Uncontrollably Fond Episode 12 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is looking at a picture of a house and his voiceover tells the audience that his dream was to live with his lover in a house on top of a hill for the longest time. Even when he found out that he was running out of time it didn’t change his plans just shortened them to 3 months. He gets pulled out of his daydream by No Eul texting him. He is determined to show the woman he loves that he loves her no matter how long he has left. No Eul wants to end things because he won’t come to her.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) puts her phone away. Jik (Lee Seo Won) comes in and asks where she’s going. She tells him that she’s leaving the country.

Joon Young decided to give up on his dream of living in a picturesque house with No Eul but decided to return the justice that he stole from her all those years ago. Joon Young quite obviously continues to follow the prosecutor. He pays him back for the meal but Joon Young persists in asking him who the culprit was. The prosecutor refuses to answer and Joon Young keeps following. He hopes that No Eul will live in a warm cheerful world after he passes after a rough winter.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) tells No Eul that she can’t go anywhere. Ji Tae pulls No Eul from the car and pays the taxi driver for his trouble. He tells Jik to take the suitcase in with a promise to tell him what’s going on. He tells her that he’s heard that Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) threatened her. She tells him that since he knows then he shouldn’t be trying to stop her. He promises to stop them. No Eul tells him that they are dangerous people that he shouldn’t go anywhere near. He tells her that they are his parents and she doesn’t believe him.

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Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) is sitting at her engagement party alone because Ji Tae is with No Eul.

No Eul realises that he’s not joking and mentions that his name is different. He apologises for lying to her. She steps away and when he tries to follow she tells him not to. She walks away hurt that their relationship had been a lie. He stands there and thinks about his altercation with Joon Young. Joon Young had asked him what he did to No Eul. Yes, he stole the flash drive and nearly killed her, but now Ji Tae’s parents are threatening her to leave the country and he’s going nothing.

The wedding party is worried about Ji Tae not arriving. His mother calls him but he hands up on her. Ha Roo (Ryu Woh) ask her mother if he’s really not picking up and then asks if he’s crazy. The 2 assemblymen share a look and Jung Eun looks like she’s on the brink of tears.

Joon Young follows the prosecutor to the hospital to see his daughter. He refuses to tell him anything. We find out that he and his ex-wife had a bitter break up and she’s refusing to let her see his daughter. Joon Young, however, does get in and draws a crowd. He chats with the children and tells Bo Ram that he respects her father and finds him very cool. He admits that he’s jealous of how cool her father is.

He comes out and talks with the prosecutor. He asks why he lies and Joon Young tells him that he didn’t lie because he does respect him 2nd to his mother. He tells him how his brain worked and his refusal to hide the truth. Since everything went as planned he was forced to quit but he kept the truth from his family. The prosecutor tells him to keep the drama for his acting. He tells him that he’s going to die soon so it’s ok if he tells him but he refuses. So Joon Young tells him everything. That Hyun Joon is his father but he doesn’t know it and the man who died is the father of the woman he loves.

No Eul goes to the Choi residence but no one is home because they are at Ji Tae’s engagement party. Ji Tae pulls up while she’s there. She screams that she was going to forget and move on. She was going to act like a dead person and just bear with it even though she felt wronged. Ji Tae hears everything. She asks why they used their son to keep an eye on her and asks if she scared them that much. When she finally collapses Ji Tae gets out of the car and goes to her.

Ha Roo asks her mother if she’s ok and Eun Soo asks her secretary to call the police and hospital again to make sure that there wasn’t an accident. Ha Roo can’t believe what he brother did and wonders if he’s on drugs. When they arrive home, Ha Roo asks where Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) is told that he’s with president Yoon (Jeong Dong Hwan).

Yoon and Hyun Joon sit across from each other. Yon asks if Ji Tae has a person who he’s seeing and Hyun Joon tells him that he doesn’t. Yoon tells him that the engagement will not be broken without Jung Eun’s concent. He tells Hyun Joon to bring Ji Tae in front of Jung Eun that evening and it doesn’t matter how late it is they will have the ceremony.

Jung Eun goes back to the salon with her dress and she freaks out that she didn’t get engaged because of the dress. They try to calm her down.

No Eul wakes up in Ji Tae’s car while Ji Tae is looking out over the river. She comes to him and asks if they are to start dating if his parents would hate it and their world would fall apart. He tells her that it’s probably true. She mentions that dating him would be the ultimate revenge and asks for them to date. Ji Tae remains silent.

Jung Eun goes to the bar and drinks a lot. They try to stop her but she finally wanders out to the pool edge. She tumbles into the pool and sinks to the bottom. Don’t worry! Because Joon Young happens to be nearby and saves her sorry ass from drowning. (It would have saved a lot of trouble) He tells her that she has a lot to do and can’t die without his permission.  The staff comes out and Joon Young walks away. He thinks back to the conversation with the prosecutor who told him that she was the culprit.

