him that he was at the clinic. They thank him and he leaves, but he knows they suspect him.

Bong Park comes home  and Hyun Ji is surprised to see him. He tells her that he felt like eating at home. He pulls out food and asks if she wants to eat. She tells him that she’ll have a taste.

They go to the roof and she eats with gusto and he teases her about it. He tells her to slow down and when he was about to eat an uncooked piece he gives her another one. After they are finished he hands her a dress that it’s black with a jacket for her to wear at work. Their hands brush a little and they both get embarrassed.

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The crew goes to destroy the old building. The general contract gets a call to halt the proceedings because of a ghost. He tells him that he needs t get his job done. His phone dies as does the generator. While he’s walking back to the rest of the crew he hears a female voice mumbling. He opens the door and he sees the ghost writing on the wall. She sees him and lunges towards him and he screams.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.52.34.png

In Rang and Chun Sang get the call for a job. They are sitting around the computer starting at the Samil mental institution. They were really hoping that it wouldn’t be there. They decide to take all of their equipment and try to get the ghost on camera.

Bong Pal comes out of his bedroom in his all black work outfit, and Hyun Ji turns around and shows him hers. He is taken aback for a moment about how good she looks. When she asks what he thinks, he mentions he’s glad that it fits so well. Before they leave she asks about the amusement park since they have to work. He tells her that she needs to work hard so that they can go after work. She agrees and they leave.

They walk out of the building to Chun Sang and In Rang’s car and they get in. Bong Pal asks why they brought the camera and they told him that it’s to be prepared because they are going to the scariest building. In Rang gives them the explanation about the Samil. The mental institution that was shut down due to human rights violations. The police came and found 7 dead patients at the hospital. Rumour has it that the owner called for a shaman who fainted 30 minutes after entering the building. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji don’t look impressed.

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they arrive at the hospital and the comedy duo go first with their cameras. They jump at the smallest thing and Hyun Ji mentions that they shouldn’t be doing this type of work. Bon Pal agrees of course. Once they’ve scared themselves the come back to Bong Pal how actually starts to work. Hyun Ji sees some hospital equipment that jogs her memory. Bong Pal asks if she’s ok and she tells him she is. Chung Sang calls Bong Pal over to an area.

They end up splitting up by accident. The comedy duo goes to film in the casualty room while Bong back and Hyun Ji go upstairs. In Rang and Chun Sang film but see nothing but as they walk away the ghost is behind them. They go looking for Bong Pal but when they get to the room in question he’s not there. Chun Sang tries to call him but it doesn’t work.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are going through the office upstairs. He tells her not to touch anything. Of course, she does and the bookcase goes to fall. He catches it with his back and chastises her about touching things. She notices the file and picks it up. She asks if he hadn’t told her that 7 people died in the hospital. He says that what he knew, but she shows him the list showing 8 deaths.

Chun Sang and In Rang go into a room thinking Bong Pal might be there but he’s not. Chun Sang notices a red crayon that dropped on the floor. They squat down to find the ghost under the bed. They scream, she screams and the noise alerts Bong Pal and Hyun Ji.

They run downstairs and Hyun Ji flings off the ghost. In Rang can see her again because of the silver string. Chun Sang runs out pulling In Rang. When Hyun Ji walks by a room the ghost grabs her and points to the wall that says ‘Help me. Save Me. I want to get out of this place.’ When Bong Pal comes back he goes to attack the male ghost but she tells him to stop and to come see what she found. The ghosts just wanted their help.

They were outside after they called the police. Hyun Ji mentions that the ghost in the hospital were all missing people and they just wanted to be found.

They drive back and Bong Pal gets out. In Rang and Chun Sang soon follow because they wanted to ask him a question. Chun Sang asks if he walks around with a ghost. In Rang corrects him and calls her an angel. He tells them he does but she knows angel. He tells them her name in Kim Hyun Ji and In Rang even finds the name pretty. In Rang asks if she’s there and Bong Pal gestures next to himself. In Rang turns to her and thanks her, while also calling her pretty. She confirms she’s pretty and Bong Pal can’t stand to hear the exchange. In Rang goes to reach towards her and he stops him. He mentions that he can’t go touching a girl like that and In Rang says he’s sorry. Bong Pal tells them that he’s going and Hyun Ji follows. Chun Sang doesn’t believe she was there and wonders why Bong Pal was acting weird.

They run to the park but they can only ride the ferries wheel. So Bong Pal grabs her hand and runs there. The operator asks is he’s riding alone and he confirms it. Once the door closes they realise they are still holding hands and quickly let’s go. When they are at the top he promises hat if she does well on the next exam he’ll bring her again earlier. She laughs and smile, he mentions that he didn’t think that she would like such things, but she confesses her love for him. She tells him that she doesn’t want his answer it’s just how she feels and pops away.

Hyun Ji walks in front of Hye Sung’s hospital and notices the puppy. She berates herself for telling Bong Pal what she did and asks the puppy want to do. She’s still talking to the puppy when Hye Sung comes out from the back to check on the noise and he notices there is no Bong Pal. He moves towards the window.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.52.22.png

Bong Pal calls to Hyun Ji. He asks how she could run away like that. She doesn’t want to face him so she pops away again and he calls to her. Hye Sung comes out of the hospital and calls to Bong Pal. He talks and mentions that the clinic is his hospital. Hye Sung asks who he was calling and he tells him that it’s just a friend and excuses himself.

Hyun Ji is sitting at home wondering what to tell Bong Pal when he arrives. She decided to pretend to be asleep. He tells her to sleep when and then goes to his room. He replays the moment on the ferries wheel over in his mind and smiles.

The next morning is super awkward. After breakfast Bong Pal goes to the bathroom and tries to tell himself it’s not a big deal and he should act naturally. When he opens the door and he sees her, he lets it close again. He washes his face multiple time telling himself to act naturally. Meanwhile, Hyun Ji is doing the same thing. When Bong Pal comes out of the washroom he gets a call from Chung Sang for work. This gives them something else to thinks about.

They go to the meat factory to meet the ghost. They work well together and get the job done quickly. Chun Sang congratulates them on a job well done and In Rang comes in a little later. He tells Bong Pal that he has something for Hyun Ji and shows her the shows. She loves them but Bong Pal tells him that she hates them and doesn’t like heels. They leaves and Hyun Ji complains about really liking those heels.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 14.04.58.png

The police go and question Hye Sung’s employees about Hye Sung’s where about on the 1st. They tell them that he was at the hospital and then when out from 7 til the next morning and came back with mud on his shows. Hye Sung shows but and asks if anything is wrong and the police assure him that it’s normal questions. They live and Hye Sung knows better. He turns to his employees and makes sure everything is fine before going to his office.

They play a game and the loser has to grant the other’s wish. He agrees and loses. She tells him that she wants him to forget what she said the day before. She admits she doesn’t like being uncomfortable with him. She suddenly starts to feel faint and dizzy. She starts to fade and as soon as Bong Pal notices he runs to her but it’s too late. He finishes running up the stairs and looked around but she’s nowhere to be found.

A few moments later she reappears and Bong Pal pulls her to him. He asks where she went but she has no answer. He warns her to never disappear like that again.

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