Uncontrollably Fond Episode 10 Recap



Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) tries to get Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) to get Young Ok (Choi Moo Sun) to come. When Kook Young says that she won’t come, Namgoog (Park Soo Young) asks Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) doesn’t want a new mother. Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) asks if No Eul (Bae Suzy) was supposed to stay home. They confirm that she’s not supposed to be there. Man Ok mentions that she’s outside with her camera. Joon Young inquires about her location.

Joon Young stumbles across No Eul while she’s having her encounter with Hyung Joon (Yu Oh Seong) and Ha Roo (Ryu Woh). He steps in and tells him to apologise and not to just offer her money. Hyun Joon is appalled to think that Joon Young believes that Joon Youn asked that of him. Hyun Joon is disappointed that Joon Young turned out to be the person he is after he waited so long for him to return as a prosecutor. Hyun Joon and Ha Roo leaves. No Eul goes to pick up the money after Joon Young tells her not too. He tears it up and she goes to pick it up again. He asks if she’s a bum and she tells him that she is. She proceeds to tell  him not to but into other people’s business. (Oh Honey, when you’re in love the other person is your business. )

Joon Young calls Young Ok on Kook Young’s cellphone and she yells at him that she’s not coming, but she’s already there. Joon Young finally asks what he did wrong. He mentions that he has learnt that you only punish criminals but she’s treating him as one. He tells her that if he became a prosecutor it wouldn’t be a good thing. Young Ok believes that he thinks he’s corrupt from what she did when he was a child. He tells his mother to not come and he’ll tell the event curators that he won’t be accepting the award.

Joon Young goes to leave but Kook Yung tries to stop him. He tells him to move and doesn’t listen to Kook Young’s reasonings. Man Ok comes out and tells them that Namgoog has fainted and Joon Young tells them to take him to the hospital, before leaving. He goes back to where No Eul was, but she’s gone. She gets in the car to leave when she pulls out the torn banknote.

Ha Roo opens the door for Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) and Hyun Joon. Eun Soo apologises for suddenly feeling sick and Hyun Joon tells his driver to prepare the car. Ha Roo gets mad and stalks off.

Joon Young goes in search of No Eul when he can’t find her he calls her cell. She glances over at it and then ignores it completely.

Hyun Joon walks out with Eun Soo and Ha Roo, ushering them to the car. He tells the driver to take care of her.Eun Soo asks if he’s not coming and he tells her that he has to stay and will come home as soon as it’s over. He leans into the car just as Young Ok passes. Hyun Joon gets a phone call as soon as he waves off the car. The car next to No Eul honks at her asking her to move. She sits up and turns on the van and she sees Hyun Joon in her line of sight.

As she watches him laugh she remembers a dinner out with her father when she tries to tell him that she’s 59th in her class instead of 159th. He doesn’t notice the white out until No Jik tells him. She gets reprimanded for trying to lie to her father.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 15.36.17.png

She puts the car into gear when she remembers how the investigation went array as soon as Hyun Joon came into play. It almost looks like she’s going to run him over. Joon Young notices her and saves Hyun Joon, however, No Eul swerves last minute running into a pillar. Joon Young stands up with his arm hurting since he’s still not recovered from his accident. He opens the door to find No Eul unconscious and bleeding. Next scene he’s calling for a doctor at the hospital with No Eul in his arms, obviously having difficulty holding her. (Dude, if you’re going to help hr,e you should have called the ambulance, her neck could have been fractured.)

Ha Roo is singing along with Joon Young’s song in the car when Eun Soo asks her to lower it. Finally, Driver Park shuts it off saying that he mother isn’t feeling well. She tells her mother that she’s hurting more than her because she can never face Joon Young ever again after what Hyun Joon said to him. Eun Soo gets a call from her secretary telling her that Joon Young saved Hyun Joon by nearly being hit by a car. Though, she had to scream at Ha Roo to lower the volume of her song so she could hear. Ji Tae (Lin Ju Hwan) gets the same news from his secretary.

Hyun Joon wonders out loud as to why No Eul would try to run him over and if he did something that justified that much anger. His secretary tells him that the police will find out. Hyun Joon tells him to tell the police to leave it at a driving misdemeanour, as there is no point to blow things out of proportions.

The doctors tell Joon Youn that he only has a fracture and he should be fine so long as he lets it heal. At the end of their consultation, Ji Tae arrives. He introduces himself to Joon Young and thanks him for saving his father’s life. He explains that he gave up on No Eul because his father is Hyun Joon. Joon Young pulls out his IV drip and tells him so what before leaving. This leaves Ji Tae standing alone in Joon Young’s hospital room.

Joon Young goes to see No Eul in her room. He sits down and takes her hand in his good hand. He apologises for leaving her alone.

No Jik (Lee Seo Won) calls No Eul to asks where she is. She tells him that she’s still in the editing room and he mentions that she hasn’t been home for a week. He tells her to send pictures of what she’s eating because he’s worried that she’s living off of bread. He threatens to make food and bring it to the editing room before hanging up.

