Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 9 Recap



We rewatch Hyun Ji’s (Kim So Hyun) fading seen and Bong Pal’s (TaecYeon) freak out. He tells her to never disappear on him again and Hyun Ji relaxes into Bong Pal’s embrace.

A ghost appears in the doorway of a room. She looks in on the sleeping man who has a bandage around his wrist. We can hear crying as she starts to stroke his cheek. She, at some point, straddles him and begins to choke him. The camera pulls outside of the house and a scream rings out.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.06.44.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive home and Bong Pal continues to act awkward. He wishes her goodnight and goes to his room. Hyun Ji sits on the couch smiling. Bong Pal comes out and mentions that his room is too hot and that she can sleep in it. She’s shocked but agrees. Bong Pal sits on the couch as Hyun Ji goes to his room. She squeals a little and smiles about what happened on the walk home. Bong Pal smiles hearing her laugh and sound happy.

The 2 cops continue looking into Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) past. Though his father passed away when he was young, he had lived with his mother until middle school when he lived in the dorms and then finally on his own. Everyone who they talk to gushes about him and says that he’s a great guy. The old cop says that he’s too perfect to be human. They decided to try and retrace Hyun Joo’s steps before she died.

Hye Sung is at Hyun Joo’s funeral.  He overhears some people talking about Hyun Joo’s manner of death. Someone mentions that Eun Soo had confessed his love to Hyun Joo the semester prior. This starts an idea forming in Hye Sung’s mind. He bumps into Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) on his way out. He excuses himself quickly and heads outside. Hye Sung waits in his car for Eun Soo to come out before driving away.

The next days Hyun Ji wakes up to Bong Pal cooking. She comes out to watch him cook. He tells her that he’ll be done soon and turn back away. The familiarity has returned. While eating, Hyun Ji eats prettily takings small bites and chewing them thoroughly. Bong Pal takes it as a sign that she doesn’t like the meal.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.33.32.png

They are heading to school and they act shy when their hands touch. Then when the light turns green Bong Pal grabs her hand to run across the intersection. They go to search for a text at the library and Bong Pal notices it above Hyun Ji’s head and without thinking he grabs it, successfully pinning Hyun Ji between him and the bookshelf. When a person needs to pass Bong Pal is forced to press up against Hyun Ji. When he back away she tells him that she has something to do a pops away.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) is accepting a food delivery at the club room. In Rang (David Lee) ordered 4 meals enough to feed everyone including Hyun Ji. When Chun Sang finds out he essentially tells him he’s going mad over Hyun Ji, who he’s nicked named Angel. He reminds him that love is crazy. Chun Sang tries to remind him that Hyun Ji is a ghost and there is no future. When he notices it’s futile he sits down to eat In Rang chastises him and tells him to wait for the others.

Hyun Ji sits alone in the park where they normally sit and tries to calm down. She mentions aloud that she would love if Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) was there so they could talk about Bong Pal. Realisation suddenly hit her that she hadn’t seen her in a while and wonders where she was.

Bong Pal arrives at the club room and is greeted by In Rang. He greets Hyun Ji but Bong Pal tells him that she’s not there that day. As they sit to eat, Chun Sang asks if Bong Pal has anything that he’s worried about. He mentions wanting to do something for a woman but doesn’t know what. Chun Sang proceeds to give him horrible dating advice.

Bong Pal arrives home and looks around for Hyun Ji but she’s not in the apartment. He finds the pictures she doodled on and laughs. He decides to go upstairs and he finds her on the roof. He chastises her for disappearing to which she apologises. Chun Sang’s voice replays the advice in his head. (Don’t do it Don’t listen to him, just act natural.) Let’s sum it up and say he makes a fool of himself and he reverts back to cooking meat which makes Hyun Ji happy.  Later that evening he stargazes with her and teaches he all about the constellations he knows. That night Hyun Ji asks if Bong Pal is sleep. He tells her that she should go to bed if she wants to go out the next day. She asks if it’s a date, and he agrees that it is. She promises to go to bed and tells him to dream of her.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.16.43.png

The next day Bong Pal is washing up the dishes when he asks Hyun Ji what she wants to do. She tells him that she wants to do what normal couples do. He agrees and then puts soap suds on Hyun Ji’s nose. A mild sud fight then ensues.

Bong Pal is out of the apartment first while Hyun Ji tries to figure out what to wear. When he comes outside Bong Pal notices her shoes and takes her to a clothes store. They proceed to have a very cute date which would lead people to think he’s nuts since no one else can see Hyun Ji. (Seriously watch the date scene and remove Hyun Ji in you mind. He be crazy)

The police are looking into the case some more when they get the pictures from the toll gate. They find Hye Sung’s car in the pile of pictures. The older cop sends the other cop to bring Hye Sung to the station.

