Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1 Recap



We start with a cute animation telling us the story of Cinderella. Then Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) bringing the viewers back to reality, Cinderella wouldn’t have time to find her prince because of the part-time jobs. She also points out that all of the princes are stuck up assholes.

Ha Won rides up to a basketball court where some college students are playing. She tells herself that it’s a nice view and reminds herself that the next month she’ll be a college student. She completes her pizza delivery.

On her way back she stops because a motorcycle is blocking her way. He seems to be trying to get something back but a fight breaks out. The guy with the motorcycle helmet beats everyone up and takes make the bag that he went there to get.Ha Won misinterprets the situation and believes that he actually stole the bag. She’s pissed so she follows him on her moped. She follows him to the park and stops just in time to see Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) return the bag to a woman. He refuses a coffee or to give out his information before driving away. Ha Won inquires about the man and finds out that the bag belongs to her. She decides are are still some good people in the world. She then gets a phone call and tells her boss that she’ll be there soon.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 00.19.49.png

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is waiting for Ji Woon when she spots Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) coming out of the restaurant with one of her friends and she calls to him. She accuses him of picking her friend to date. He tells her that there are 2 types of women. Women that he’s dated and will date, her being her friend doesn’t change anything. Ji Woon arrives and tries to usher her off when his brother accuses him of hanging around the hotel a bit too much for someone who wants nothing to do with the business. Hyun Min tries to tease Ji Woon  and tells him that he will never be able to become the heir and he’s trash. Ji Hyun gets a little violent. Hye Ji asks Ji Woon why he always gets into a fight with his older brother. He tells her that he doesn’t like seeing him. She tells him no too and he reminds her that she should do the same. He also tells her that he must approve of the man she’ll marry.

Ha Won goes to work and takes home some products that’ll go bad by the end of the day. When she gets home her step-mother (Choi Eun Kyeong) and step-sister (Ko Bo Gyeol) are eating fried chicken. She gets chastised for not scrubbing the dishes properly and for not picking up her sister’s dry cleaning. She is truly Cinderella. The step-sister says aloud that she takes after her dead mother. When she goes into her room, the audience gets to see that she’s saving up for her college tuition and working hard at multiple jobs.

Ji Woon, Hyun Min, and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) all receive a text telling them that they must arrive at the office at 6 pm sharp or else.  They all arrive and we get to see what type of personalities they have because everyone asks about something different. Hyun Min asks about the money, Ji Woon asks about the location of their grandfather and Seo Woo is worried that he passed out.

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They all get handed a black card, but the only one who seems interested in it is Ji Woon. The letter is actually a wedding invitation to their grandfather’s wedding. They are advised by Lee Yoon Sung (Choi Min) that the 3 brothers must go. Hyun Min and Ji Woon both asks who are brothers. We find out that Ji Woon is seen as a cousin. Ji Woon storms out of the meeting. The only one who agrees to come to the wedding is Hyun Min because it’s his grandfather’s 5th wedding.

Young Sung remembers to when he brought Ji Woon to the house for the first time. Ji Woon and Hyun Min had an altercation after Hyun Min acted all high and mighty towards him. Finally, Yoon Sung introduces Them to each other as cousins. Hyun Min starts to go into the lineage of Ji Won’s mother and this tells everyone how focused on status he is. He insults CEO Kang say that it’s normal for him to pick up stray grandchildren. This doesn’t get on Ji Won’s good side.

Director Kang comes to see the CEO (Kim Young Geon) and tells him about the news continually britting gossip columns about the Kang family. The CEO tells him not to worry about it since he took over the publication the previous day.

The CEO is frustrated about his grandsons and mentions that he can’t keep running the company alone. He needs to find a successor. Young Sung mentions that all of his grandsons are still young. The CEO is determined to have his grandsons duke it out among themselves. He also tells Yoon Sung that his grandsons must be there for his wedding because many people will be watching them that day.

