Twin Star Exorcists




My first impression was Akame Ga Kill meets D.Gray-man. The opening sequence is very bloody, and the drawing style reminds me heavily of Akame ga Kill. The story follows mainly 2 exorcists Rokuro Enmado, the male lead who experienced such a strong tragedy 2 years prior he swore off becoming an exorcist, and Benio Adashino, who swears to become an exorcist to honour her parents.

They meet and are forced together by being the Twin Star Exorcists who will join together and make the ultimate exorcist…i.e. They will marry and have a kid together while trying not to kill one another.

I’m actually really looking forward to this anime I just hope it’s as good all the way through as it’s first 2 episodes.


Also known as Sōsei no Onmyōji in japanese. This anime


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