Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 11 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) searches the boat frantically for Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun). When they land he runs straight to the apartment. He looks through the apartment to find Hyun Ji not there. When he steps into his bedroom he sees her dresses laying there. He picks up the white one and it vanishes in his hands. He goes into the living room and looks at the cake that Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) brought. He remembers asking her about it but she told him she disappeared on him. Bong Pal calls Myung Chul.

Myung Chul is at an internet cafe researching Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) when Bong Pal calls. They meet at a park and Bong Pal asks Myung Chul if he met with Hyun Ji that afternoon. That is the first time the monk heard her name. Bong Pal asks him what he said to her and Myung Chul side-steps it until he finally tells him that he told her to leave and given his demeanour she probably listened. Myung Chul tries to get Bong Pal to think reasonably about it but Bong Pal just leaves in search of Hyun Ji.

Hyun Ji is walking sadly next to the highway.

A taxi driver is driving down an abandoned street when his radio starts to go all wonky. He goes to adjust it but all the stations are staticky. The clock turns 2am and he looks up to see a woman standing in the middle of the road. He swerves and crashes into a barricade and the ghost comes over and looks into the car.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 12.08.50(2).png

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) gets called to the scene of the crash because everyone who has crashed there, claims to see a ghost. He acts all crazy before taking the case. He finds out that the ghost only appears at 2am. When Chun Sang is alone he complains about neither Bong Pal and In Rang (David Lee) answering his messages forcing him to work alone.

Hye Sung goes to visit Bong Pal’s mother. He tells her that because of what she did he has become the way he is. By saving his son’s life and leaving something behind she should have known it was signing the dead sentence on her husband and son. A monk comes in and asks who he is, but he simply turns and bows. Once the Monk continues on, he leaves.

The cops are at a break in that is similar to anther case. The old police officer is looking around and goes back to Hye Sung’s mother not having any pictures of the doctor even though he is a son that a mother would normally brag about. Moreover, she didn’t look too happy to see him. The police officer is determined to find out what is off about Hye Sung and decides to look into his father’s death.

Bong Pal runs around to places that he and Hyun Ji frequented but she’s not at any of them.

In Rang is drinking in the club room when Chun Sang comes in. He tells him that maybe he should stop. In Rang is determined to kill the person the Hyun Ji has feelings for. Chung Sang tells him that maybe he should try to kill himself another way and walks out.

He wonders what is wrong with Bong Pal and notices Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E). HE goes over to talk with her and asks what’s gotten her so concerned. She tells him it’s nothing and they talk about it being her last semester. She admits that she would love to stay longer if she could.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 12.34.12.png

Hyun Ji walks up to an amusement park and thinks back to what Myung Chul told her about Bong Pal being an outcast because of his eyes. She also remembers the time where she found out that his mother was killed by a ghost and the last day together. She tells herself that she has made the right decision. She sits in the Ferris wheel pod and cries, meanwhile, Bong Pal is sitting in his apartment crying.

Bong Pal goes to the amusement park and walks around in deep thought. He notices and calls to her. She jumps out of the compartment and pops away. She is at the entrance of the park running when she is overtaken by a dizzy spell and the sounds of a defibrillator. He catches up to her and asks where she’s been. He asks if she left because of what Myung Chul told her and he has told her to ignore it. He tries to get her to go home but she won’t. She admits her insecurities and how a human and a ghost being together doesn’t make any sense. She clung to him so she can move on and she forgot about the for a moment. She tells him that it’s lonely being with him since he’s the only person who can see her. He asks if she means it and if she’s unhappy with him. She tells him that she is.  He walks away and as Hyun Ji watches him leave she begins to cry. (Ok this scene like hurt me to watch.)

Bong Pal stops to drink some Soju and begins to cry.

Hyun Ji is sitting in the park and chastises herself for crying because after all, she left him. She sobs quietly.

Chung Sang and In Rang are heading to Bong Pal’s house and In Rang is complaining. Chun Sang to about him just calling Bong Pal. He reminds him that he’s not answering and mentions that it’s a perfect chance for him to see Hyun Ji. In Rang mentions that he can’t see Hyun Ji because they aren’t together and Chung Sang Reminds him that they were never together.

Chun Sang and In Rang find Bong Pal drinking. Chun Sang reminds him that he’s a horrible drinker and shouldn’t be drinking. In Rang asks if Hyun Ji is there and he tells him she’s not. In Rang assumes she’s at home and Bong Pal shoot that down again. He asks where she went and when she’ll be back and Bong Pal tells him that she told him that she’s never coming back. In Rang sits down with Bong Pal to assist in the drinking.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.05.59.png

Chun Sang carries Bong Pal home with much difficulty. He leaves In Rang in the parking lot after he fell and goes to his apartment. He tells Bong Pal, who is asleep, to never drink again. He goes to get water but before he leaves he hears Bong Pal mutters for Hyun Ji not to leave. When He goes downstairs he finds In Rang asleep and goes for the second round of drunk carrying.

Hye Sung picks up Bong Pal’s father’s cell phone and sees the Hanil University phone number. He Calls a friend of his and asks if they still work there. He admits that he has a favour to ask and  asks to meet in person.

