Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 2 Recap



Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) throws money at Ha Won’s (Park So Dam) feet. Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) picks up the money and tells him to not disrespect his woman. There is very nearly a physical altercation but Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) who tells them to stop. She storms out and Ji Woon follows.

As soon as Ji Woon gets out of the building Ha Won catches up to him and spins him to face her. She tells him that though him and his family can throw money around that are a lot of people in that world that can’t. He pins her to the wall and asks who she is and why she’s there. She tells him that she knows who he is and he wants her to stay away from Hyun Min if she doesn’t want things to get nastier.  She flips them around and tells him to not talk about things that he isn’t aware of and warns him that if he touches her again, that day will be his last.

Hye Ji is sitting on the kerb beside Ji Woon’s bike crying when he finds her. Ji Woon doesn’t say a word but picks up his helmet and places on her head. This makes her smile meekly.

Hyun Min comes out and asks if Ha Won is mad. She looks at him and asks if she looks like a fool or easy to him. She proceeds to have him everything that she’s wearing except for the tube dress. As she walks away, she trips on her heel and takes it off and throws it at him. She drops the other heel where she was and walks off. Hyun Min picks up the heel and mentions that the magic has worn off. Ji Woon and Hye Ji passes Ha Won on the way to her house.

Ji Woon pulls up in front of Ha Won’s house and tells her that she needs to go inside. She hadn’t realised that they had arrived. He asks why she’s spacing out so much and whether she really likes Hyun Min that must even if he won’t glance her way. She tells him to not worry about it and she will make him look her way.

When Hyun Min comes out of the shower Yoon Sung (Choi Min) is waiting for him. He asks what he was trying to pull at the wedding. He tells him that he got grandfather a present. Yoon Sung shows him the picture of a woman and tells him that this is his fiancée and he is to meet her the next day and to make sure it’s a good impression. Hyun Min isn’t shy about showing him his displeasure and lays down to sleep.

Ji Woon arrives home and stares out across the city skyline.

CEO Kang (Kim Yon Geon) tells UYoon Sung that he’s been married 5 times that prior day was his best because he saw an amazing sight. We flash back to the 2 scenes of Ha Won manhandling his grandsons and he mentions that she isn’t an ordinary woman.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 11.36.40.png

Ha Won is washing the dishes when Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) comes in looking for breakfast. Ha Won apologises and tells her that she will whip something up. She eventually asks her stepmother to lend her some money but she spins a lie that Ha Won prayed that Yo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) wouldn’t get into college. She gets dismissed after her mother is so loud.

Everyone is talking about the newest jackpot girl and how lucky she is to be Hyun Min’s fiancée. Soo Kyung and Yoo Na are watching the new cast and Soo Kyung mentions that the woman looks a lot like Ha Won. Yoo Na tells her mother that she’s just being sensitive because it can’t possibly be Ha Won.

Yoon Sung prepares a presentation about Ha Won to show CEO Kang. He tells him that she is presently working 10 part time jobs. When he asks if she’s supporting her family, he tells him that it’s not exactly the case. Since her mother passed away and her father works away from home as a trucker her family isn’t well off. It appears that they only have enough money to pay for 1 daughters tuition, so she’s been working hard to earn her money. Kang mentions that it’s probably why she’s so mature. He decides that it may be better to get someone like Ha Won rather than someone to cater to his grandsons’ wishes.

Ha Won decides that it’s ok to go to work next years and she’ll be able to save up 4 million won in no time. She picks up her phone and wonders why her father isn’t answering and finally notices that it isn’t her phone. She wonders if it got switched at the hotel.

