Uncontrollably Fond Episode 11 Recap



Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) lectures and hits his son about keeping Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) locked up in his room while he’s so sick. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) asks his father if he knows what he’s trying to do. He tells her that Joon Young is trying to go to the detention facility that No Eul (Bae Suzy) is being held for trying to hit Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) with her car. This stops his father in his tracks.

Young Ok (Jin Kyung) helps Joon Young up and chastises them for keeping him locked in his room. She wants to take him to the hospital but he begs her to take him to No Eul.

Jung Sik asks if he really heard Hyun Joon’s name. He tells him that she tried to kill him Joon Young would have really bad fall out if No Eul acts close to him. Jung Sik is just focused on the fact that the assemblyman in question in Hyun Joon. Joon *

Joon Young begs his mother, but she tells him that he’s crazy for saying that when he is in such a state. She tells him that she’ll go gets him some medicine and to no go anywhere. He tells her that it’s her fault that Hyun Joon turned into the despicable man that he is today. If only she would have stayed with him and not run away then he wouldn’t be the way he is. Jung Sik comes in and tears into him about how he’s talking to his mother and reminds him what his mother has gone through. He continues to talk even when Young Ok tells him to leave. When he finally listens he warns him to not make his mother cry or he’d beat him. He tells his mother that he will go to No Eul even if he has to crawl to her and Young Ok leaves the room.  She walks zombie-like until she sits on the stairs. Joon Young breaks a window with the chair.

No Eul is crying in her cell when Joon Young comes to get her. She asks him what takes so long and tells him how scared she is. She tells him that she wasn’t trying to kill Hyun Joon and she was going to live her life and forget. He knows and he tells her to get up because they need to go. She asks to where and he reminds her that they have a trip. He takes her to the beach and tells her that he wants to stay there for a century before going back. Sadly that was all a dream and she’s still in the cell.

Joon Youn is standing in front of his windows when Kook Young comes in. He tells him that his food is cold and he’ll go heat it up again.

Jung Sik talks with Koon Young and is told that Joon Young isn’t eating and he can barely tell if he’s even breathing. Jung Sik tells Kook Young to tell Joon Young that he will be over to force feed him. When Kook Young enters the store he finds Young Ok staring off into space prepping bean sprouts.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is sitting outside the police station in his car. He watches No Jik (Lee Seo Won). Na Ri (Kim Min Young) chastises him for being there but he couldn’t focus on his exam. Na Ri really wishes that Ji Tae was there because he was sure to know some lawyer. Jik tells her that Ji Tae and Joon Young could screw themselves and they can figure out the situation.

No Eul is allowed to visit with Na Ri and Jik. She tries to stay positive and happy even though they don’t believe her. She goes a dance and the Na Ri chimes in and it breaks the tension. She tells Jik to loosen up and she confirms that she didn’t try to kill Hyun Joon. They ask about Joon Young not coming and she doesn’t have an answer. Jik gets mad that Na Ri brings it up but Eul stays quiet for a beat before telling them that she heard from Joon Young and he’s coming for her soon. When they leave she goes back in her cell and falls quiet again. She imagines Joon Young coming to get her.

Kook Young comes to get Joon Young’s next meal and it isn’t touched again. He tells him that even if he tries starving himself he will not get out of that room under his mother’s orders. Joon Young doesn’t say anything and continues staring out the window.

Young Ok is thinking about Joon Young words while she’s cutting a daikon and she cuts herself. Jung Sik chastises her and tells her to focus before she picks up a knife. She leaves the restaurant without a single word.

Ji Tae meets with his father for coffee and he asks what brings him there. He asks his father to release Eul. He asks how long he’s had feelings for her and he admits that it has been since he’s hidden the truth. He agrees if he can disgrace him to the entire world because if he can’t he should shut his mouth and be a coward like he was all those years ago.

Young Ok goes to Joon Young’s house and is greeted by Kook Young. He tells her that Joon Young won’t eat, sleep or drink any water. Young Ok ignores him and goes straight to Joon Young’s room. She barges in and asks him how he could say something so bad about Hyun Joon and tells him about all the good things he did. She tells him to give her the names of the people who are talking bad about him and he tells him that he say it himself. He tells her what they man has turned into. He tells her that Eul’s father died due fatal hit-and-run. Hyun Joon was so focused on being successful that he framed another person for the crime. He tells her that he thought that No Eul had moved on but she’s still living in hell and remembers everything. However, the man who caused it has forgotten and is living in heaven. She doesn’t want to hear it and tells him that Jung Sik is right and he had gone crazy. He tells her that he almost killed No Eul by trying to cover up his actions all those years ago.

Young Ok is being driven home Kook Young, but she is still thinking about her conversation with Joon Young. She finally gets the answer to why Joon Young quite law school all those years ago and why he believed he was rotten. He tells her that he couldn’t accuse other people of crimes after what he did.

No Eul is still in her cell thinking of Joon Young and starts going through how many kilometres he has left to drive.