Myung Chil arrived at Bong Pal’s the next day and knocks on the door. When Bong Pal doesn’t answer he lets himself in assuming that he’s at school He finds Bong Pal passed out on the couch and he can smell the alcohol. He can’t believe how much pain he’s in because of the ghost.He goes to the fridge to find that he has no food in the house and he sighs.

Hyun Ji walks up from a memory and remembers one thing Daehan Study.

Bong Pal wakes up to find a meal left for him from Myung Chul with a note telling him not to drink so much. He digs into the meal.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.21.57.png

Myung Chul gets a call from the priestess and is told that he should go to Namjae Temple because the monk there has something to tell him about Bong Pal’s father.

Bong Pal goes through his normal routine and sees little reminders of Hyun Ji in his apartment. He finally sees the pictures and has enough. He grabs her toothbrush and SAT study guide and throws them out before leaving to school.

Myung Chul arrives at the temple and has tea with the monk there. He is told that he had found it odd that Bong Pal’s father has come for his wife’s death ceremony but there is one man who came this time and 5 years prior. He describes te man and confirms that it’s Hye Sung. The monk tells him that 5 years ago Bong Pal’s father took his wife’s personal item. He remembers Bong Pal’s father running when he saw Hye Sung.

Cung Sang is rubbing In Rang’s back and tells him that he can’t go around killing himself. He asks if he thought his grandmother pinned over his grandfather. When Bong Pal arrives, Chun Sang asks if he’s alright because he drank a lot the night before. He tells the other 2 that he’s going to have to set them right in blood sausage soup is going to have a future. He tries to guide them through a spiritual awakening but then the phone rings. He answers it and tells the person that they’re on a break. Bong Pal asks if it’s work and when Chung Sang tries to push it off Bong Pal tells him that it’s fine.

Hyun Ji goes to an internet cafe and uses a computer to find out that Daehan was a college exam prep school and gets the address.

Hye Sung comes to the hospital and meets with his friends. She chastises him for being so busy that he can’t volunteer. He admits he’s been very busy and he should be able to start back up again. He checks with her but Bong Pal’s father isn’t a patient nor a guardian for anyone at the hospital.

As he’s driving back he notices Hyun Ji. She is walking when she sees a girl nearly get hit. Her memories of the accident come flooding back. She realises that she is standing in the spot where the accident happened.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.49.28.png

Hye Sung calls back his friend and asks her to look into Hyun Ji. Hyun JI as a mild fit as they keep her body alive (I’m assuming with all the hospital noises). Hye Sung wonders if she remembers. We get to see him run her over and asks for an item. He grabs the bag she was carrying and goes away when he hears the police sirens.  When the ambulance comes she remembers her surgery and flat-lining and the name of Hanil Hospital.

When Hyun Ji arrives at Hanil Hospital her mother comes out. She follows her home. She walks around her childhood home and sees all the happy memories. She goes to her mother and apologises that she’s so late.

Hye Sung is creeping outside the hospital.

The trio are heading to the accident scene when Chun Sang and In Ran are trying to cheer Bong Pal up. At 2am the radio turns on and Bong Pal tells them to look up ahead. They run right through the ghost. They freak out thinking that they hit someone but Bong Pal tells them that they didn’t but he did see and evil spirit. He decided it’s a good time to look around.

While Bong Pal is away the ghost comes out from under the car. The duo starts screams their heads off. Bong Pal comes back and takes care of the ghost quickly but a car comes right his way.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 14.11.02.png

Hyun Ji’s mother gets a phone call and leaves quickly. She wonders what is going on and she follows her.

Chun Sang and In Rang are going to the hospital with Bon Pal being iced in the back of the car. Bong Pal tells them it’s only a sprain but Chun Sang insists on going to the hospital since he’s the asset

Hyun Ji arrives at the hospital with her mother. She gets a feeling when she there and runs in.

Chun Sang  pulls into the hospital and ushers him in.

Hyun Ji’s mother gets told that she’s in shock and needs to be brought to the ICU. Her mother is shocked and Hyun Ji gets brought out and she sees herself on the gurney and has an attack.

Hyun Ji is pulled passed Bong Pal but he doesn’t notice. The doctor tells him that he’s wrist is fine so long as he takes care of it. In Rang asks about his head and the doctor suggests and x-ray. Though Bong Pal doesn’t want to deal with it, the doctor would prep the x-ray for him. Bong Pal get up to do the paperwork but Chun Sang tells him that he’ll take care of it.

Hyun Ji’s mother tells her about the shock and they will look into her. Hyun Ji stands next to her body. She thinks that Bong Pal would be happy to find out that she’s alive and goes in search of him.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 14.36.11.png

Hye Sung finds out that Hyun Ji is alive. He gets a call from his friend and she tells him that Hyun Ji has been in a coma for 5 years. He asks if there is a chance that she wakes up. She admits that it’s hard to say and it’s not impossible.

Hyun Ji runs to Bong Pal and hugs him. She tells him that she won’t leave him again because she’s alive. Hye Sung uses his evil energy to try and kill Hyun Ji. When she flat lines the doctors come in and try to save her. She stays flatlined and outside Hyun Ji is being held by a frantic Bong Pal. Finally when Hye Sung thinks that he’s won Hyun Ji’s heart starts up again and she wakes up.

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