Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 10 Recap



Bong Pal’s (TaecYeon) confession to Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) and their kiss is replayed.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes into Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) hospital. He greets him like any parent would. He introduces himself as Bong Pal’s uncle and hopes that he’ll take care of him. He inquires about whether they had met, Hye Sung suggests that they might have met in the neighbourhood. Myung Chul leaves him to his lunch and shakes his hand. Myung Chul’s expression changes a little before taking his leave. Outside Myung Chul’s hand is shaking and he turns to look at Hye Sung who is laughing with his staff.

While walking home Hyun Ji looks over at Bong Pal and remembers that kiss and him telling her not to worry. When they get home they find that Myung Chul isn’t there and he had been watching Bong Pal’s middle school graduation. Hyun Ji notices Hye Sung in the background but couldn’t place him. Bong Pal disconnects the camera and they start talking about his father. Hye Sung asks why he’s living separately from his father and he admits that it just kinda happened. He goes to wash up.

Myung Chul is at a street side shop and he wonders he thinks about his handshake with Hye Sung. He takes another shot of soju and tells himself that there is something wrong with Hye Sung.

Bong Pal comes out of the shower and sits next to Hyun Ji to watch a drama. Suddenly there is a kissing scene and they get super awkward. Finally, Bong Pal turns off the TV and Hyun Ji goes to bed. While sitting on the bed she tries to slow her increased heart rate.

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A man is walking through the school at night and he turns on the lights as he goes. He gets to an alcove where things get stored, but the light won’t turn on. He turns on the flashlight app on his phone and he starts to search for the item that he was looking for. He starts to hear mumbling and he looks up. He notices something had fallen and when he picks it up the ghost lunges at him. He runs away screaming. (A natural response I feel)

The man goes to see Chung Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee). He tells them about the occurrence and they agree to take a look. When they advise him to get the money ready Bong Pal comes in.

They go to the school and Bong Pal gets told where the last person saw the ghost. He’s also told that the ghost has been seen all around school and looks particular. We then see a small compilation of people getting scared by the ghost. They arrive at the alcove but the ghost isn’t there. He steps on the same tablet when they hear screams.  They run towards it to find girls fleeing. When Bong Pal arrives there is still no ghost energy and the person tries to run but is caught by Chung Sang and recognised. They get told the difficulties that he’s been having lately.

In Rang and Bong Pal talk about the difficulties of the job market when Chun Sang comes in. In Rang questions about the box but Bong Pal catches on right away that it’s the payment. He refuses the bracelet and tells them he wants cash. After he leaves, In Rang notices the rash starting on Chun Sang’s wrist due to the bracelet.

The cop pair goes to see a corpse in the morgue. He tells him that it’s an open and shut case. All the injuries point towards suicide. The coroner asks what is making him so interested, then asks if it’s the professor. The older cop agrees and the younger cop comes from taking a phone call and tells him the boss wants them on their new case.  They leave and the older cop tells him that he’s heading to Hye Sung’s mother’s house. The younger cop tells him that the boss will have a fit and the other offers to go alone. The go together as a pair ,though.

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The girl with the possessed brother calls her father and begs him to come home. She goes into his room to find him with a head wound. She tries to snap him out of it but he pushes her aside. He starts to stalk towards her but then stops and flees out the door. The sister is sitting on the ground and finally, she turns to look over her shoulder where the ghost is standing. The ghost turns to her and she screams.

In Rang is writing a love letter to Hyun Ji, when Chun Sang comes in and takes it from him. He teases him about it but it gets cut short when he gets a call on his work phone.

Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) is standing infront of the lecture hall to find the notice that class is cancelled and she fires off a text before leaving. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive and when they see that Hyun Ji suggests they do something fun, but they have to go to work.

The police officers come to Hye Sung’s mother’s house and she seems scared that they are there. She invites them in and offers then a beverage. They say they are there to asks some questions and she assumes that it’s about Hye Sung. She tells them that Hye Sung visits a lot but can’t remember dates since he comes so often. She stills and looks out the window. The police turn to find Hye Sung standing there. He asks if they’ve confirmed everything but they don’t give him an answer.

Bong Pal and crew arrives and the sister tells them what happened. She admits that the girlfriend looked at her. Bong Pal asks where he would normally go and then flips it and asks where the girlfriend would go. She picks up a picture and tells them that her brother scattered her ashes at the location in the picture.

They are driving and they notice him on the pier. They tell Chun Sang to drive faster but instead the car dies. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji break out at a run and they see the brother climb over the railing. Hyun Ji pops over first. She grabs the girlfriend and asks why she’s trying to kill the man. However, she tells her that she’s trying to save him. Just then he lets go and falls into the river. Thankfully. Bong Pal dives in after him and pulls him out. His girlfriend comes to him and asks him to stop.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 12.48.50.png

We get to see the blossoming of their relationship. Their encounter after he got so wasted because he found out about his brain cancer and their chance meeting. They continue through their cute relationship. He never tells her about the brain cancer and goes to have surgery. He calls her right before his surgery and leaves a message telling her about. She freaks and starts running without looking and gets hit by a car. As soon as he wakes up from the surgery he calls her to find that she’s passed away.