Yoon Sung comes to pick Ha Won up at work and tells her someone would like to meet her. She is brought to see  CEO Kang. She apologises about what happened at his wedding and she admits that she was worried she ruined it. He tells her that she did no such thing and apologises for snooping but it’s rare to find a young person with a similar taste in books as him. She tells him that he mother told her that following that book would get her far. He asks for some wisdom and Yoon Sung explains about the hotel and why she was asked there. CEO Kang calls his grandsons that player, the thug and the good-for-nothing. He asks her to help whip them into shape. He promises that if she follows the plan for 3 months he will pay for her college. She refuses because she doesn’t feel like she has the right to have the job. They start quoting the book the both like back and forth until Ha Won wins and walks away. Yoon Sung asks if he has to go to such lengths for her and the CEO tells him that changing a life isn’t a big deal.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 11.57.21.png

Hyun Min meets with his finacée and she tells him that she’s not into petty compliments. He tries to get them to sgo out and have fun but she has a business meeting. She wants to negotiate their agreements when he noticed Hye Ji walk in. He hugs her and mentions that she arrived. Hye Ji is shocked and it’s followed by Hye Ji kissing her. The woman mentions that she heard the rumours but he’s really something else. She tells him their negotiation fell through and she never wants to see him again. He pulls away and says sorry before walking away.

Hye Ji follows and asks him just want exactly she is to him. He tells her that she’s someone who used to be his friend. She tells him that he’s changed since 10 years prior. She always hoped that there was a shred of who he use to be. She tells him that he is currently at the most despicable state that he’s ever been in before walking away. A concierge comes to see Hyun Min and tells him that he forgot something the day before. He is about to say it’s not his but notices that it’s Ha Won’s uniform and takes it. He is just leaving as she arrives.

Ha Won tries to get up into the suit because she left some things there. The front desk refuses her entry, but Ji Woon notices her. He walks over and tells her that the should go. Ha Won asks the maid about the missing items and she can’t really tell her anything. They leave and she tells Ji Woon that she’ll repay his debt. He tells her to simply get Hyun Min to buy her a new one after all that’s why she’s seeing him. He tells her that he’s letting her go because she’s a girl but to never show herself before him again. She smacks his head and tells him that threatening a girl is really assholish before walking away.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 12.20.23

One of Ha Won’s colleagues comes up and says that hse’s the national jackpot girl, but all Ha Won can focus on is that fact that the owner of the cell phone won’t pick up but we see Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) on stage. Suddenly her friend’s phone died and the other phone is also dead. Seo Woo asks for his phone after the show and finds that his phone was swapped.

Yoo Na is at home doing her internet show with a film crew claiming she’s going to be on TV. She is a beauty vlogger. The camera crew isn’t interested in her and once Ha Won comes home they rush to her and asks her about being the national jackpot girl. Soo Kyung doesn’t understand what’s going on but when she’s told she pushes everyone out. Yoo Na asks how she could be the national jackpot girl. Ha Won tells her that she didn’t go because she wanted to just some things happened that forced her to go. Her sister tells her that it’s exactly what she wanted to get out of her situation. She tells her that isn’t the case and she would never free load. Yoo Na tells her to leave because she’s been free-loading off of her family and she never once considered her family.

Ji Woon tries to get into a hotel but his cards have been held. He gets told that if he doesn’t return to sky house then he will not have any perks of being associatedd to the Kang family. Yoong Sung tells CEO Kang that it will be difficult to get him back. The CEO has an idea.

Ha Won goes into the theatre to watch a movie on her job and starts falling asleep. Ji Woon happens to also come into that theatre. She wakes up and finds him staring at her. She tries to run away and realises that she shouldn’t. He asks her for money and she teases him about not having any money.

They go out and eat at the convenience store and she tells him that he debt to him is paid. He asks if her debt to him was only worth 1500 won and she reminds him that she added cheese. While eating he notices his grandfather and goes to talk with him while she’s away from the table.

Ji Woon talks with CEO Kang and is told to come back. He tells his grandfather that he can’t. He tells him that he wants to go back to how things were before. His grandfather tells him that everything that he thinks is he’s will be gone. He tells him not to worry because he’ll live like Hyun Min. Yoon Sung asks if it’s ok to leave him like that. He tells him to go.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 13.08.58.png

Ha Won asks one of her colleagues to charge her phone but when she refuses she asks to use her phone. She calls her phone and Seo Woo picks up. She tells him that she’s been trying to call. She begs him to have him check her messaged. He sees his sisters messages and tells her the bare necessities. They agree to meet. When she goes to meet to exchange phones, Seo Woo notices that she is Hyun Min’s fiancée and deletes her  messaged. He assures her that they are having dinner together and his father is coming. She leaves and he wonders why he feels dread.