Hye Sung is sitting in his office thinking about the progression of the case.

Hyun Ji wakes up with a fright from her memory and Bong Pal comes into the room to check on her after her scream. She tells him that she’s scared and they sit together on his bed. She admits that it makes her feel better. She asks him about when he started seeing ghosts. He tells her that it started when he was 5 but he has very few memories from before. Hyun Ji thanks him for everything because being with him has made her happy. He is also grateful that he can see her.

The next morning Hye Sung is brought into the police station for questioning and he doesn’t look too happy. They pull Hye Sung in and questions him about his car being in the area. He tells them that he visited his mother who lives in the area.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.51.45.png

The detective pulls him out of the room to tell him Eun Soo jumped from his room but not before texting his mother to admit to the murder. His cell was found in his room. When the detective is talking we get to see Hye Sung kill Eun Soo by throwing him out the window and sending the text. Hye Sung is released and the police chief wants them on another case.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji stop at Hye Sung’s clinic because she sees the dog. Hye Sung invites him in thought Bong Pal doesn’t want to Hyun Ji does so he has tea with the professor. Hyun Ji is playing with the dog and he smiles. Hye Sung mentions that it looks like he’s smiling at his girlfriend and he must really like dogs. He admits that he does. They talk abut the summer vacation and Hye Sung asks if he’s finished his volunteer hours. He admits that he hasn’t and Hye Sung suggests helping him at the store. The dog suddenly runs off and Hyun Ji follows. She is led so close to the information about her but is focused on the dog. Hye Sung follows as does Bong Pal. They leave and as they do Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) sees them leave and recognises Hye Sung from that night at Bong Pal’s place.

Myung Chul catches up with Bong Pal and asks him about Hye Sung. Bong Pal tells him that he’s a professor at his school Myung Chul asks if he lives in Bong Pal’s apartment complex and he tells him that he lives at his clinic. Myung Chul ushers him off home.

When at home Bong Pal cooks from Myung Chul and the monk asks about the SAT books being out. He tells him that he needed it for a current course and then asks why he didn’t call. They have a short conversation when Bong Pal comes out to talk with Hyun Ji. Myung Chul looks through his phone to find a text message from his father mentioning his middle school graduation. When Bong Pal returns Myung Chul asked when it was and he confirms it was in February.Bong Pal gets pulled away on a job and Myung Chul finds the recording of that date.

They get called away on another case of possession.In Rang tells Hyun Ji t stay behind Bong Pal that day. Chun Sang stops the van and chastises him for not sitting properly. When they arrive they are greeted with a man screaming in his room.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.27.24.png

they get told that the brother has been very ill and one day he had a seizure and tried to kill himself. He’s been like this ever since. They go upstairs to find the lights not working. and when the sister goes to open the blinds they close right away. Hyun Ji and Bong Pal see the ghost straddling her brother but when Bong Pal steps closer she disappears. Hyun Ji notices the picture of her brother and the ghost on the desk and Bong Pal picks it up.

They go downstairs and the parents are furious about who the ghost is. When Bong Pal asks for more information the sister only tells him that they used to date. He inquires about her brother’s habits and she tells him that when he falls to sleep as he just has he’ll be asleep for 2 days. Bong Pal tells her that she’ll be back in 2 days and to call if he starts up again.

Myung Chul sits in the apartment and studies the tape. He wonders if Bong Pal’s father really caught anything. He suddenly notices Hye Sung in the background and wonders why he was there.

Bong Pal and the gang leave the house and Chan Sang asks In Rang if the man reminds him of anyone. He then rips into him that chasing a ghost will drain your power and cause death. Ghost and humans can’t like together. In Rang chastises Chung Sang because he’s spewing nonsense in front of Hyun Ji, who’s mood suddenly when south.

Myung Chul walks to the clinic and has a staring contest with Hye Sung.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.48.07.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are walking and Hyun Ji recalls all the odd looks that Bong Pal was getting when they were on their date because no one else could see her. She pauses in front of a window and stares at her missing reflection. Bong Pal notices and steps between her and the glass. He tells her to come and she wonders if they’ll be ok with her being a ghost and him being alive.  (You missy better be in a coma.) She tells him that to other’s their relationship makes no sense. She pulls away and begins to walk away. He runs after her and spins her around. He confesses his feelings to her no matter what people think and then pulls her into a kiss.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.58.41.png

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