Kook Young tells Yung Ok that because he’s overheard the conversation he is going to let Joon Yung out. When he gets back he does just that.

Joon Young heads straight to Hyun Joon’s House however Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) answers and says he’s not home. Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) sees him and tells her mother that Hyun Joon had arrived a while before. Hyun Ji comes out and Ha Roo tells her father that Joon Young is there. He is about to ring the doorbell again when the door is opened. He apologises for coming without previous warning. Hyun Joon sends everyone away and takes Joon Young to his office.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.07.19.png

Joon Young and Hyun Joon sit in his office. He asks if he’s there about No Eul and he confirms it. Hyun Joo tells him that attempted murder isn’t a light charge. He reminds him that if No Eul really wanted to kill him she had plenty of time over the last 5 years and she wouldn’t have swerved last minute to miss him.

Young Ok is in the back of the restaurant eating bibimbap when Jung Sik finds her. He calls his son to have him tell the hospital that he’s sending a patient their way so they should stay open a little longer.

Hyun Joon tells him that it must have been difficult to fit him in. He offers to have him over for a meal. Joon Young stands at places a USB on the table. He tells him he would like to never see him again. He walks out, stops a beat to stare at the family portrait and walks away.

Hyun Joon opens the files on the USB drive to find proof that he was seeing the hostess.

As Joon Young is leaving, Ji Tae arrives. Ji Tae asks what he is doing there. Joon Young tells him he came to blackmail Hyun Joon and Ji Tae doesn’t even blink when he asks if he succeeded. Joon Young admits that he doesn’t know.

Hyun Joon calls detective Im to release the girl but Eun Soo comes in and tells him that if he lets the girl out then she’ll try and kill him again.

Ji Tae calls Joon Young and tells him that if No Eul had taken the USB to the press 5 years prior she would be living a different life and they would have been punished like they should have been. He starts screaming that he shouldn’t have stopped her and that’s why he doesn’t deserve to be with her and making her so happy. He shouldn’t be with her because, like him, he’s Hyun Joon’s son.

The next morning No Eul gets released from the police. Na Ri comes and gives her tofu to eat. No Eul looks around for Joon Young but is nowhere to be found. Na Ri tells her that if Joon Young was going to come then he would have already.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.39.00.png

Meanwhile, Joon Young is at home drunk playing video games. The truth hurts don’t it.

Na Ri wonders why Jik isn’t there yet. Meanwhile, Jik is nearly hit by a car. The woman gets out and asks if he’s ok. He tells her he is but when he goes to stand he finds his ankle is twisted. Na Ri’s phone call goes to voice mail. Na Ri tells her to stop waiting for Joon Young and that they should go home. She is set on texting Jik when a car pulls up and Jik gets out. He tells them that it’s just a little sprain and the driver comes to apologise. Eun Soo comes out and apologises. She tells Eul that she wanted Jik to get his ankle checked at the hospital but he insisted on coming straight there. This was obviously an open threat to Eul.

Ji Tae goes shooting to vent some anger. Ji Tae’s secretary tells him that No Eul was released that morning and his engagement party is at 4:30pm. He goes back to shooting right after the information is given to him.

Kok Young and Namgoog (Park Soo Young) come to see Joon Young. Kook Young chastises him for drinking. Namgoog apologises to Joon Young but tells him that he regrets nothing. Kok Young tells Joon Young that No Eul was released and asks if he’s going to see her. Ji Tae’s words still ring in his head. He goes to his room and tries to block out Ji Tae’s voice.

No Eul goes to Joon Young’s house but Nomgoog intercepts her before she can ring the bell. He tells her to get lost because he’s refusing Joon Young to see her in any form. She tells him no and goes to ring the doorbell. Namgoog stops her and makes up a lie about Joon Young.  She calls him a liar.

Na Ri calls Joon Young and asks why he didn’t visit and he told just because. She tears int him and she tells him that she wish she had tried harder to get No Eul to no go. He asks where but he couldn’t get and answer out of her because she was crying too much.

No Eul is walking and remembers the conversation and threat that Eun Soo placed against her brother.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 12.04.09.png

Ji Tae is at home and gets calls by Joon Young. He comes out and asks what he wants so late. Joon Young doesn’t answer and just punches him in the face.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) is at the wedding reception with her father who congratulates her. He boosts to the attendant that it’s her first love. Jung Eun is getting nervous and asks her father for some anxiety pills.

No Eul is putting her things in the car. She wants Jik to come with her but he tells her that it makes no sense to go abroad when her English is terrible. She tells him that anywhere is better than there. She tells him that if he’s not coming with then she’s going alone. Jik gets into the car. The taxi is about to pull away when Ji Tae stop it and goes to the passenger side. He tells No Eul she can’t go anywhere.

A lawyer is paying for his meal but his cards are declined. Joon Young pays for him and inquires if he was the prosecutor who ran the case of the hit-and-run. Joon Young asks him who the real perpetrator was that Hyun Joon was protecting.

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