No Eul is at home staring at a picture of herself, Jik and her father while Na Ri sleeps.

Joon Young shoots the opening of the documentary and Namgoog mentions that it’s completely different with a different PD. Kook Young agrees but Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) asks what’s so different because it seems like the same to her. They order food and sit down to eat. Everyone acts skittish around Joon Young, mainly because Namgoog feels bad about firing No Eul. Joon Young tells them to take freely because now they have Pd Joon with them.

No Eul’s old boss came to see her and asks her to tells Ji Tae that he tries really hard to get her to take the next project but she refuses. The project is for SeoYeon Hoo’s new movie but he’s picky and the women who work for him might as well be actresses anyways. She calls him after he leaves and tells him that she wants to take the job.

Hyun Joon gets attacked from food stand owners who he pushed out. Hyun Joon asks if they were properly license. He starts going on about how he tries everything , but Ji Tae cuts in and asks if he’s sure about that. He asks why he hides behind the comfort f the citizens. Hyun Joon tells Ji Tae that he has never had to live the life so not to try and sympathize with them. Ji Tae reminds his father that if they could follow the laws they would and also reminds him that his parents ran a food stall. (Thank you for growing a backbone.)

His father asks him if he’s cleared his thoughts and told him that he was nervous too. Ji Tae tells him that he’s not marrying Jung Eun and Hyun Joon asks if it’s because of No Eul. Ji Tae promises that he’s going to stop living his life to please his parents. He promises that he will no do anything to make his parents be happy, smile or even laugh. He tells his father that if he wants to kick him out of the house or company regardless of his skill to let him know and he’ll back to leave.

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Jung Eun has an outburst of anger when she turns to see Eun Soo there. They sit and Eun Soo hands her a script of the movie that the company is producing. Jung Eun tells her that she was going to have Ji Tae look over it but wants her to instead. Jung Eun tells her that Ji Tae broke off the engagement but Eun Soo assures her that she is as close to being family as anyone could be.

Seo Yeon Hoo doesn’t like the wardrobe and tells them to try it again. SeoYeon Hoo complains that he was provided with the PD that got fired from Joon Young’s crowd. The president assures him that it’s because Joon Young kept putting the moves on her and she quit even though her work was excellent. This intrigues SeoYeon Hoo because he heard that Joon Young has high standards. No Eul comes to set looking fantastic and introduces herself.

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Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) comes in and asks Young OK  (Jin Kyung) who she’s making the food for. He tears into her about taking care of Joon Young after he’s yelled at her. She tells him to mind his own business. He yells at her that he’ll get the car. This confuses her and he asks how she was planning on bringing all that food and he’ll be the car around so they can bring it together.

Jung Sik and Young Ok gets to Joon Young’s house and they put the food down outside the door. Jung Sik tells her  that he’ll be at the sauna up the road and she should call him when she wants to go home. She tells him that they can leave right away and he won’t have it. Hyun Joon pulls up and parks in front of Joon Young’s house and he sees Young Ok and is shocked. It takes him a beat but he gets out of the car and calls to her and she turns around. Everyone looks equally as shocked.

Jik comes out of school to find Na Ri waiting for him. She tells him that the world is dangerous and he mentions that she’s the most threatening on. He asks if she’s not going to work and she tells him that she’s taking him home first. Ha Roo calls to them first and comes over. She asks who Na Ri is before asking why he hasn’t answered her texts. He mentions that they are not comfortable enough to be exchanging texts lightly. She thought that he hurt himself. She goes back to Na Ri and gets teased because Na Ri asks her who she is. She says that she likes Jik and everyone freezes.

No Eul is at the film set shooting the behind the scenes and she starts having trouble with her shoes. She nearly trips but Ji Tae catches her.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 15.35.47.png

Ji Tae takes her to the stairs to take care of her ankle. She tells him she’ll do it but then chastises her for not letting him do it since they’re dating. He tells her to not over do it and there are always other jobs.

Seo Yeon Hoo meets with Jung Eun and they have a meal as thanks for him being in the film. He asks who’s playing the bad guy and she tells him that it’s another actor, not Joon Young. He’s happy because he’s an asshole. Joon Young appears and reminds him that it isn’t nice to talk behind people’s backs. He tells him that he may be an asshole but not as much as him. He reveals he’s in the movie because he promised. Seo Yoon Hoo gets a call and the actress is in his room. Joon Young tells him to be careful because there are a tonne of reporters.

Joon Young excuses himself because he caused problems though they just met. She tells him that they have met before. Joon Young was going to pretend not to know her but they make their formal introductions. Ji Tae comes with No Eul on his back and sees the exchange. Jung Eun pulls her hand out of Joon Young’s quickly .

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