Ha Won texts her father and asks if it’s true that he’s coming home the next day and asks why he’s not answering. She ends up falling asleep at the bath house.

The next day Ha Won is going to work when she gets swarmed by reporters. She apologises for the mistake and Hyun Min comes to the rescue. He ushers her to the car and walks around the car with his hands in sight before getting in himself and driving off.

Hyun Min is tooting his own horn when Ha Won asks if he doesn’t grasp the severity of the situation. She wants him to go to the reporters and tell them that she’s not in a relationship with him. He asks if that’s really what she wants and she confirms it. He tells her to give him 5 minutes to remove her name from the internet and she doesn’t believe him. He calls the head of a portal site and threatens him to get her name removed. He believes he’s super cool but Ha Won doesn’t believe how easy that was. She thanks him for taking the photo down and asks what he’s staring at. He looks at her and tells her that he’s figured out one thing that money can’t buy and it’s her smile. She gets out of the car and as soon as she does she gets news that Ha Won’s father took her mother’s urn.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 14.21.03.png

Ji Woon goes to see his old colleagues at the garage and they tell him to leave. It’s revealed to him that they were paid by his grandfather to act ask if they don’t know him. One of his colleagues is sorry but he tells him to not worry about it since it’s only right that they gt paid a lot of money to sell him out.

He goes near the river to think when Yoon Sung appears. Ji Woon asks if the power to buy people is what he meant. Yoon Sung tells him that there is no longer a Han Ji Woon in tthhis world only a Kang Ji Woon. Ji Woon reminds him that he is not Kang Ji Woon, and Yoon Sung tells him that he also has no place to live.Hyun Min is with his friends talking and they tell him that an arranged marriage is pretty  much a given for people in their position One of his friends asks if he isn’t jeopardising his position as heir since now he has 2 other grandsons who could take it from him.

Ji Woon is renting somewhere and notices his ID card with Kang Ji Woon on it and throws it out.

CEO Kang is talking with Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) about Ha Won. He admits that there are times when he wonders if it’s him or the money talking. Ha Won doesn’t waver even if there is money in front of her. Yoon Sung arrives and tells CEO Kang that he has taken care of Ji Woon and he has someone on Ha Won but it doesn’t look like she’s going to change her mind. He in even more determined to get her on his side.

Ha Won arrives home and confront her father (Seo Hyun Chul) about her mother’s urn. He tells her that her mother is right there and stop looking for anyone else. She goes to the balcony and finds her mother’s ashes. She tears into her father and tells him that she can’t believe he did that. He doesn’t understand paying so much money for a dead person. She turns to her mother after she said she save enough money to send the 2 girls to college and accuses her of telling her she only had enough for one. She asks where her things are and Soo Kyung tells her that they’re in her room that she shares with Yoo Na. She tells her that her room is the balcony. He smacks her and tells her that he shouldn’t have raised another man’s daughter. She finds out that they arenot related and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 14.51.36.png

She steps outside into the rain and remembers a fond memory of her and her parents as a child playing around because she was mad she didn’t get a black belt. She turns away from her childhood home and walks away.

While walking in the rain she gets a call from the CEO and asks her if her answer is still the same. He tells her that sky house is still open to her. Suddenly, all 3 grandsons get a text from their grandfather telling them that things will change at sky house and to come and see for themselves.

Ha Won arrives and asks her mum if it’s really ok for her to live in that house. Yoon Sung comes and offers her an umbrella. All the grandsons come in/on their respective vehicles and get off/out. They walk towards her and Yoon Sung tells her that there is only 1 rule at the sky house and that is no dating is allowed.

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