The Irregular at Magic High School



This anime is based on a light novel by the same name, there is also a manga adaptation of the same series. There are 19 light novels, 26 episodes and 4 mangas. I will admit that the anime series has me wanting more of the universe.

In this anime’s world, magic isn’t a dream but a reality, though it has only existed for a short period of time. Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, brother and sister, are prepping to start at Private Magic University Affiliated High School where only a small number of people can enter. There are 2 levels, the elite, which Miyuki is, and the magically talented with little control, where Tatsuya is. Though Tatsuya has difficulty actually controling magic he is a famous magic device inventor and already works for the government.

If you can see past Tatsuya and Miyuki’s odd relationship, and past the oddities of the school, this will be for you. I enjoy the visuals and the story line. I really want to learn more about the world so I might need to pick up the light novels.


6 thoughts on “The Irregular at Magic High School

  1. I really enjoyed this anime. There are some issues with it to be sure, but it’s just a fun magic highschool story really with a few darker undertones so it doesn’t get too light and fluffy. Thanks for sharing.


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