Ji Woon is at work when a customer comes in and starts yelling at another worker. He asks what’s going on and he’s told that they customer is trying to blame them for the issues with his car after he gets some parts changed. Ji Woon gets pissed and rams into the customer’s car with his own car. The customer turns to him and without finishing he tells the man that he will pay for all the repairs on the 2 cars and in return, he is never to show his face at the shop again.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 21.54.48.png

Seo Woo is playing his guitar in the stairwell when everyone starts looking for him. Since he has his headphones on he can’t hear his phone ring.

Hyun Min is at a restaurant when a girl walks in and throws her phone at him. She can’t believe that he dumped her via a text. He mentions that he sent her a smiley face. She leans forward and asks if it’s true that he wishes every girl 1 wish after they break up. He tells her to say the word and she drives off with his car. This seems to be a regular occurrence, though.

CEO Kang comes out with Ji Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri), his fiancée and teases her. Later she takes a phone call and she tells the person on the other line that she’s only getting started. The music changes and she tells the caller to not worry about the grandsons because they’re all 3rd generation rich boys. (Well not all of them.)

Hyun Min mentions that his grandfather’s new wife is going to be the same age as his mother. He decided that he and his friends will have to crash his grandfather’s wedding. He tells his friends that the next girl that comes through the doors he will ask to the wedding. His friends mention that girls who go to that hangout aren’t easy and he tells them that the crazier the better. They wait with baited breath and Ha Won is the next girl who comes in but she’s only there because someone ordered pizza.

They guys started picking on her and he mentions that he asked for them to send the prettiest girl. They end up dumping the pizza on the floor. Hyun Min is about to step forward to help the girl when his friends hold him back saying that he’ll be paying for a hospital bill if he uses his fists. He is about to tell his friends that he’s going to use his wallet when the man goes flying because of the girl. She gets the men to pay and to apologises. Hyun Min seems to have fallen in love. Ha Won apologises for the commotion before leaving. Hyun Min’s friends tell him that he can pick a new girl, but he tells them that he’s a man of his word. He tries to catch up with her but ends up taking a picture of the moped.

Soo Kyung and Yoo Na are checking Yoo Na’s college applications when Ha Won arrived. Needless to say, Yoo Na didn’t get into any. Ha Won asks to use the computer and she checks her status. Before, however, her stepmother, Soo Kyung, tries to put her down. She ignores them and finds out that she’s accepted. when her step-sister, Yoo Na. reminds her she needs money, Ha Won tells her that she’s already saved up enough for the down payment. She goes in her room and celebrates a little. She tells her mother that she’ll be able to fulfil her wish and become a college student.

CEO Kang comes to the house and calls out toe the butler. He asks why the house is a mess and they hear a noise which directs their attention to the ceiling where the butler is tapped. The Butler quits and calls his grandsons devils. They leave and CEO Kang tells Yoon Sung to hire someone because he’s sure he will find someone willing. He mentions that he can’t have the 3 grandsons continue the way the are and he wonders where he could hire someone to beat some sense into the boys.

Ha Won is super happy that as of payday the next day she can pay her deposit for her college. Hyun Min goes to Ha Won’s job to buy an ice cream. She mentions that it’s a BOGO item and when he asks what that is she explains that he gets the 2nd ice cream free. So they sit down together to have ice cream. He mentions that she eats fast and she tells him that it’s free. He mentions that she’ll be perfect and asks to buy her time. He tells her that he has money and then buys everything in the store to prove it. Hyun Min writes his number on Ha Won’s arm and tells her to call him.

Hye Ji is looking for fabric at a showing but the stall that has the colour she wants won’t see out of wholesale amounts. When their display gets toppled over she tells the shop owner that if she can reset up in display in 30 minutes he has to sell her fabric. She comes home wth the fabric and gets to work.

Ji Woon goes to the garage and asks if he the crew has eaten. When he finds out that he hasn’t he heads to the closest convenient store to buy food. He realises that he’s forgotten his wallet at the shop and goes back. When he’s there he overhears one of his colleagues complain that he’s keeping all of the money to himself. His boss tells him not to talk like that since he’s still the same person. Ji Woon is hurt by his friend’s words and walks away. Ha Won stops him since he needs to pay for the food and he tells her that he’ll be back the following day to pa. They have a mild altercation and she tells him that he better return.