Back in the present, she asks him to not try and hurt himself because if he dies know it would make her even sadder. She tells him that her accident wants his fault and there is nothing that would have changed it. They exchange I love yous before she moves on.

They arrive back home, and Bong Pal promises to return the clothes the next day. In Rang stops him and asks him to give the latter to Hyun Ji so she can hear his heart. Bong Pal breaks it to him that Hyun Ji already likes someone and leave. In Rang mentions that it hurts and Chun Sang gives him a hug.

.Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are on the roof and Bong Pal mentions that they will need to separate like that one day. She tells him not to worry about the future because even if he does nothing will change. He then wonders if In Rang will be ok and she tells him that he will be.

Chun Sang takes In Rang to the pier to drink. He chastises him for not listening to him prior. In Rang tells him that if he had known how much it would hurt he wouldn’t have started in the first place. He takes out the letter and tears it up. He proclaimed that he will forget about Hyun Ji but then wants to kill himself. Chun Sang pulls him back, slaps him and then draws him into a hug to console him.

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Myung Chul goes back to the priestess and tells her about Hye Sung. She mentions that if he’s felt something the spirit is strong. He wonders if he could get the same weapon that he used on Bong Pal again. She mentions that they are rare and hard to find since the last spirit broke the one he had. He then asks for her to make Bong Pal a talisman but he is unsure that it’ll work.

Hye Sung is watching his mother in the garden. He comes outside and tells her that he’s going to leave. When he goes to check a cut on her hand she pulls away. This saddens the human side of him. When he leaves a neighbour comes over and asks if that was her son. She says that it wasn’t and we flash back to when he was a child and he killed his father. She had a bruise on her face so I’m going to assume it was an abusive relationship.

Bong Pal comes home to find Hyun Ji studying. He asks her if she’s going to eat and she says after finishing. He takes her book and pulls it away and tells her to relax a little. The pictures fell and she tells him not to look. He reveals that he already say them and asks if she’s jealous of Seo Yeon. She tells him no and then he tease her about the other picture she drew. She tells him that she can’t take pictures with him and there isn’t anything else he can so. He tells her that he much prefers seeing and teases her a little. They have a little play fight, the way the cute couples do.

Myung Chul comes back and hears Bong Pal laughing. He wonders when he started laughing like that. He comes in and asks who he’s talking to. Bong Pal doesn’t answer and Myung Chul assumes that it’s the female ghost. He asks if he’s been living with her, and he assures him not to worry. Myung Chul reminds him that his mother died because of a ghost and is appalled that he’s now with one. He tells him that he will find a way to fix his eyes and tells him to end the relationship. He tells him that he doesn’t want to and confirms that he has feelings for her. He tells him to stay out of his business. The monk agrees and leaves. Hyun Ji inquires about his mother. He side-steps and tells her not to work. That doesn’t change that she feels like an idiot not knowing. He tells her to forget it and tells her they have to leave. She tells him that she wants to stay home.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.35.57.png

Myung Chul is irritated at Bong Pal and when he walks by a cake store he realises that it’s Bong Pal’s birthday.  Bong Pal is walking to school but turns around and runs back home.

Myung Chul comes back with a cake while Bong Pal is away. He finds the spare keep and lets himself in. Hyun Ji tries to side-step in but he feels her presence. He tells her that he knows she’s there. He tells her that she doesn’t seem like a bad spirit but for Bong Pal’s sake, she should leave. He tells her about Bong Pal’s run in with a bad spirit and he blames himself for not being able to fully remove it.

We watch the exorcism of a young Bong Pal. Myung Chul performs the ceremony and the evil spirit left but wasn’t finished off.

He tells her that since he was not able to destroy the spirit it got bad. It killed Bong Pal’s mother right in front of him. He tells her that some of the evil spirits power remains in his eyes so it allows him to see ghosts. He’s been an outcast of his peers all of his life because of that. He asks her again to leave Bong Pal alone for his own sake, Hyun Ji is crying by the end of the tale.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.51.06.png

Bong Pal runs back to the apartment to find Hyun Ji not there and the cake sitting on the coffee table.

Bong Pal goes to the roof and finds Hyun Ji there. She wipes her tears away before he can see them. She tells him not to worry. He asks if she met up with Myung Chul again. She admits she saw him briefly but disappeared. She asks if today was his birthday and he admits that it is. She didn’t know so she couldn’t buy him anything but she offers to go somewhere with him and spend the day.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji take a cruise and he admits that he’s enjoying it alot more now that she’s with him. They go to the main deck to see the fireworks. Hyun Ji turns to him  and tells him that  she wants him to be happy. He tells her that he’s never liked his birth day but he likes it now because of her. She apologises for not being able to so anything for him and he tells her it’s ok. After she wishes him a happy birthday he kisses her forhead. She sends him away to get drinks and while he’s gone she disappears.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 14.02.51.png

He comes back to find her missing and starts looking for her frantically. He finds a person who looks similar to her but be can’t find her.

Hyun Ji is standing on the shore and changes back into her school clothes and tells Bong Pal that she’s sorry before walking away.

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