Jik meets up with Ha Roo and throws her off by using formal speech because she’s older than him. He asks where the cat is and she tells him that it’s missing. He pulls on her swing’s chains and brings them closer to each other. He asks if she’s lost the kitten, or threw it away. She promises that she had the kitten with her until cram school, but it went missing when she stepped out for some coffee. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her. She asks if he knew that he is actually quite handsome, to this he simply lets go of the swing’s chains and walks away, letting her fall backwards onto the ground.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 16.13.34.png

Joon Young tells No Eul that they should go on a trip together where no one can find them. He tells her that he’ll prepare everything and she only has to bring herself. So we get the awkward scenes of Joon Young buying No Eul bras and underwear. Joon Young buys No Eul new clothes while No Eul borrows some makeup from the nurse. She gets startled when Joon Young comes in and smudges her lipstick. She gets changed and Joon Young tells her that she’s pretty. She asks if they can stay away for a year or maybe ten rather than a month. He agrees and when she asks if he would kiss her, he tells her he’d kill her but kisses her passionately anyways.

He tells No Eul to wait while he brings the car around. He leaves her with his scarf. When he gets to the car he experiences a dizzy spell from his cancer. While he’s at the car No Eul gets approached by the police arresting her for attempted murder. She calls to Joon Young, but he can’t seem to get up. He manages to get on his feet to walk towards the police car as it’s pulling away, but he stumbles.

He manages to get home but he stumbles through the halls. ( I hope he didn’t drive) He sits on the stairs briefly and calls his Lawyer about No Eul. He manages to get upstairs and takes his painkillers. (I’m on pain med, I never forget to take them.)

Once he comes out of the bathroom he finds his bedroom door is locked. Kook Young tells him that he’s under orders from Namgoog to keep him locked up for his own good. Kok Young asks if he’s really going to throw away everything that he’s worked for over a girl. Joon Young beats the door and breaks down while trying to get Kook Young to open the door. (Let us pretend that this scene makes sense after all it follows k-drama logic.)

No Eul is at the police station and when the officer comes back, he mentions that she didn’t eat anything. He asks why she tried to kill Hyun Joon and she remains silent that pisses off the cop.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 17.03.51.png

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) has supper with her father and when she asks how the meal is he admits he wants to rethink marrying her off. He tells her she’ll be a wasted with Ji Tae. She tells him not to worry and she’ll still eat with him all the time. She asks about No Eul’s father and is told the man died. She mentions that it’s a god thing because since his family didn’t have any money being in a coma for so long would be a burden. She then switches to asking her father about the wine.

Hyun Joon gets a phone call to find out that his wife pressed charges against No Eul.

Eun Soo is in the kitchen with the housekeeper trying to make sushi but she can’t kill the fish. The housekeeper joke about her not being able to make sushi and goes to kill it when Eun Soo turns away. She comes face to face with Ji Tae who accuses her of pressing charges against No Eul. She pretends to not know anything and goes to her room. Ji Tae follows her and tells her that he knows about the case 3 years prior when No Eul found out about the company slush funds. Even thought it was true, Eun Soo sued her for defamatory and she’s running from loan sharks because she’s trying to pay back the fine. Eun Soo tries to dismiss him again but he asks if she feels even an ounce of guilt. He tells her that if she was even human, she and his father would feel apologetic and guilty for completely ruining her life. Hyun Joon overhears the conversation from outside the room.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 17.39.58.png

Hyun Joon sits in his office and thinks about No Eul and feels like the name is familiar. Finally, he places her with the No Eul from the hit-and-run case.

Jik goes to see Joon Young and beg for his help because he’s the only person he knows who can help his sister. They stress makes his tumour flare up, right when the land line rings. He struggles to the phone and when he picks up he finds out it’s Lawyer Pyo. He tells Joon Young where she’s being held, and when Joon Young tells him to get her out, he admits that he can’t since Namgoog called and told him not to get involved. (Dude if you’re getting paid just do it.) This frustrates Joon Young and he throws his phone.

Jung Sik is at the restaurant refusing to remove his tuxedo no matter what Young Ok says. His phone rings and it’s Joon Young’s house phone. Young Ok doesn’t want him to pick it up but as soon as he does he inquires to why his voice is so weak. Finally, Jung Sik passes the phone to Young Ok and Joon Young asks for her. They race to his house and Jung Sik is rambling on and Young Ok tells him to shut up and drive. When they arrive, Young Ok finds Joon Young on the floor at the foot of his bed.

No Eul dreams of her father. He chastises her for giving away her clothing when she’s freezing. She starts to cry and he tells her to stop that. She cries and tells him that she took the money that Hyun Joon offered and tried to forget him. She was scared that she might die if she didn’t take the money and she didn’t want to leave Jik alone. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that she did the right thing. She tells him that she’s in trouble and wonders if he can’t take her to where he is.

Young Ok places a hand on Joon Young’s clammy cheek. He wakes, but he’s disorientated for the first few moments until he lays his eyes on his mother. She can’t believe that they kept him locked up when he’s so sick and wants to take him to the hospital. He tells her that he needs to go to No Eul and asks for her help. Tear stream openly down his face.

No Eul is curled up in a ball in her cell crying.

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