Ji Woon goes to see Hye Ju and overhears her on the phone. Some had called her to tell her that Hyun Min might be bringing a girl to his grandfather’s wedding. He comes in after he hears her exclaim in pain from pricking her finger. He chastises her about hurting herself all the time and then goes to get band-aids for her.

Ha Won is at home when she looks into her keepsake box filled with pictures of her and her mother. She texts her father to find out if he will be making it home for her mother’s death anniversary before going to bed.

Ha Won goes to the mausoleum to find that the cubby is 5 years overdue. She asks how much is due and finds it 5 million won. She doesn’t have the money but she begs to have her mother brought out of storage. Ji Woon recognises her from the convenience store and noticed how different she’s acting. He walks out without saying a work. She travels back to town with the flowers that she couldn’t give to her mother.

When she gets back to town, she sits and talks to her mother she tells her that she wants her to go to college so she can’t use the money that she has. He breaks down crying and tells her mother that she doesn’t need to go to college it’s just that everything is so difficult right then.

Hye Ji shows Ji Woon the dress she made and tells her that it’s for the wedding. She tells Ji Woon that Hyun Min will be bringing a girl to the wedding. When he asks if it bothers her, she side-steps and asks him to come with her. He tells her that he would normal grant her any favour. She understands and apologises for asking.

Ha Won meets up with Hyun Min and she asks if the offer is still valid. He tells her that it is and he also tells her that she has to play the role of his fiancée. He tells her that his grandfather is ill and wants to see him tied down before he passes. He really lays on the sob story. She totally buys it. They introduce themselves and once they get in the car Hyun Min tries to get cosy with Ha Won who isn’t having it. She reminds him that everything will be over at midnight.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 01.03.40.png

The news is covering the event and is wondering if the 3 cousins will arrive at the wedding.

Hyun Min ushers Ha Won to his rooms to get made over. She asks what everything is for and he tells her that she needs to transform into his fiancée. The door rings and he heads up leaving Ha Won alone. He is met with Hye Ji asks about the girl he’s with. He asks her if she doesn’t get tired of obsessing over him. He tells her to let it go and goes back in.

Hye Ji goes into a room and holds up the skirt. She wants to quit but his grandfather is waiting. Seo Woo happens to be in the room and overhears her. He peeks out and sees her. He subtly takes her phone when he meant to take his that was lying next to it on the bed. She walks out of the changing room where Hyun Min is waiting with her shoes. She gets handed over to the makeup artists and gets transformed into a stunning lady.

Yoo Na is with the choir who are going to be singing at the wedding. She pissed off at the outfit but gets calmed by the thought that she’s the prettiest one there.

Hwa Ja gets her bouquet and reminds herself she’s halfway there. CEO Kang finishes getting ready before he and Yoon Sung leave for the hall.

The choir comes out, the marrying couple comes out a short while after. Hyun Min and Ha Won preps to go in and Ji Woon just arrives. Ha Won and Hyun Min come out the opposite side to his grandfather and they are spotted right away by them. (Well Ha Won is essentially wearing a very chic wedding dress.) Ha Won realises what’s going on and tries to stop him but he keeps walking. When she refuses to move he picks her up. When they get to the stage they ask her who she is and she answers honestly. She chastises him and tells him that he’s not a child. She tells him to apologise and he tells her that he doesn’t want to. She twists his arm and forces him to his knees with ease and apologises. CEO Kang is speechless as she manhandles his grandson and smacks his head.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 01.22.28.png

They step out of the ceremony and she tells him that she’s leaving. He asks for a second round. Seo Woo comes over and asks if she’s really his fiancée and he says nothing. A girl tells him that he shouldn’t be acting this way in front of Hye Ji. He reminds them that he’s not in that type of relationship with her. She comes over and tells Ha Won that it’s a pleasure to meet her, but before their hands touch Ji Woon pulls her away and asks if she has no pride. Ji Woon must have recognised her because he asks if she came all that way for money and they drops a load of cash at her feet.

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