This anime popped up after I finished my run down, and I love it. It’s a remake of a 1995 anime, which is based off of a manga series of the same name. The manga series has 43 volumes currently and the latest one came out in march of this year. This series has be going since 1987. (So since before I was born) Each episode has a run time of about 5 minutes, so it’s easy to fit in even the busiest schedule.

This series follows Bono Bono, a seal, raccoon, chipmunk and fishing cat through their everyday adventures. This is slated as a comedy show but I didn’t find it funny. It’s somewhat formatted like a children’s TV show even though it doesn’t seem to be aimed towards children.

One thing I like about this anime , the characters talk relatively slowly so if you’re just learning Japanese it’s a good show watch. Overall I would say this isn’t exactly an anime for me but it’s I see myself rewatching it after I start my Japanese courses.



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